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  1. Bhuvi-The one who should have got the MoM yesterday

    Rahane and stoinis both scored fifties. Nowadays match without a century is very rare. Bhuvi and Kuldeep deserved more than Kohli. Kuldeep also.picked hattrick otherwise stoinis would have got crucial support to win the match.
  2. Welcome to 4 day tests

    Only day night tests are welcome. No other changes required.
  3. Wont go into the no 1 debate but If u look at the bench strength, no other team has such luxury. We have so many options now. See how Australians are struggling without starc, hazelwood who plays very few short format games due to injuries. If every team can play their top bowlers in every match things will be a lot different. And we won't be the best. At the moment india with so many options have a bright future.
  4. Even rahane was playing freely. U call it a tough track. Pitch was not easy once the ball got old. Aussie attack with agar,Richardson, stoinis people calling it a great attack.
  5. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    It's a shame that Australian cricket in shorter format is facing such crisis. World cricket need a tough Aussies side.
  6. Shame that a talent like kl Rahul isn't playing and these joker's are in the team.
  7. 3 undeserving players in top 6. Rahane,pandey,jhadhav. If India wins that's good but not good in long term.
  8. Which pitch isn't patta nowadays.
  9. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    Bump.. Rahane has more power in his prayers than the whole India combined.
  10. India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

    We should play with mighty Lankans at home more than these useless tours.
  11. Must be kidding. Kohli batted at 5 that day and was the 4th wicket to fall.
  12. Today was tough conditions..lol. Today was not 375 pitch Bhai it was only 300 pitch so obviously tough for our superstars.
  13. Somebody trying hard to finish the career of kl Rahul.

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