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  1. Lol indian bowling cant even defend 280 at such double paced pitch. Worlds best bowling lineup for a reason
  2. Too naive to note the experience of test team and difference between neautral and home venue.
  3. Haha Sl is being thrashed incase you are not updated.
  4. Lol What has overstepping to do with this ? You guys couldnt even crawl to 200
  5. If we ever play in near future, this team will be annihiliated by us.
  6. Lol joke of a batting line up for india. Amongs the weekest currently but spinners will bail them out at home.
  7. Lol aagaye na asliyat py.Hamary pas to sirf tv nh chalta per apky ghr mn to shyd ghari b nh hy, isliye bhuvi, mohit irfan pthn tmhn 20 sal purany lgty hn. Gareb kahien ky
  8. No issues but they seem to be trying to establish eachother as the best of this era which is neither true and nor something that is in their domain.
  9. When was the last time two indo-pak players had such bromance ? P.S Kohli is superb and amir is decent but the world dont revolve around them...let the fans judge who stands where.
  10. Lol you are asking him about their legacy. I bet Half of indian population cant even spell "fast bowling" properly. Ye irfan pathan, joginder sharma, bhuvi, mohit sharma sy kam chalaty hn.
  11. Wahab may be garbage by our standards but 125 kph trundler ? Lolll bhaijan konsa nasha krty ho 1 2 humein bhi suggestion dy do.
  12. In todays loi cricket wickets in middle over are more critical than ever because thats where you gain or lose momentum in the innings, other reason he doesnt bowl more enough with the new ball is that besides him we have 2 very good new bowl bowlers in Amir and junaid, considering that team has assigned him the role of middle overs for his better usage. And who told you he doesnt come at death ?
  13. Who can dare to even come close to Lord Shami/Umesh Greatest duo of last 100 years the world has witnessed.only just little problem they havent been able to hold their places in this fast Bowling powerhouse Indian Loi team but hey dont go too much into it.
  14. Hahaha great try bro but let me ask you something, which is the other thing with which you are as obsessed as with pakistan ??
  15. Dont know much about this crap "lahori logic" but Cowmutr logic is taking lahore as the entire Pakistan .
  16. Lol Karthik over Rahul. Sifarshi culture hasnt spare padosis either.
  17. So now the one off unfortunate incident is the parameter to judge any country's sporting safety for eternity
  18. And its not even comparable either. One's fans throw stones, bottles at the opposition and dig pitches and even set the fire in the stadium when they are losing while other one had only one such kind of incident that too done by certain cowardly terrorists.
  19. Hamari dua hy hamesha teri aise he jalti rahi pakistan ka naam sun ky...
  20. Indian and Uae tracks are by no stretch of imagination a same, One have double paced wickets while other have absolute phatas with no uneven bounce therefore your analogy isnt right here. You could make a case on australian pitches though and ishant has done better there.
  21. Do you know how many catches were dropped off amir's bowling? and dont forget it was his first test series after long lay off of 5 years. And a fluke fifer in decade doesnt make that particular Ishant a world beater lol.
  22. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    Milne could bowl at 150 all day, though the slight decrease in pace is due to comeback from injury.
  23. Compare the stats then claim " number of times " kiddo
  24. Those who bash jamodis all the time and supposedly dont give a damn about it have brought out stat from jamodis to prove his point. On a side note how many runs your bowling conceded to wi in a t20 ?

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