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  1. The difference is. Had Kohli chased it down it would have the inings of the year. But when somebody else does it pitch gets easier.
  2. The thing is we have a pathetic middle order. Things will always be difficult for them.
  3. Almost 3 hundreds in the game and it's tough conditions lol.
  4. jhadhav. Lol this guy is useless.
  5. Karthik playing in today's game clearly indicates that cuptaan don't want to see Rahul in the team at any position. He is ruining the career of Rahul. The guy who can select coach bypassing trimurti of indian cricket can do anything.
  6. Kiwis will do better than Aussies for sure.
  7. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Don't worry talent like rahul will surely get his due place no matter how hard cuptaan and coach deny him the opportunity.
  8. Kl Rahul Clean Bowled by king
  9. How is the weather, forecast is of rain I guess.
  10. Where are quality lefties in the world?

    There was a time when almost every team had at least a top class lefty, likes of Lara, jayasuriya, Hayden ,Gilly, anwar, Fleming, Kirsten ,Ganguly ,yuvi Now fab 5 are all right handers.
  11. If these 3 are the best we have to offer then indian cricket is not looking good. Pandey,jhadhav above Rahul. Lol.
  12. Our bowler have been winning us more matches recently. Today again batsman failed. Good eye opener.

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