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  1. Theory: His otherwise deficient keeping skills would get exposed. Mediocre pacers -> fewer chances created -> fewer instances of him standing like a hippo while edge flies between him and 1st slip.
  2. Mad props to Malan, he kept India in the match in the first innings through sheer force of will *sarcasm* and doing his best in the second as well.
  3. abc

    Say sorry to Saha

    Great collection! So we see Saha making up for an absent first slip, leg slip and forward short leg. Easily worth two fielders.
  4. abc

    Say sorry to Saha

    (Emphasis mine) Seriously?!?! Nuff said.
  5. Exactly! No ten Doeschate, no Neil Wagner.
  6. lol this is definitely *not* the Essex team that won the County Championship last year -- and also definitely not their first XI. Even though I am far from being an Essex fan (#justicforDurham #CollingwoodForPresident), this is still a very good team though ...
  7. They are probably not bona fide tailenders, just not the best batsmen. Probably 2nd XI/academy, but still trained batsmen. Since this is a practice match, there is no playing "XI". People from the reserves' squad are also allowed to bat (e.g. Pant coming out at No. 11). This is also why I was hoping for a proper first-class fixture -- the patterns and rhythms of a match are a lot closer to an actual Test.
  8. I think this isn't really Essex 1st XI. Their priority is probably the County Championship. On the other hand, do not be misled by the scores in this match. Tailenders of neither side batted (Pant batted at 11, for example).
  9. Hehe, Karthik needs to watch some YouTube videos of James Foster
  10. I am hoping Essex declares (or gets bowled out) ... just so we get to see James Foster keep again! He is very likely the best wicketkeeper of the past 15 years. Edit: He is very close to retiring from county cricket altogether, and will probably never play for England again. Still pretty much the best keeper in the world, so enjoy while it lasts - this might be his last high-profile match ...
  11. If you saw James Foster keep, you would know.
  12. Satyendra Nath Bose is probably *the* most influential Indian scientist of all times. The concept of a boson is so ubiquitous and vital in modern physics, that it is no longer capitalised. That is a much more lasting and fundamental contribution to physics than many Nobel prize-worthy works.
  13. Here's hoping he makes his recovery in record time and gets back behind the stumps where he belongs. Darren Berry, James Foster, and now this ... ffs! At least we have Matthew Cross still going strong
  14. Jersey would be nice, they have a very beautiful ground (Farmer's Field). Uganda's rise has been really quick, without their cricket association being able to piggyback along on a wave of "let's rebuild the nation after a tragic war" ... they have made it to Div 3 -- just two more to go?
  15. In India, many might play football as a hobby, but those that do go on to play professional football probably tried their hand at cricket/badminton/wrestling/any sport India is strong at and found they sucked harder than a vacuum cleaner at it. So it's not the cream of the crop in terms of sporting talent that ends up with the sorry task of representing India at football. I doubt Sushil Kumar would have made a bad scrum-half (low centre of gravity, very strong, lots of agility in tight spaces) but why play rugby when (i) you have grown in a culture immersed in wrestling and (ii) you could go on to win two Olympic medals?

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