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  1. R.Sridhar on why team likes Shastri over kumble

    yup..ramiz raja needs a hell lot of coaching in commentating
  2. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    you seem to be a convict bas*ard or a sheep-shagger.. who are you??
  3. Can't depend on Shami.

    he needs to bowl fuller ...back-of-length only works in sub-continent..also tries too hard to get lbw ,coz of which gets flicked for fours
  4. 286 in first inning - How do you rate our performance today?

    shami and bumrah had bowled much filth !
  5. Shastri is doing good job

    dont get soooooo dissapointed......for ur sake ..we will hire Ashraful 'tiger' next time....loolz
  6. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    LOL....POREL WAS 125-132 in u19 challengers trophy ...i saw that match ...hype on porel is disgusting
  7. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    faster than khejroliya hurling **** at 130-132k.....
  8. Congratulations to Virat and Anushka!!

    daaaammmn!!!! kohli got some nice n tight...good luck!
  9. Excellent analysis by sanju manju!!

    manju article- www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/21743273/why-shami-yadav-need-change-their-line thats the reason why indian bowlers struggle overseas.
  10. yup...after going wicketless in 4 previous games on the trot
  11. indian pacers have low iq...even trundlers bowled better line and length...pathetic
  12. today india's batting was pathetic...but indian pacers ....again proved to be toothless... no bowler got more than 1 wicket ....shameful and please - don't curse bumrah for no-ball..he had 59 other balls ....he bowled half of his bowls on the leg stump..pathetic and bhuvneshwar bowled too wide ....didnt bring lbw into play......this bowling unit will struggle good time in south african tour
  13. Can Indian bowlers do what Sri Lankan bowlers did?

    believe me..i hate to say this...but if it was pakistani bowlers ..they would have rolled sri lanka under 50 on this pitch
  14. How good our swing bowling is?

    bhuvi got 1 wcket in 10 overs .....even that wicket was played-on...hahah pathetic

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