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  1. Dada want pujara. Now vengsarkar wants rahane. Budhapa bahut kharab re baba
  2. Popularity on icf does not translate in greatness automatically. For icf Every second newcomer is better than sachin,dhoni,kohli,kapil.
  3. Nonbeliever

    Manohar Parrikar Succumbs to cancer.

    Rip manohar parrikar. Rare combination of utmost honesty, simplicity, intelligence. qualities most of the politicians lack today. Leaders like him are irreplaceable.
  4. Nonbeliever

    India against Spin

    Even kohli cannot dominate spin.
  5. Nonbeliever

    56 of 89 balls - Hitman

    He wants captaincy. That's it.
  6. Who told you 300 people killed, Indian media. There is no official data from government.
  7. Nonbeliever

    How to Deal a party which use anything to gain vote ?

    Are bhai kyon lad rahe ho. Bjp congress bhai bhai hai. 70 saal ho gaye ab to samjh jao.
  8. Nonbeliever

    How to Deal a party which use anything to gain vote ?

    Public has been bitten by every snake possible. Still can't judge who is the least venomous. The problem is that even public is also getting addicted to the venom.
  9. Nonbeliever

    Indian media !!!

    Lowest level humanity can reach to, is indian media.
  10. Nonbeliever

    PM Narendra Modi washes feet of sanitary workers

    Fanboys of both parties don't understand that congress and bjp are same. 2 party funda is to keep fooling public that they can take revenge by defeating a particular party. The day public will rise above bjp and congress fight, and ask tough questions without being a fanboy this country will start improving.
  11. Nonbeliever

    Match Ka Mujrim tracker

    From now on this title should be..Match ka dhoni kaun.
  12. From my experience on icf. Every batsman is best and worst .
  13. I don't see any problem till 2050. I am talking about after that.

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