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  1. swastikpanda2

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    Different perspectives. I would prefer a batting all rounder/ bowling all rounder over a pure all-rounder.
  2. swastikpanda2

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    It won't happen. Can say that there is 90% chance, he won't. The team management has messed up Pandya experiment. They burden Pandya to become a improved bowler in LOI because he is the fifth bowler. And want Pandya to be a player in Test who will contribute more with bat and won't be given more than 10 overs an innings. There is no clarity. He has different roles in different format. He can't improve this way. He will most probably be a Afridi 2.0. Impact player, Inconsistent bowler, Inconsistent batsman, Can win you a match on his day. Are there any world class all rounder who didn't have any primary skill? I only think of Shakib Al Hasan, who I don't think belongs to ATG level.
  3. swastikpanda2

    India A Quadrangular One-Day Series, 2018 - Indian Squads updated

    India B and Australia A . Points table. India B - 12 India A - 9 Australia A - 12 SA A - 9
  4. Grind them! Make these English bowlers bowl atleast 25-30 overs. Make them Exhausted for the remaining 2 test matches.
  5. swastikpanda2

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    Ain't comparing anything. Just wanted to point that Stokes wasn't a failure in India. He even bagged the highest IPL contract for foreign player on the basis of his performance in India. The thing is Stokes scored a ton and even took a fifer in Test series. Can say it as a decent performance but a failure? I don't think so.
  6. swastikpanda2

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    All what I had written, was about India- England test and odi series in India. It wasn't about Stokes debut series.
  7. swastikpanda2

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    Stokes in the first test of India-England series in India scored a hundred in the first innings and took a fifer in the 3rd test of that series. He was their best pacer along with broad I think. Stokes was one of their best players in that test series. Woakes was very poor in that test series. In Odis, Stokes wasn't good with ball (remember those were high scoring matches) but contributed well with the bat and Woakes was the best new ball bowler in the Odi series who also won the 3rd Odi with his batting. Ben stokes even bagged a very high Ipl contract in 2017 because of his all round performance in India.
  8. swastikpanda2

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    I spoke as a general case. I had even written in that post. Pandya should play since Bhuvi isn't there.
  9. swastikpanda2

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    Agreed. Same views mate.
  10. swastikpanda2

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    There are many Pandya fans. Kohli and his Team management are the biggest one. I am against of the fact that Pandya is a sure starter in the team, which he shouldn't be. Wouldn't have played him if Bhuvi wasn't unfit.
  11. swastikpanda2

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    There's no merit of playing Pandya in Subcontinental tests. Aswin and Jadeja can contribute with bat. We can play an Kuldeep Yadav to develop him. It's unfortunate that Pandya is a sure starter in Tests for India even though he has proved so little.
  12. swastikpanda2

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    India is obessed with Hardik Pandya. It's justified to play him in LOI because he strikes the ball hard and comes handy in LOI. But on what basis he was consistently invested in Tests when he has FC bowling average of 38? When we look into the Tests 11 line up the second player who is sure to play apart from Kohli is Pandya, doesn't matter even if it is subcontinent. Every other test players Ashwin, Rahane, Pujara, Vijay, Bhuvi, Jadeja are droppable. Why do we drop Jadeja, No. 3 ranked bowler? Because of conditions. Why don't we play Bhuvi everywhere? Because of Conditions. Why are we playing Pandya even in Subcontinent, when Jayant Yadav seems a better AR in Subcontinent? Because we are investing in Pandya. The question is why India should invest on Pandya for Tests? Even if they would what is the logic of providing a consistent run of 15 Test matches to him? We have Rahul Dravid coaching the India A. What is his job, if players are supposed to get 15-20 Test matches to develop themselves by wasting a slot for No.1 team in the world? Ben Stokes and Hardik Pandya are not even comparable as AR, as the former made a ton in his second test match against a rampaging Johnson and took a 6- fer in his 4th test match in the high profile Ashes, showing his All-round skills. What has Pandya shown in his bowling? He even averages 38 in FC, where trundlers average below 30. Hardik Pandya is lucky to be playing Tests because India fancies a pace bowling all rounder in team like Kapil. In my opinion, let him play for 4 day matches for India A consistently under Dravid. Even then he can gain the international experience as he is consistently playing LOI. Also he can be selected as a reserve in Tests. It's always better to play 5 bowlers with a few of them who can bat. I think we were absolutely ruthless like that, till that England home series. P.s. Presently he should be playing because we don't have Bhuvi who is our second best batsman. Can play as his replacement.
  13. I meant 2-3 practice matches. Players need to spend time in order to feel aquainted. Even Kohli was struggling initially but after his 100 he batted with a better control. Three years period is different. Things have changed rapidly after Kumble's exit. Vijay is not a sure starter. Rahane was dropped for Rohit Sharma ( His omission from Odi squad might have a role to play with, not Kohli's fault. He is seen chasing wide deliveries which he is used to leave. )
  14. swastikpanda2

