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  1. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    We need a language that is common to all of the Indians and Sanskrit fits this very well. We should promote sanskrit and we should have a goal of making it a mainstream language by 2030-40. Only someone with an inferiority complex can accept English as an national language. People with no self-respect do not deserve a nation, A nation needs to have an Individual identity to Survive and IMO Hinduism is that Identity for Bharat, Tell me can Pakistan survive without Islam?
  2. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    Sanskrit should be our national Language as every Bharatiyan language is derived from Sanskrit. So mix between Nationalism/Rationalism
  3. Male Feminist.

    Women and Men are not equal. By average a women is 50% biologically stronger than Men and 50% Biologically weaker than Men.
  4. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    Logistics would Far faaar more easier on the Indian side. With No passes on the other side getting heavy weapons(Heavy artillery,Tanks, SPGs) would much more difficult(practically impossible to get Heavy artillery and Tanks for the Chinese) .Thus an artillery attack would be deadly for the Chinese as mountains can really hamper maneuverability add no transportation infrastructure to that and it can prove fatal . And as for the attacker supplies are also very important part. Plus there are added benefits such as add service ceiling of AA Systems Of the Defender. Plus Transportation becomes hell for the attacker plus Mountains are a dangerous terrain itself.
  5. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    Bharat already has a Working BMD it is called Prithvi.It can cover several pakistan sized countries with it.
  6. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    And Dont Forget Bharat's Prithvi and (In some years)an BMD version of Durga Laser and BMD Sattelite that ISRO would launch if needed.
  7. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    China needs 1:7 parity in order to capture our land though this can be higher in some mountainious regions.There is a reason in 1962 war China dispatched 80,000 plus soldiers to combat our 10,000-15,000.
  8. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    This shows your intelligence level. Stop dreaming maulana.
  9. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    Nope it is surrounded by ocean in the east.
  10. Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    The op is a muslim so no surprise!
  11. Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    So what were Surgical Strikes and recent killings of 3 terrorist in Kashmir.
  12. Fantastic team Modi

    Like i care
  13. Fantastic team Modi

    Yes why not Mob Justice is justified in this case as that is their livelihood,This should happen all over Bharat against Kangladeshi Mullas.OTOH are you one of those Cattle Smugglers Cause you are pretty much Dhindu to me.
  14. Fantastic team Modi


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