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  1. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Grace I think which isnt of very good quality
  2. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Other factories? India,England,Srilanka or Bangladesh???
  3. India certified Final Chokers

    Its some what true i think excluding womens final where England was far more Superior and experienced team and nerves got better of India but Other thing which i think is Over the past few years india have also got lucky to make to the finals and were kinda overrated like 1 or 2 players carry their team on the shoulders while contributions from others is v little for ex: in CT and last t20 it was kohli and dhawan who did bulk of Scoring and their MO has been almost non existent with minimum performances, So its the case of when their main player has a bad day they burst and thats what is happening.
  4. Who wants to see Kohli fail as captain and player ?

    I think too these guys keep an close eye on animals related stuff like Meat, Urine etc
  5. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Lol think once before speaking non-sense i quoted your comment which you said they can play even on spinning tracks but the fact is they are just flat tracks hacks. Or Shadab tere phuphi ka beta hy?
  6. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    You are bunny of windies in t20. We thrashed this very same time in all 3 t20s.
  7. Gtho man wth are you even trying to prove? Is this " what" some sort of a trolling? If it really is then your standards are pretty low kiddo. Chill
  8. ThankGod he has finishex the series on a high note cz the way things are going for indian fans you never know they might have demanded his retirement as a player along with captaincy becoz of non selection of their new youngsta beauty.
  9. If anyone is delusional enough to think otherwise then i recommended him to check the win/loss ratio of india when kohli has scored and when he hadnt especially for last 5 years or so. He has carried your team on his shoulders almost singlehandedly barring few performances from gambhir/rohit or dhawan at the top order here and then Your middle Order has been close to non existent.
  10. Abey tu hy kon Jahil ki olad,bilawaja hr jaga bech mn ghus jata hy kabhi koi related bat ki hy tuny or gali deny ka abey tujhy shoq hy na agr mn shru hoa to apni mommy ki good mn ghus jayega.Samjh lia
  11. Nikal ry tu....
  12. I see where are you taking it to but the point is that you are massively overratinf the physique and stature of women players if that was the case than Smiriti Mandhana wouldnt be scoring back to back tons who is such short and sweety and by far the most gorgeous women cricketer out there.
  13. Hahah trying to recover by laughing after a heavy bezti. Koi nai apas ki bat per agli bar tyari sy aana
  14. Go through your comment the way you said it it sounds more like an disability and disadvantage than compliment. And dynamics are different because womens cricket is v little about power and brute force but more about consistency and smartness.that is the why you never see any women bowler dismising the batter by beating her in pace rather than line length and seam or swing no matter how well built she is.
  15. What observation genius ! Only an ugly and not so good looking girls can produce power? And besides you should know the difference between dynamics of men and womens game.
  16. More than us why cant you simply say you are double faced hate monger? When kohli had few candid moments with our players all friends set the forum on fire and went after kohli like an hungry predators and here you are showering praises for the same act.why ? Because you had lost? So if players lose they should go crazy and lose their senses?
  17. Hahaha lmao best post
  18. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Oh Gosh Some people still have the audacity to defend the worst knock of decade of dhoni and shift blame on others and It must be equally hard for saner indian fans to digest it.
  19. Dont worry we have got one more match today to talk about Lol.. 2 matches inside 2 weeks Not bad i think
  20. They could have sledged anyone and they might have done too thats how dominant they were throughout the match. And angrez couldnt even dare to look in our players eyes because of the $panking they recieved.
  21. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Hahah CONGRATS padosis truly World Class performance against Minnows.done well to get close to wi total against bowling line up of Holding,Ambrose and Marshall.
  22. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Lol now i will need to troll even people like you ??? Baqi fatny farny ka to pta tb chalega jb hath charega kisy ky
  23. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Uff ab is budhu ko kesy samjhana parega.......ja yr tu feeder pee cricket is not your forte

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