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  1. we have been seeing them failing overseas in test matches ....how long will be the rope???? should we groom other test batsmen??
  2. i agree with ur logic ....i am just saying that- can i have 45 off 20 balls from pandya anywhere in the next 3-4 months against all pace attack....i dont think so ....
  3. Dhoni willl regain his six-hitting abilities!!
  4. Pakistan Super League 2018 - Tournament Thread

    pretty sure if bcci allowed ....agarkar et al will also be in their squad
  5. hee was dropped early on also...dont forget....luck saved him in 1st innings...in rest of the series he figured out that
  6. i agree with u ...but i think he should play vijay hazare instead of t20ss and finish games for baroda
  7. thats what first class cricket is for ...my retarded friend...but alas! fc cricket is beow the level of pandya sir
  8. ...in whole odi series he only played pace bowlers and averaged 8-9 over 6 odis!!! in tests also ..except 93...he failed in all test matches...quite a dumb post
  9. havent seen him perform strike hitting against good quality pace bowlers....ever
  10. Twitter messages

    yup....this is the thing that gives me cringe- sub-continent fans looking for white validation......disgusting
  11. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    boobie should play- all t20s , tests on helpful tracks and no odis
  12. yup...but only at this level...in international cricket he will always be reffered to as 'workhorse' ...rather than wicket taker coz of his inability to to take ball away from right handers
  13. Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be dropped from the ODI team

    yup...he will struggle even more....hit the deck bowlers only flourish in odis
  14. not until he learns outswing...inswing is only useful at 145k ...
  15. Bhuvi in ODIs vs Ishant in Tests

    it will be same as ct....no swing .......see the odis in england ...absolutely flat wickets

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