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  1. If Ishant along with your other fast bowling legends could manage to win you game or two in oversees We will more than happy for you. And you dont need to too anxious about our bowling stocks, however depleted they still wont concede 2 300 + scores in 5 matches in world tournaments.
  2. These budhas are curse for both pak n ind.they still seem to be living in 90s.
  3. Or we can borrow moeen or o keefe if we are playing against you. None of above mentioned tricks will be needed against your legends.
  4. Have heard lots of good things about him along with one prithvi shaw, Are they seriously that good? Any videos
  5. Will it have any impact on conditions, Swing ?
  6. Yes an idiotic error of judgement, and the coach has to be blamed for it as sarfraz is new to the job, why on earth would you go with lone spinner in UAE is baffling me even if the pitch is paint with green colour but regardless of this Our batsmans should have chased down the target blindfoldedly,it was neither an unplayable pitch nor an overly threatening bowling even herath is nothing too special but that batting display clearly exposed the ineptness of our batting. And as far as Amir is concerned he has been trundling ever since he has made comeback and has been outbowled by fellow bowlers though this time around he seems to be carrying an injury.
  7. Bss... lgta hy ap ny duaen kuch ziada he karden
  8. Haran dengy bhaiya apko itni tension ku. Ak adha din idhar udhar hojata hy yar
  9. There is no denying that UY can bowl fast and somewhat consistently too.he looked massively improved bowler also in your home season. But the thing im trying to state the amount of overs have direct impact on your avg pace and in their case it was your spinners who did bowling for sessions literally unlike ours in ongoing test.And regarding Amir he has been blow par and he hasnt lived up to expectations in tests since his return but labelling him trundler is too harsh.
  10. Chlo bhai maan lia Your Shami and Umesh are new holding and marshall but the decrease in pace of Pak pacers is due to the burden of playing only 4 proper bowlers which hold them back from going all out and not to forget these UAE pitches are easily the world's most lifeless pitches.
  11. If im stupid not sure then what are you becoz you jump the gun without even reading my comment.i was responding to someone's comment on ct final's spell, and it was never about any overall comparison.
  12. I have seen him bat couple of times and the kid looks superb both technically and aesthetically and he could bowl too is icing on the the cake. Indians take good care of him...He is a real deal
  13. Hahah lmao bumrah bowled better than a guy who tore apart your top order in moments literally.
  14. Im not sure if you are confusing effectiveness with speed because Amir, hassan, wahab can all bowl at 140 plus though they havent been very penetrating in this test so far and mind you pitch is as lifeless as it could be.
  15. Yes You are right .We desperately have to unearth few bhumrah and bhuvis or may be kohlis as you mentioned.haha #CTAsskicking
  16. The no.4 conundrum

    Im surprised nobody has mentioned ambati rayudu yet ?
  17. Hint of a Swing and the So-called world beaters falling like flies
  18. Star bags IPL media rights for INR 16, 347 crores

    Hahah Sach mn Mera to ab khara ho jata hy india walon ki hum sy obsession/hate dekh ky. I mean Seriously Ipl is way ahead of PSL in terms of everything and thats not rocket science to understand. Why you have to bring it in Ipl conversation is beyond me considering its no match or threat at this Stage infact You are giving useful milege to psl
  19. Junaid Khan tampered the ball against England in CT

    Lol I knew Indians are highly dillussional but never thought they are that Stupid. How is he tempering and why the hell he would try to mess up the new ball, Read the Score line below its the starting of an innings.
  20. India certified Final Chokers

    Lol What a waste of an effort from your side,Did you even read my comment before responding me.I never try to down play indian women infact i applauded them.I wrote all this about Mens team as they have choking for few years. And on what basis India is Undisputed CHAMPIONS?? What are the parameters ? They are Champions neither in 50 over world cup nor in t20 Wc.
  21. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Dont ever underestimate Pace,if your top order couldnt move their feet against Amir then these first class nobodies are nothing
  22. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Grace I think which isnt of very good quality
  23. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Other factories? India,England,Srilanka or Bangladesh???

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