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  1. He was a wonderful Servant in Indian Cricket. Wish him all the luck in his future endeavors.
  2. Where are quality lefties in the world?

    Shikar Dhawan !
  3. Ohh please this is so stupid ............ What a waste by Pakisthan here ..
  4. White Wash ....!

    Wow what a wonderful series even though it was just a practice series for Indian ahead of their all conquering tours ahead. Hope to see the Kohli the Conqueror to bring the whole world to their knees in the next few years !!!!
  5. 5 / 0 White Wash By Away Team In ODI

    Love the way Indian played through out the series even though we are not a good side. !
  6. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Looking for a another dominating performances from the Indian team. hopefully the guys in the bench will have a go at the us in this match. waiting to see the young indian players to dominate us and establish and mark their authority over us for the next few decades. I think it would be great if the youngest possible indian team in terms of age and match experice will play the next 2 matches so they can mark their authority and dominance over us so we will know who is the Boss in world cricket now! Chak de India
  7. @vishalvirsingh you know i agree with you ! always !! Yeah Malinga should retire so does most of the SL Team of senior players.... so we will be at least able to compete with bangladesh ! Anyway enjoyed the Indian 8 th wicket pair today so much................ it was a great inings by both Dhoni and Bhuvi!!!
  8. he is like all Sri lankan cricketers a bit and piece cricketer. He is labeled a off spinner but he try bowling leg spinners and sometime they turn the other way, even he does not know how it happen. so those deliveries are called googlies.
  9. He is a going to be a good lower order batsman for India bailing the indian team out both in test and onedays at difficult times..
  10. you cannot Win against the Gods of Cricket. we need to accept who Dhoni is and who players like Kohli are and be ready to beaten by them at anytime by them .... !!!!
  11. Very irresponsible batting by the Indian team today. Yes Dhanajaya will be destroyed in the next match by the indians. It was purely bad batting by the Indian team today that gave the below par bowler like Dhanajaya wickets.... I am so glad finaly to see the Indian Victory. Always it is great to see Dhoni in action... Great Batting By Bhuvi tooooo I think next game we will be spanked by the indians very very hardly...........>>>!!!!!!! Waiting to see it !!!!
  12. Indian women's cricket team captain Mithali Raj isn't one to take any kind of trolling lying down. Case in point, her recent - and may we say epic - reply to a troll trying to body shame her. In a tweet posted some 19 hours before writing this, Mithali perfectly shut down a man who made an inappropriate remark about a picture she had posted. Her reply has won over 4,600 'likes' and more than 600 retweets so far - and counting. I Support Mithali Raj.........................She is a Beauty Overloaded............ Goddess of Cricket !!! Love you Loads !!!
  13. You have not become Australia. You are better than Australia .......................! India is the superpower of World Cricket...!
  14. Sachin is the God of Cricket !
  15. It has always been the case and it will always be the same ! But i love watching Kohli thrash us !!!!!!!!

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