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  1. jhadhav. Lol this guy is useless.
  2. Karthik playing in today's game clearly indicates that cuptaan don't want to see Rahul in the team at any position. He is ruining the career of Rahul. The guy who can select coach bypassing trimurti of indian cricket can do anything.
  3. Kiwis will do better than Aussies for sure.
  4. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Don't worry talent like rahul will surely get his due place no matter how hard cuptaan and coach deny him the opportunity.
  5. Kl Rahul Clean Bowled by king
  6. How is the weather, forecast is of rain I guess.
  7. Where are quality lefties in the world?

    There was a time when almost every team had at least a top class lefty, likes of Lara, jayasuriya, Hayden ,Gilly, anwar, Fleming, Kirsten ,Ganguly ,yuvi Now fab 5 are all right handers.
  8. If these 3 are the best we have to offer then indian cricket is not looking good. Pandey,jhadhav above Rahul. Lol.
  9. Our bowler have been winning us more matches recently. Today again batsman failed. Good eye opener.
  10. Afganistan should now tour Pakistan. Then only we should have 4th team for asia cup.
  11. Whatever dhawan is, kl Rahul is much better player. You can't put an opener at no. 4 and Expect same kind of performance. Rahul is not getting fair chance due to kohli's selfishness.
  12. Rabada vs Amir

    Just because we could not handle amir in few matches does not make him better than rabada.
  13. Rabada vs Amir

  14. Kl Rahul should be the first choice for opener. Looks like Kohli is not keen on sharing the limelight.
  15. The biggest problem is that they don't have a single solid player apart from Smith who can build the inings. They are not even playing their full quota of overs and still trying hitters in middle order. They need players like handscomb in middle overs. And players like Maxwell should be penalized for playing recklessly rather than giving him chances at no. 3 which was a horrible move.
  16. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    At least today rahane was not there. Else we might have struggled. But bowlers are doing a terrific job.
  17. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    48 in 6 over. Is the tgt
  18. Warner over Smith as captain.

    I always feel that warner is a better captain than Smith. Warner is aggressive, street smart. On the other hand Smith is short on ideas as well odi captaincy seems to effect his batting as well. If u look ipl, warner seems to enjoy the responsibility. What's ur views.
  19. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Ok brother. Will take care next time
  20. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Icf won't solve ur problem mate. U need serious introspection.
  21. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    Chris Linn, I think should have been here.
  22. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    Vijay bhardwaj

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