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    Imtiaz reacted to sourab10forever in One thing is definately clear : Loss to Pak in CT2017 is/will be the worst ever   
    Initially I thought this feeling would wear off after a month or two. But the fact that it still hurt like hell proves that this Loss will haunt us forever. 
    I can't watch a single ball of highlights of CT. 
    Amazing how one match has undone all the dominance in cricket we had over Pak all these years.
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    Imtiaz reacted to SK_IH in A Pakistani fast bowler with an Indian rolemodel   
    i must say i agree with you ,what a smile 
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    Imtiaz reacted to Khota in Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling   
    Not on this forum. Quiet a few of us were very crictical of inclusion of Yuvraj, Rohit, Dhoni and Ashwin. I thought India should win too but to the credit of Pakistan they came with their A game and were the deserving champions. Rest is all beeching going on.
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    Imtiaz reacted to the don in Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling   
    Yeahnah . India were smashed . 
    A 180 run thrashing in a world tournament final is as convincing as it gets . India were just not in the same league . 
    The minute pakistan smashed a team like england in the semifinal who are actually superior to India it was obvious that this young team is special so it wasnt a surprise that a team that lost to srilanka was trounced by a solid young pakistan side that is improving by the day
    . Pakistan bowled out india in 30 overs . Despite dropping the best Indian batsman and bowling part timers like fakhar zaman .It was a mismatch
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    Imtiaz reacted to Shaz1 in Looks like we are preparing for 2023 WC !!!   
    Last win? We will win more series and trophies. 
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    Imtiaz reacted to kira in India vs West Indies 2017, 3rd ODI, Antigua:   
    how can you guys still watch this after the abomination on june 18th 
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    Imtiaz reacted to Shaz1 in I predict that cricket will cease to exist in next 25 years   
    Well we still got PSL to look forward to each year.
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    Imtiaz reacted to Asim in Dil Dil Pakistan...!!! We won...   
    Sarfraz arrival back Home...




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    Imtiaz reacted to Pollack in Why we lost on Father's Day, by big margin!!!   
    When was father's day? Anyway It was just for pulling leg. Do not believe in this father son nonsense brought in cricket.
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    Imtiaz reacted to desprado in Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed: India is afraid to play against us   
    Lol this is a egg on Indian fan face who is calling him a worst captain. He is choosing as a captain of the tournament. 
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    Imtiaz reacted to Cricketics in Worst team to win Champions Trophy   
    We are sore losers if we think worst team won. They played like Champions and deserve to win.
    For once we need to stop being arrogant for no reason and recognize that the game is not played by past stats but by current form and Pakistan has beaten all the top teams including south africa and england to win this on current form. We might best them tomorrow but these past 2 weeks, they have lifted their performance and were the better side under pressure. 
    Clear winner.
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    Imtiaz reacted to Sooda in Worst team to win Champions Trophy   
    No. We lost against a very ordinary NZ side in 2000. That was a worse loss. This Pak team has an excellent attack and batted out of their skins.
    Let'snot be bitter losers

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