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    Pandya actually offers nothing in Test cricket apart from psychological strength. Ok. He should be played now because Bhuvi isn't around and avoiding him will give us a long tail. Otherwise Ash, Bhuvi, Shami, Bumrah, Kuldeep/Pacer is a better attack with reasonable batting depth.
  15. Kohli is partially responsible for this rot. His team selection might have lead to insecurities which would have have affected confidence of some players. Not having Dravid as overseas batting consultant and enough practice matches prior to test series can also be another factor. Players need to spend time in tough conditions and get scores to be confident.
  16. swastikpanda2

    Our batting in SENA

  17. swastikpanda2

    Team for test 2

    Vijay Pujara Rahane Kohli Rahul DK Pant/Pandya Aswin Shami Ishant Bumrah Would love to see this batting order. Pujara and Vijay had a good patnerships and they would also make the ball old. Vijay and Pujara can compete among themselves to leave as many as they can. Rahane had a habit of taking things granted when he used to come at 5 after a long patnerships and then throwing away. He used to be at his best when there is crisis or when he was given responsibility. No. 3 is well suited to him.
  18. swastikpanda2

    Our batting in SENA

    It's not just SENA countries. Our batting is a big let down in India also. I am sure this batting group has never clicked as a group with every 5 batsman scoring half centuries just like Fab 5 used to do, not even against the likes of SL, WI. If you will see you won't even find the home batting domination by this players also. Yes there are instances of individual performances when we had a 200 run patnerships and then a mini collapse which would prevent us from scoring 600 and we would score 400-500 with the help of Aswin-Jadeja-Shami/Bhuvi.
  19. Hopeful that Kohli has learnt lessons from SA tour. 4 Pacers (Bhuvi can bat)+ Aswin is better than 3 Pacers + Ashwin+ Pandya. I would have Dhawan as back up for both middle order and opening batsman. Think he has improved his test game a bit from SA tour. What your opinion on Rahul as No. 3 ?? In case Pujara fails terribly, Dhawan, Vijay, Rahul,Kohli, Rahane??
  20. Rahul needs to make himself a brand that no one can ignore. Needs to develop those crazy troll fans of social media/ newspapers. For that he should have the mindset of maximising these IPL season by scoring around atleast 500-600 runs rather than these meaningless nidahas trophy. No one will give a damn to this. He should mentally prepare himself for this IPL season. If he gets a chance in Nidahas Trophy, it's good. If he doesn't then also it's good. He shouldn't let non-selection hamper his confidence.
  21. swastikpanda2

    Raina is coming back for sure WORLD CUP 2019

    I think Raina is just included in T20 squad so that Selectors can see whether he is still good enough or not. Selectors are looking for a set of 30 players for probable squad. And it's not right to include/exclude Raina from that squad without giving him any matches. If I am not wrong last time Raina played for India was Asia Cup T20 and World T20 where he failed miserably. If he has improved, then results will show in SA T20 and then he will be included in Odi squad.
  22. swastikpanda2

    Raina is coming back for sure WORLD CUP 2019

    Agree with you but we don't have five years/ 2-3 years for world cup 2019. A team needs experience to win World Cup. You can have maximum 2 players with 1-2 years experience.
  23. swastikpanda2

    India's over reliance on top 3

    This is/ was/ will be the scenario always. We have never produced world class middle order batsmen except for peak Yuvraj Singh and peak Ms Dhoni. We are just a Top order heavy team. Even the recent U19 team had a horrible middle order after Top3. We play Rahane (opener) at 4, Sreyas Iyer(Top Oder) at 5, Manish Pandey (shouldn't bat lower than 4) at 5,6. The only proper middle order batsmen we have is Kedar Jadhav who is mediocre against good bowling attacks and Ms Dhoni who has lost all his batting skills. The real problem is almost all (Except Pant) our potential middle order batsmen play at top order for their domestic teams so that they can score runs and hence will impress the selectors. The aspiring Indian team batsmen and Selectors should understand that top order is not gonna change untill 2022 and should adapt themselves by batting in middle order.
  24. swastikpanda2

    The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Only List A performance won't give selections. They have to do well in IPL too ( better than the replacement Kedar Jadhav). They are young and hopefully they will do it with consistency.
  25. swastikpanda2

    Indian ODI squad for South africa announced .NO KL Rahul

    Unfortunately he won't. Shastri has mentioned that in a recent TV interview. Dhawan will play because he is a left hander and Vijay will be preferred because of experience.

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