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  1. Nonbeliever

    Can anyone answer this seriously?

    Best way to finish the career even before it starts.
  2. Nonbeliever

    Can anyone answer this seriously?

    Only the king play with passion. All the other cricketers play to pass the time.
  3. Tu bhai karne mein hi dhyan laga.
  4. Nonbeliever

    RCB is least watchable team

  5. Kohli will miss bewda today. Shaam ko gum kiske saath bhulayega.
  6. Read somewhere.. Rcb is a social experiment to check how much trauma, a fan can bear.
  7. Aaj kiske kamre mein galiyan dega.
  8. And it doesn't matter even if he scores 36 of 136.
  9. Jokes apart but rcb today do have a chance.

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