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  1. Nonbeliever

    Your cricket bucket list

    Sriganganagar ( bikaner region).
  2. Nonbeliever

    Your cricket bucket list

    I live in a very small city of Rajasthan. So distance is a problem. Only try to watch international matches. But will try ipl some day as suggested by you if by chance I am at venue city.
  3. Nonbeliever

    Your cricket bucket list

    Total 7 matches so far. 4 T20 international. 2 odi internationals. One game In 2004 South Africa vs board president 11( cant remember correctly) Best game..India vs Australia world T20 2016 mohali Sachin..against Aussies in an odi. Dream.... boxing day test (australia vs india) and world 2023 final( ) Dont want to watch that nasty ipl tamasha.
  4. India gifted Steve Smith to Aussies last time. This time They will create another Smith from a nobody. Maybe a warner also.
  5. Nonbeliever

    BCCI may cut the powers of Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

    If luck is the only thing that matters in end then selector should be astrologers and should select the players only based on their birth chart and current dasha.
  6. Nonbeliever

    CoA to Ravi Shastri – Batting slump ‘unacceptable’

    Ravi shastri should sit with coa and show them movie iqbal.
  7. Looks like he has bagged a role in upcoming msd part 2.
  8. Vijay uncle ka danda kaunsa bach jayega. Kam se kam ladka seekhega to sahi.
  9. Whatever they do they will do better than Vijay and Karthik uncle.
  10. Nonbeliever

    Match lasted 170 overs

    It was mistake on root's part. Had he declared timely it could have been over in 150 overs. Aise hi time kharab kar diya.
  11. Anushka bhabhi and shastri are masters in this area. No need to waste our time suggesting them. Specially moonch was free all five days to lay out the plan.
  12. We will have 6-9 extra shopping days.
  13. Nonbeliever

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Kohli,Ashwin+ 5 Indians 3 umpire's 1 tansen.
  14. Nonbeliever

    Do we deserve a 5 test series?

    Question should be...do we deserve a 5 day test match.
  15. Kohli. I hate the number of playing days between shopping days.

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