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    Georgejed reacted to Vilander in The AOE Team Selection Is Hilarious   
    blasphemy !!.... if you said this in AOE forum some folks would have committed cyber suicide.

  2. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to Lala in The Players of West-Indies T-20   
    gayle lost his mojo now. russel,lewis,nariain, bravo are the picks.
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    Georgejed reacted to Rasgulla in MS Dhoni mega discussion thread   
    Wa wa wa wa  we finally got our GOD karthik in the team. All credits to kothe facts. BCCI has recognised you finally
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    Georgejed reacted to JaFanatic in ICC aiming to assess bowling actions during games   
    bad news for some spinners:hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
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    Georgejed reacted to The Dark Horse in CSK Magnificent 11 !!!   
    9/11 can bat and 8/11 can bowl 
  8. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to BeautifulGame in Washington Sunder - Real surprise this IPL   
    Lead and guided by the greatest motivator MSD obviously.
    But then we have 100s of threads for MSD this is for Sundar
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    Georgejed reacted to The Outsider in Virat Kohli v AB de Villiers - who is better ODI batsman?   
    I think it was also the pre match bluster about being aggressive. McGrath and Tait finished the aggression in 10 overs. The ball before he go out, Kallis had done the same thing and I remember thinking what the feck has gotten into him to be making room and stepping out against McGrath - 90% of the time McGrath is going to win against such misplaced adventure. :giggle:
  10. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to Crookbond in Virat Kohli v AB de Villiers - who is better ODI batsman?   
    Quite true - they were under pressure with the "Chokers" tag and decided they would "hit out" against it in glory. Well, they fell on their back side. The headline on Cricinfo mid innings for South Africa said it all - "Australia blow away nervous SA top order" (or something like that). However, I must add though that a lot of times there is a ill formed prejudice in mentioning the word "choke" to their collapses. It's almost as if every time they lose(even if the opposition play a magnificent game) they are called chokers which I feel is unfair. But well, stereotypes take precedence there.
  11. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to adi B in CSK Magnificent 11 !!!   
    There's a first time for everything ,like dd winning the ipl  this season 
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    Georgejed reacted to beetle in Md.Shami offered grade B contract as corruption investigation ends   
    A bit of ' nutcase ' vibe too.
  13. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to randomGuy in Python and Django   
    Been learning it for data science. For DS, either you Use Python or R. For my use, just pandas, numpy, sklearn, matplotlib libraries are sufficient I guess.
  14. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to surajmal in Dalit family tied to a tree and beaten up by members of a popular community   
    MSM will stay away. 
    Rule of thumb: Anything that doesn't fit the pre defined social categories of Post Modernists, didn't happen. 
  15. Troll
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  17. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to coffee_rules in Ind replies to Terroristan   
    Abd finally Pakistan has responded to EAM's jibe...
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    Georgejed reacted to sarchasm in Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches   
    Didn't see Nagarkoti bowl but caught Mavi in his last spell, he has a strong action and predisposed to outswing. His action reminds me of that malnourished Oriya 'paceman' whom Jayasuriya feasted upon. Sad but true.
  19. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to Laaloo in 3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?   
    We already know what we have in dhawan and Rohit. Can they drop down the order and give chances to pant or Vijay and others?
  20. Haha
    Georgejed reacted to express bowling in Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches   
    Temperament and playing style are not the same things.
    Playing style maybe changed or taught by coaching.
    Temperament includes qualities like keeping a cool head under pressure, having a constant hunger for success, doing whatever needs to be done to succeed,  ability to do well on the big stage, playing well when the team is in trouble or the opposition is challenging  etc.
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    Georgejed reacted to Rasgulla in Dhoni choked in the final   
    Learn how to troll 
  22. Sad
    Georgejed reacted to Suhaan in Battle of young bowlers: Nagarkoti vs Mavi   
    Both are equally good
  23. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to mancalledsting in Battle of young bowlers: Nagarkoti vs Mavi   
    Same again, but this time for the bowlers. Nagarkoti marginally ahead for me. 
  24. Sad
    Georgejed reacted to Laaloo in BETTING - RULES & GUIDELINES   
    No more bets?
  25. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to Gollum in Sir Jadeja averages 50 with bat in last 10 matches   
    He will be brutally exposed in SA. Gun player in SC still. 

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