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  1. You are looking to Rohit Sharma to play a decisive innings in Test Cricket ? Forget it. R. Sharma b Rabada 4.
  2. Sloane84

    Can P, P & P from Gujarat win it for team India?

    No. Wake up !!
  3. Sloane84

    Windies Thumps England - Congrats :D

    NOOOOO......YCCC........it was not Headingley, not the pitch and not the first innings. It was Over-Confidence and Contempt ! England made 500 in their second innings and declared ! Then Jihadi Ali said they wanted Windies to "suffer". I guess Hope and Brathwaite have inflicted some severe suffering on Ali, Stokes, Root and Co. Btw, I am just sorry that Blackwood gifted his wicket to Jihadi Ali at the end.
  4. Sloane84

    Windies Thumps England - Congrats :D

    When you consider the teams, the location and what transpired in the first test, this WIN will go down in the Annals of Cricket History as one of the Best Test Wins of All-Time. The innings of Shai Hope and Kraigg Brathwaite are probably now in the top 20 of test match innings in the last 25 years or so.
  5. Sloane84

    Shai Hope- take a bow!

    Windies need to get back Darren Bravo at 3, replace Kieran Powell and get a couple of good quicks. Then they will be good to go. Shai Hope and Kraigg Brathwaite - reminiscent of Gordon Greenidge and Larry Gomes in England in 1984. David Gower (Eng. skipper in 1984) must be sharing commiserations with Joe Root.
  6. Sloane84

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    Yeah, I am very impressed by Mithali's composure and unwillingness to blame any team-mates. However, I thought that India gifted the Cup to England. The one glaring mistake India made was not batting Deepti Sharma higher up, before Sushma Verma and possibly even before Veda Krishnamurthy. Deepti is the most technically proficient batsman in the side and I think India would have won had she batted earlier. There were other mistakes as well - opening with Smriti Mandhana with no confidence and form (Deepti was a candidate to switch with her). and of course Mithali's lazy running between the wickets - where was the dive and out-stretched bat from this experienced cricketer ? Bottom line - Indian ladies threw away a chance in a lifetime to claim the World Cup.
  7. Sloane84

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    Yes, you are right. Mithali is limited tactically and sometimes fails to take control of situations in the field. Why was Pandey so long off the field so that she couldn't bowl at a crucial point ? I think Deepti Sharma has a good cricketing brain and is a future captain. I also think that Smriti Mandhana's performance with the bat will be a key factor if India are to win in the final.
  8. Sloane84

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    Australia 25 for 3 And Meg Lanning gone for a duck. Does anyone believe that this would have been the score line had Australia batted first ? No way. The word is Pressure.
  9. Sloane84

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    Good to see you got the main point - batting first and putting runs on the board always creates additional pressure on the team batting last. Australia will now proceed to lose this match. In the same fashion as Mr Kohli and company in the CT final.
  10. Sloane84

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    AWESOME, INCREDIBLE AND OUTSTANDING INNINGS FROM HARMANPREET KAUR !!! Reminiscent of the great Viv Richards !! India are on their way to the final !! And, notice that Mithali won the toss and elected to bat. Virat Kohli must again be feeling like an idiot right now. He could have played a Harmanpreet Kaur innings against Pakistan if he had only said the magic words “Win toss bat first” !!
  11. Sloane84

    Who wants to see Kohli fail as captain and player ?

    No-one wants to see Kohli fail as a player. The guy is one of the top 3 batsmen in the world currently. As a captain however, the guy goes from brilliant to mediocre. Brilliant - performances on last tour down under. Mediocre - his leadership during last Aussie tour of India. Also, his now mush derided "I refuse to bat first" theory in the Pak disaster and his treatment of coach Kumble. I would have given the test captaincy to Rahane. As the case stands, Kohli should be put on notice regarding the captaincy and held to a standard of performance and behavior on and off the field.
  12. Sloane84

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    A couple more thoughts on this Indian women’s team - Deepti Sharma - good cricketer in the making and could be a future captain. However she needs to learn to float and loop more deliveries. Her bowling action tends to be flat. Both her wickets against Suzy Bates NZ team came from slightly slower deliveries which were given some loop. Smita Mandhana – a young and exciting batsman. She needs to concentrate more after a very good start to the tournament. The concentration problem showed in the field when she was caught on her heels and dropped what should have been an easy catch. Poonam Yadav – needs more variations as a leg break bowler. However, her fielding at point in the NZ game is what got my attention. She is NOT a point fielder. There was a clear run-out chance where she should have picked up one-handed and under-armed to the keeper. Instead she chose to field with two hands, transfer ball to throwing arm all the while wasting precious milliseconds and allowing Amy Satterwaite ( I think) to regain her ground. Jhulam Goswami – excellent player. And her catching is superb. I hope the coach is reading this board and rectifies these problems.
  13. Sloane84

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    Mithali Raj !! We already know she is a VERY VERY GOOD batsman. But I have to give her credit for learning as a captain. Remember a week or so ago when she put in the South Africans and Von Niekerk proceeded to destroy India. Then she batted like a snail against the Australians and then Meg Lanning gave a strong imitation of Ricky Ponting in the 2003 World Cup Final. Fast forward to Saturday’s match against New Zealand - Mithali actually said at the beginning of the match THAT - In any IMPORTANT MATCH, putting RUNS ON THE BOARD produces its own kind of PRESSURE ! Yes, Mithali did indeed say those prophetic words , agreeing with former Australian captain Ian Chappell who said – 99.9% win toss bat first, and the other 0.1% think about it then bat first !! Obviously she deeply regretted the decision not to bat first against the South Africans and ALSO, she looked back at the tape of Virat Kohli’s disaster against Pakistan the other day, Plus she made some very good captaincy decisions while in the field, especially with the fielders closer to the wicket. Obviously, apart from Mithali’s superb game, we had a vital innings from Veda Krishnamurthy as well. And why was Rajeshwari not playing earlier instead of the very slow off the wicket Bisht ?? However there are good signs coming off the NZ game and Mithali must plan how to get Lanning and Perry out early. If India beats Australia on Thursday, I believe they will win the Championship. And Mithali and all of us can laugh some more at Virat Kohli who has gone into the record books as the first Indian captain to lose to Pakistan in an ICC championship tournament.
  14. Sloane84

    The ICC Women's World Cup | England & Wales 2017

    What is up with Mithali ??? First she committed the cardinal “VIRAT KOHLI MISTAKE” of winning the toss and opting to send the South Africans in to bat in the last match. What happened ??..........an Indian carbon copy of the Kohli Pakistan collapse….this time against Von Niekerk (pretty girl and good batsman ) South Africans ! Now we have Mithali making 60 odd at a run every two balls . Why was Mithali batting like a snail ?? I expect Australia to win this easily. Where does this put India in the tournament ?? Would they be out …like Mr. Kohli’s Champion trophy team??
  15. Sloane84

    Can Shastri be snubbed again?

    I was joking Actually Shastri was a good counter to several other attacking players - Srikant, Vengsarkar, Azhar etc.

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