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  1. paper tigers surely got a beating on their bum after the match from mushfiqur for turning his innings sachin-esque...lol
  2. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    he is a trundler.... in u-19 was bpwling 128-130 avg. in ipl vs dd match- 140 in first over and then 128-135 avg in next 3 overs .... but he has good bouncy action
  3. chandimal is busy for long 5 days....thats why
  4. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    time is closing on indian team to find a left arm pacer before overseas tours ... options available- j.unadkat, aniket choudhary and kulwant khejroliya...
  5. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAx7f12i_Xs go to description of video enjoy....
  6. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    hes a **** bloke ...doesnt utilize his talent . whole forums have been filled about his talent and look what he has delivered so far.....null
  7. you are just plain stupid.... one good spell does not reflect career ...the stats for whole career show that bumrah is better......amir is just hyped by the Pakistanis thats all.....hassan ali is much better than amir
  8. wicket were taken heavily by kuldeep and chahal in that matches..today spinners got spanked but i do agree that umesh didnt got wickets in his first spell
  9. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    he bowls flatter than jadeja ...wont even turn the ball ...will be miserable outside india where wickets are flat and batsmen easily play through the line....his batting though is even weaker than jadeja.....total flop capability
  10. bumrah had avg of 20.7 in odi ,amir avg is 27.45 bumrah bowled well in ct final ..see first first spell fakhar edged him more than 5 times all went past slip or no-ball...check ur facts
  11. just compare his spell in dharamshala vs aus to that of 4 years before.....he has massively improved
  12. its a toughie ...but for retards. imagine a match if aus are 71-4 in 10 overs or 55-0 in 10 overs..... no brainer.......if they are 55-0 they can make 350 and if they are 71-4 they barely would make 250 as 1or 2 wickets more then all collapse......
  13. India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

  14. bcci is stupid as fck...i would have given a green seamer pitch instead of slow turner in this match...to test the ability of spinners and pacers in overseas conditions ad check the temprqament in swinging conditions of india a batsmen .....bcoz there is no fear of losing as it is just india a side....this would bring best out of them instead of providing them with ranjee like pitches.... need them to push beyond limits
  15. This is it : Kuldeep-Chahal are the new Ash-Jaddu

    in tests in eng-aussie conditions beleive me jaddu wont be picked... kuldeep will play....as selectors want attacking wrist spinners not miserly bowlers who cant pick up wickets....but chahal only in limited overs
  16. dhoni no boundary for first 66 balls...hahahahahahahah if india had better wicketkeepers options he would have been ' rested ' jst like ashwin..lol
  17. now u understand why i stopped arguing with him...hes a rookie rat who knows nothing but claims everything
  18. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    jst seen his shots in ipl against fast bowlers.....but not validating him...as he needs to be tried out even in india a tour in sa ..he played well against their bowlers.....so needs to be tested
  19. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    problem with raina is that he cannot handle good bouncy pitches ...and he plays all big shots on leg side....but krunal is a powerul striker of a ball who plays fast bowlers well too...
  20. wasnt quoting u... dont want to get in an argument with you ...but one thing is clear that u are jst a rookie dont reply....jst die
  21. see first over of bhuvi and notice that kohli has not kept even one slip...which means he doesnt trust his wicket taking ability

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