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  1. Caption - For Ashwin's reaction

    Itna sannnatttta kyoen Hai Bhai..
  2. Send the bowler to my hometown with star camera team. Then I will post the video.
  3. It was just a good delivery. Nothing like unplayable.
  4. Look at your career before commenting on Dhoni: Shastri

    A true cheerleader expecting others to follow his shamelessness.
  5. Indian cricketers undergoing DNA/genetic fitness test

    Fat limit is set according to the fat found in dhoni,Rohit body. Rohit has the sole responsibility of raising the level(fat) higher and higher.
  6. Wowee Afridi!

    One of the main reason why Pakistan cricket is not doing well is the kind of misconceptions they have about their players. Hope God gives you another 11 afridis, so that you keep loosing.
  7. Hardik Pandya rested for Sri Lanka Tests

    The evil Nexus wants Rohit to score a 100 against weak Lankans and cement his place in the team. After lankan series Rohit will get injured so he will not be exposed in South Africa.
  8. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    Reward from dhoni
  9. Dhoni's ultimate 10 skills

    What skills...Dhoni is the rajnikant of cricket. Nothing is beyond him.
  10. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    Deal was. Give captaincy to Kohli and enjoy your(dhoni) place in the team as long as you want. For Kohli the duty was to make Ravi coach again..and now both saving the career of dhoni. Anhoni ko honi karde, honi ko anhoni..ek jagah jab jama ho teenoen. Kohli Ravi aur dhoni....
  11. Ah! Test matches finally...

    Depends on herath uncle, whether we can have any competitive match.
  12. Ae meri jeet teri jeet, teri haar meri haar Sun ae mere yaar Tera gham mera gham, meri jaan teri jaan Aisa apna pyaar Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge Sab se dushmani
  13. Rohit putting on pounds

    Lankans are visiting us next. He has already started partying

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