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  1. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to wanted_desi in Bangladesh: Yuvraj singh is the weakest player in the Indian Team   
    They are right! Hopefully budha yuvi retires now.
  2. Upvote
    Georgejed reacted to Ultimate_Game in Bangladesh: Yuvraj singh is the weakest player in the Indian Team   
    Mindgames have started!  
    Really liking this coz we generally sit back and answer on the field so this augurs well for us  
  3. Upvote
    Georgejed reacted to fineleg in India to host Afghanistan for their first test match   
    play India-A team members, give them a chance to play.
  4. Haha
  5. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to Shaz1 in Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis   
    Sachin is a average cricketer. There is nothing special about him besides his ablity to score lots of runs due to longetivity. In the Op you can clearly see Smith has surpassed him. 
  6. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to Khota in Kumble-Kohli communication had stopped six months ago   
    If true then everyone involved should be fired. If the problem exists for 6 months and it comes to a boiling point before a tournament then they all are responsible. I dont see how Kohli gets a pass.
  7. Upvote
    Georgejed reacted to Adi_91 in Kumble-Kohli communication had stopped six months ago   
    Who knows what the new coach will have to face. Kohli is also equally at fault here.
    Indian cricket needs a smooth system of functioning, not individuals who think they are above everything, be it the coach or the captain.
  8. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to Vilander in COA was ready to back CT pull out on Governance model but not financial model : Vinod Roy   
    hmm but the question is why., Rai sound like the C wing guy who is telling folks how things will work now in his way, its pure management talk all that he is saying. But i wonder how, cause COA is short term. It would be a great betrayal is BCCI is forced to accept the governance changes.
  9. Sad
    Georgejed reacted to velu in Dilemma of the Dhoni fans   
    one word - RATTLED  

  10. Haha
    Georgejed reacted to sarcastic in Team India Arrives In The West Indies Amid Coach Crisis   
      India will play a limited-overs series against the West Indies. © AFP    
    Virat Kohli's side reached Port of Spain from London for the ODI and T20I series against the West Indies.
    The Indian cricket team has reached Port of Spain (Trinidad) for a limited-overs series against the West Indies. The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) posted a photo of Kohli and opposition captain Jason Holder at the team hotel on social media where both are seen smiling. The first ODI is scheduled for June 23 (Friday), but more than cricket, the focus will be on the Indian team sans former head coach Anil Kumble.
    Kumble stepped down on Tuesday night and tweeted his resignation letter making clear that the differences between him and Kohli were a real thing.
    Kohli is yet to speak about his side of the story regarding the feud.
    It came at a time when the team was en route the West Indies. Kumble had earlier said an ICC meeting was the reason for him not accompanying the team for the series.
    India, who lost to Pakistan in the ICC Champions Trophy final at The Oval on Sunday, start favourites for the series comprising five ODIs and a T20 International.
    Batting coach Sanjay Bangar and fielding coach R Sridhar have travelled with the team.
    The West Indies, currently ninth in the ODI rankings, failed to qualify for the Champions Trophy where the top eight teams battled it out for top honours.
    India had toured the West Indies last year for a four-match Test series which the visitors won 2-0. It was Kumble's first assignment after taking charge as head coach.
  11. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to beetle in Jos butler watching the final moments of MI win   

    He posted it himself...
  12. Haha
    Georgejed reacted to Magneto in How much Dhoni mek?   
    So, basically 10 duds in 11 matches. OK.
    9 maybe. That 11 ball 23 was decent.
  13. Like
    Georgejed reacted to speedheat in Bhuvi not playing tomorrow :(   
    What??? No way that can be true!!!
  14. Upvote
    Georgejed reacted to CG in How much Dhoni mek?   
    Selective amnesia Tony bhai scored 40 off like 25 ball even Narine scored 50 off 15 balls.
  15. Like
    Georgejed reacted to Rasgulla in How much Dhoni mek?   
    Sachin will take 100 balls to score 36 lol 
  16. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to Magneto in Dhoni choked on the spicy Madraasi Sambhar yet again....laugh aloud   
    MS Dhoni should learn from MS Gony how to change the course of the game (by his batting) and eventually win as well.
  17. Sad
    Georgejed reacted to The Realist in Virendra Sehwag as Coach   

  18. Sad
    Georgejed reacted to Magneto in The 'Real' Pune Fan Club (Phoenix Rising)   
    As I said before. Team Tony, yes. Team Pune, no. 
  19. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to Texan in Best Left-arm Spinner / Allrounder for T20s   
    Agree on the fielding, but I don't think Krunal is a bad fielder either. Also, from evidence of what we saw today, Krunal seems like a big match player.
  20. Haha
    Georgejed reacted to Muloghonto in Supreme Court banned sale of crackers in Delhi   
    That is because secularism, according to Indian constitution, is equal pandering to all religion, not removal of religion from government workings.
    hence the meddling. 
  21. Upvote
    Georgejed reacted to Ankit_sharma03 in The Hitsman's bodyguard - Most fun trailer i have seen in recent times   
    When u have two gr8 leading actors in a conflict .......damn fun
    Brilliantly edited trailer 
  22. Troll
    Georgejed reacted to Magneto in Millipede Prediction Corner   
    My pet millipede is a cricket expert. He will be predicting the fate of all the IPL matches regularly from now on. According to him, today:
    April 15 - KKR vs Sunrisers - KKR wins
                - Daredevils vs Kings XI - Kings XI wins.
    Let’s see. 
  23. Like
    Georgejed reacted to Magneto in Millipede Prediction Corner   
    Arey beetles and millipedes should be friends, no? 
  24. Great Post
    Georgejed reacted to Laaloo in This is Pune's game to lose !!!   
  25. Confused
    Georgejed reacted to velu in MS Dhoni is first person I go to when in doubt: Washington Sundar   
    lame attempt much like THAT special innings

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