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  1. Wth 554 percent increase....thats some staggering amount. When will the brodcasting rights for next 5 years sell and for how much?
  2. whats happened to Ash in ODIs

    Aisy zuban use krty ho phr khty ho ap aisy ho wesy ho IRONY Sudhar jao bety warna 2019 mn b yahi hashar hoga
  3. whats happened to Ash in ODIs

    To be absolutely honest both jadeja and ashwin are nothing special in test either, theu have greatly feasted on rank turners the moment they step a foot outside india they become toothless and their record is evident of it
  4. And due to this thuggish and Criminal behaviour of "Seniors" both the game and youngsters suffer heavily. 1st the Quality of cricket decrease during the period when each team has to accomodate 2 or 3 deadwoods and 2nd youngsters get robbed off to showcase their potentials at big stage because of the egos and peychecks of those evil "Seniors".
  5. It doesnt fall entirely on captain alone,its the prevailing subcontinental mindset of players of hanging in till death no matter how rubbish they become.You wont see an OZ or english around the team when he feels he is becoming a liability for a team but there is no such thing in indo-pak.
  6. May be indians can feel the pain of us now for the first time when we have to bear the torture of seeing over the hill so called experience players like afridi malik hafeez who have absolutely zero utility in the team.
  7. What has ISPR and border have to do in a cricket talk. Abey Console a doctor before it get worse
  8. Foolish chicken piece can't you comprehend simple english i was talking about players reacting on crowds abuse,it had nothing to do between players. And dont mutter loc loc like your entire life had been spent there.
  9. Players are not supposed to react back,He would have got his head knocked off had he shown such type of bravado during the match.
  10. What an absurd logic... What is harm in loving and adopting your religion when religion is integral part of everyones lives.Do you people feel ashamed for your religion?
  11. Dil Dil Pakistan...!!! We won...

    This is how we welcome our heroes.
  12. Why we lost on Father's Day, by big margin!!!

    Are you referring to bang vs ind match
  13. Hahah indians are going through motions now and suffering from bit of short term memory loss after sunday's @$$ whooping.wasnt it stupid sehwag who started it?
  14. Why we lost on Father's Day, by big margin!!!

    So you are assigned a duty of correcting typos and pinpoint people's english skills rather than talk some sense on cricket.
  15. Why we lost on Father's Day, by big margin!!!

    Hahaha taste of your own medicine we ddnt claim this builsheet we are anyone's father......
  16. What you guys are discussing is utter disgracing and beyond childish,how do you want kohli to react after losing one damn match when he has won you number of matches totally on his own?? To cry in the balcony like a soar loser and scream like madman.fgs he is grown man and a professional who knows how to react on certain occasions and by having a laugh with our players doesnt mean the loss hadnt hurt me.
  17. That "minnow" will happily make you unhappy till you are called a minnow which is really what you are.
  18. Worst team to win Champions Trophy

    Really admire the reaction of indians.I hope they are humble after winning too
  19. Relaliated? I heard hindustanis are master of english
  20. Whats the point of all this here i was just talking about the epic spanking your arrogant a$$es recieved yesterday you little fool
  21. It was directed to each of the players
  22. Its you who need to be educated and dont jump over the moon next time when you win a cricket match otherwise you will be needed to educate me

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