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  1. Nonbeliever

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Kohli...inings from dhini Bhai proves that there is lot of test cricket still left in him..which is dying to come out. I will talk to him about the comeback in test also.
  2. Rohit has done his part. Now They are waiting for one or two niggles only..
  3. Can dhoni end with above 100 sr
  4. After few years they will say, Pakistan had more talent than afganistan but they did not work hard.
  5. Hope rahul does not have a niggle in next game
  6. We will try a lot of friends. In the end we will play very close ones only.
  7. Only kohli can win games for india. Others who can win, will never play because of him.
  8. Will he also fight it out to defend his title...
  9. He was the highest run getter during that season. Also won 4 mom awards out of 15 matches he played.
  10. Nonbeliever

    How much more it has to be clearer for Indian selectors?

    But he is the real shishya of dhoniji. Also u need a player in the team whom u can blame for the loss.
  11. U are not paid for cricketing skills only.
  12. Nonbeliever

    RCB vs SRH - Match 51

    This kane will hurt most in 2019.
  13. Maja aa gaya bc...Dk..
  14. Nonbeliever

    Still no KL Rahul

    100 percent agree.
  15. Nonbeliever

    Dravid's request for pay parity accepted by BCCI

    true gentleman.

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