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  1. Hopeful that Kohli has learnt lessons from SA tour. 4 Pacers (Bhuvi can bat)+ Aswin is better than 3 Pacers + Ashwin+ Pandya. I would have Dhawan as back up for both middle order and opening batsman. Think he has improved his test game a bit from SA tour. What your opinion on Rahul as No. 3 ?? In case Pujara fails terribly, Dhawan, Vijay, Rahul,Kohli, Rahane??
  2. Rahul needs to make himself a brand that no one can ignore. Needs to develop those crazy troll fans of social media/ newspapers. For that he should have the mindset of maximising these IPL season by scoring around atleast 500-600 runs rather than these meaningless nidahas trophy. No one will give a damn to this. He should mentally prepare himself for this IPL season. If he gets a chance in Nidahas Trophy, it's good. If he doesn't then also it's good. He shouldn't let non-selection hamper his confidence.
  3. swastikpanda2

    Raina is coming back for sure WORLD CUP 2019

    I think Raina is just included in T20 squad so that Selectors can see whether he is still good enough or not. Selectors are looking for a set of 30 players for probable squad. And it's not right to include/exclude Raina from that squad without giving him any matches. If I am not wrong last time Raina played for India was Asia Cup T20 and World T20 where he failed miserably. If he has improved, then results will show in SA T20 and then he will be included in Odi squad.
  4. swastikpanda2

    Raina is coming back for sure WORLD CUP 2019

    Agree with you but we don't have five years/ 2-3 years for world cup 2019. A team needs experience to win World Cup. You can have maximum 2 players with 1-2 years experience.
  5. swastikpanda2

    India's over reliance on top 3

    This is/ was/ will be the scenario always. We have never produced world class middle order batsmen except for peak Yuvraj Singh and peak Ms Dhoni. We are just a Top order heavy team. Even the recent U19 team had a horrible middle order after Top3. We play Rahane (opener) at 4, Sreyas Iyer(Top Oder) at 5, Manish Pandey (shouldn't bat lower than 4) at 5,6. The only proper middle order batsmen we have is Kedar Jadhav who is mediocre against good bowling attacks and Ms Dhoni who has lost all his batting skills. The real problem is almost all (Except Pant) our potential middle order batsmen play at top order for their domestic teams so that they can score runs and hence will impress the selectors. The aspiring Indian team batsmen and Selectors should understand that top order is not gonna change untill 2022 and should adapt themselves by batting in middle order.
  6. swastikpanda2

    The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Only List A performance won't give selections. They have to do well in IPL too ( better than the replacement Kedar Jadhav). They are young and hopefully they will do it with consistency.
  7. swastikpanda2

    Indian ODI squad for South africa announced .NO KL Rahul

    Unfortunately he won't. Shastri has mentioned that in a recent TV interview. Dhawan will play because he is a left hander and Vijay will be preferred because of experience.
  8. swastikpanda2

    1st ODI (D/N). Sri Lanka Vs India , Dharamshala. Dec 10 2017

    Should have also added KL Rahul to that list. Rahane was given ample of matches in middle before it was concluded he should be opening only. Iyer (Mumbai-Shastri) also failed for three matches consecutively but if he is not gonna be dropped then it's unfair to Rahul. Amazing how India has managed to keep a batsman like Rahul out of line up of every format.
  9. This is what I have been talking about playing 6 bowlers. It increases bowlers confidence. They don't have to worry about runs. They don't have to worry about their bad days, because even if they will get hit, someone is there for back up. So they will be going for wickets always. We don't need 230-240. 200 is enough.I think all bases are covered today. I guess NZ won't be crossing 170. We need to change our mindset of going with 5 specialist batsmen. We are one of the best batting side. Gone were those days when we didn't had quality bowlers and had to depend on batsmen only. We can do well with 4 batsmen and one extra all rounder.
  10. swastikpanda2

    Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    Stats: Most expensive bowler The Best bowler of Pakistan Hassan Ali gave away 100 runs in just 9 overs against Australia. ( Worst economy ever who had bowled atleast 9 overs ) The Worst bowler of India in LOI, Ishant Sharma had conceded 82 runs in his 10 overs. Laugh harder.
  11. swastikpanda2

    Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    Moris > Axar Patel. We could have tried Shardul Thakur at 9 and Bhuvi at No.8. But Kaptaan wants a bowling all rounder at No. 8 who can get his overs done economically and can give hope of pseudo deep batting line up. We do have a balance problem. And we lost the CT Final by playing Jadeja instead of Shami. I don't see any hope of playing a proper 3rd seamer while playing outside SC by looking at the combination we had in CT. I feel we play a phucking pseudo deep batting line up on cards to hide mediocre players like DK, Jadhav, Dhoni.
  12. swastikpanda2

    Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    Eng also have the shittiest bowling line up. The best team SA does not play a batsman/ batting allrounder/ all rounder at No. 7. They have pretty good bowling line up Phehlulkawayo( bowling all rounder), Morris, Rabada, Morkel, Tahir.
  13. Both BK and Shami can play. BK is good death bowler and Shami as wicket taker. Both can bat and Shami can even swing his bat better than Axar Patel to get sixes.
  14. swastikpanda2

    Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    Then why we need to follow their suite of playing deep batting line up? Look mate we didn't had batting problem earlier when Dhoni was captain.We had problems with bowling. The problem was with our bowling esp death bowling. Then Aswin/ Jaddu were quite good in middle overs ( before 15wc). Now we have solved our death bowling but have created a new one i.e; no proper third seamer in line up.
  15. swastikpanda2

    Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    Strike Rate Stats like this wont explain the point Bro. Let me do the maths here. INDIA Avg(without not outs) Rohit- Avg 54.55, Balls he will take 57 Dhawan- Avg 41.45, Balls he will take 44 Kohli- Avg 50.39, Balls he will take 54 MK Pandey- Avg 26.875, Balls he will take 28 Hardik PAndya- Avg 30.73, Balls he will take 26 Jadhav- Avg-31.08,Balls he will take 28 Dhoni- Avg- 34.76, Balls he will take 41 India 270 in 278 balls , (RR-5.84) ENGLAND Roy-Avg 34.93, Balls he will take 34 Hales-Avg 39.34, Balls he will take 40 Root-Avg 50.04, Balls he will take 55 Morgan-Avg 38.44, Balls he will take 41 Stokes-Avg 39.08, Balls he will take 37 Butler-Avg 33.4, Balls he will take 28 Ali-Avg 21.97, Balls he will take 21 England 257 in 256 balls (RR-6.06) India would have made 246 runs in 256 balls. Extrapolate it to 50 overs. England are 10-15 runs ahead everytime. And remember they are playing 6 bowlers with Wood, Plunkett, Rashid, Woakes, Ali, Stokes whereas we are playing an extra batsman in Kedar Jadhav.

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