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  1. Haha
  2. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to Soorma Bhopali in Can we rest Umesh,Jadeja and for Bhuvi and Kuldeep for dead rubber test   
    Pandya,Shami ,Dhawan or Rahul should not be rested as they have either recently come back from injury or new in tests and Need more games.

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  3. Haha
    Georgejed reacted to vishalvirsingh in SPEED & PERFORMANCE OF FAST BOWLERS N TRUNDLERS IN 2017 IPL   
    This ipl will be a treat for the icf phaast gang if all these talented 140+ Indian bowlers get their chances and if they perform as per expectations.
    A few cases could be under performers.
    Vinay kumar who has been such a big hit in India and is considered as an undoubted trundler king. When he played his only test in Perth (Hope I remember the pitch correctly)...even I was confident that he will get at least 5 wickets in 2 innings.
    But he misfired ...was hit all around the park and he bowled even slower than even his natural pace of 133k...he bowled 115 to 128k...thats where he seriously under performed.
    Then Pankaj Singh.. .after a long wait he got the test cap but he under performed.
    All his life he and his friends spoke lowly of selectors but when he was given the test cap...what did he do.
    He was a very experienced bowler...
    ...we have to find bowlers who get international batsman to hurry up
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    Georgejed reacted to sscomp32 in Will Dhoni equal Rohit's feat by winning this IPL final?   
    Welcome to Episode one of Maggi Threads with Maniac
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    Georgejed reacted to tweaker in Champions Trophy Post Mortem Thread   
    This selection committee is very pathetic.They don't have guts to even try youngsters for the Windies series.
    They don't want to create competition for the spots.They just select tried & tested failures each time they get an opportunity to select a youngster.
    Kuldeep, Shreyas, should have been integral part of this squad.Pant should have been understudy to Dhoni instead of Karthik.
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    Georgejed reacted to maniac in Will Dhoni equal Rohit's feat by winning this IPL final?   
    Rohit is the only player to win the IPL as both captain and player.
    even though performances wise Rohit has done it all catch of the tournament nomination,IPL hattricks,IPL 100s,hitting 46s to win a game where Dhoni doesn't have much to show for 
    however credit where due Dhoni was the captain when his teammates pulled him along for the ride now doing the same when is a player 
    so record being a record
    will he equal Rohit's incredible accomplishment by doing this?
    Dhoni doesn't realize but by screwing his team he is missing out on reaching the great man's status
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    Georgejed reacted to Rasgulla in Champions Trophy Post Mortem Thread   
    Will be very biased... try twitter or fb 
  8. Confused
  9. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to Crookbond in India will miss Sachin Tendulkar in Champions Trophy: Anil Kumble   
    India will also miss Kapil Dev and Javagal Srinath.
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    Georgejed reacted to Shy9 in Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne   
    England looking good at 213 for 2 
  11. Sad
    Georgejed reacted to Pixel in Freedom For Flogs - AFL Discussion Thread   
    You're welcome friends

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    Georgejed reacted to maniac in Srikanth Kidambi - How good is he?   
    across all major events like commonwealth,asian and olympics till 2010-1
    after 2010-4
    not even accounting for the amount of silver and bronze  we won in this period
  13. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to Vk1 in What is Kohli's prejudice towards Rishabh Pant?   
    This is understandable if we are rebuilding the squad after a world cup or after a senior pro retires. We are pretty close to world cup and our squad should be finalized asap 
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    Georgejed reacted to Vk1 in What is Kohli's prejudice towards Rishabh Pant?   
    Hmmm.. interesting thing is that today's crop of youngsters are more ready for international cricket than ever before with all these ipls and A tours. And yet don't get fair chances. Can't think of a country in world cricket right now where rishab pant can't walk in into the team. 
  15. Haha
    Georgejed reacted to SUMO in What is Kohli's prejudice towards Rishabh Pant?   
    Normally cricketers have respect for veteran players who has toiled hard in domestics.
    If you ask anyone of them they will say pick a seasoned player over youngster because seasoned domestic player has worked harder, youngster has many chances to come in future.
    Its not like how us fans feel, I'm sure even if you ask dada, sachin, vvs, sunny etc like legends they will also be inclined towards giving DK a go first.
    We will have to wait for DK to fail as early as possible then pant will get the chance over next pick in the squad.
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    Georgejed reacted to WC2011INDIA in What is Kohli's prejudice towards Rishabh Pant?   
    I am sure Pant will get atleast 10 games before wc 2019. And I am sure he will score a lot and remove bunch of non performers from the team. I am also sensing a retirement or two from ODI/T20 by next year.
  17. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to wanted_desi in Bangladesh: Yuvraj singh is the weakest player in the Indian Team   
    They are right! Hopefully budha yuvi retires now.
  18. Upvote
    Georgejed reacted to Ultimate_Game in Bangladesh: Yuvraj singh is the weakest player in the Indian Team   
    Mindgames have started!  
    Really liking this coz we generally sit back and answer on the field so this augurs well for us  
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    Georgejed reacted to fineleg in India to host Afghanistan for their first test match   
    play India-A team members, give them a chance to play.
  20. Haha
  21. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to Shaz1 in Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis   
    Sachin is a average cricketer. There is nothing special about him besides his ablity to score lots of runs due to longetivity. In the Op you can clearly see Smith has surpassed him. 
  22. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to Khota in Kumble-Kohli communication had stopped six months ago   
    If true then everyone involved should be fired. If the problem exists for 6 months and it comes to a boiling point before a tournament then they all are responsible. I dont see how Kohli gets a pass.
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    Georgejed reacted to Adi_91 in Kumble-Kohli communication had stopped six months ago   
    Who knows what the new coach will have to face. Kohli is also equally at fault here.
    Indian cricket needs a smooth system of functioning, not individuals who think they are above everything, be it the coach or the captain.
  24. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to Vilander in COA was ready to back CT pull out on Governance model but not financial model : Vinod Roy   
    hmm but the question is why., Rai sound like the C wing guy who is telling folks how things will work now in his way, its pure management talk all that he is saying. But i wonder how, cause COA is short term. It would be a great betrayal is BCCI is forced to accept the governance changes.
  25. Sad
    Georgejed reacted to velu in Dilemma of the Dhoni fans   
    one word - RATTLED  


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