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  1. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    Yes, but ODIs especially has enough space for everyone. It's not dependent on luck factor like t20 and also gives you chance to come back. I am a fan of test cricket but 50 overs will always be special for me. I guess it comes down to preference after all.
  2. Identify four players for middle order

    All rounder hi lena hai aisa koi mandate nahi hai. If we have good enough batsmen at 4/5 then they should be given priority. YOu really think Shankar is a better limited ovrs player than the likes of IYER, PANT, MAYANK (who was never given a chance), KRUNAL and yes even RAINA
  3. Identify four players for middle order

    bhai let him play more matches. uska record kuch itna khas nhi hai ab tak dek lio aap cricinfo me. aur b itne deserving candidates hai. jo saalon se perform kar rahe hai. middle order me khelne k ly. Iyer hai, jadhav hai, manish pandey, rahul, fir domestic me b itne talented log aur hai jisnka STATS b acha hai
  4. Identify four players for middle order

    Yes he has weakness against bouncers. I am not even advocating his inclusion but people can't just say he has weakness against everykind of bowling. He still can be an asset. Abusing and all me aapke liye nahi likha yaha bahut logp layers ko mock karte hai calling rahane as hahane etc. even thougg there is an article in the front page saying PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BE INSULTED and NAME CALLING IS NOT ALLOWED @moderators??
  5. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    Yes but people tend to go overboard saying every test player can play otehr format but not otherwise which is utter shytee. Laxman, langer, pujara, samaraweera, misbah, rahane, etc etc all people with goood test record could ever make it big in short or shorter format. You gotta respek the fact that every format has it's own challenges and skillset required rather than insulting them coz it's not so called 'elite' format.
  6. Identify four players for middle order

    lekin yaha to sab keh rahe he should be our finisher along with pandya. agar us role m khelna ho toh shots bhi toh chahie bhaisab. Krunal pandya jaise player jo mere hisab se much more talented but no logon ko sirf medium pace and batting koi karte huwe dike bas agla kapil dev bangya
  7. Identify four players for middle order

    iPata ni why did you tag me in this leking mene apne post me saaf saaf likha hai... RAINA IS A GUN PLAYER if he gets to bat 40-50 overs. some players aise hote domestic me ni perform karte . sehwag, yuvraj etc lekin intnl me return hote hai bahut acha khel chuke. have some respect for ppl who represent the nation.
  8. Identify four players for middle order

    Sir jee, bahut cricket dekh chuke hai hum Even rahane has thrashed around SA attack in world cup still he is considered a joke. 1 match doesn't mean anything .pure career ke stats dekho. jo log video dekh k dusro ko bewkuf samajte wo khud bewkuf hai. list a batting avg of 30 and sr of 81/ 24 wickets 34 matches me. wah bahut badhiya stats hai, I thought you were a sensible guy because aap ke posts to ache rehte bas persnl favrts mat khela karo
  9. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    every format matters. those who don't blv are either old fgs or 'trying to act cool' ppl
  10. Good brother its easy to bat in last ten overs and have a sr of 88. but tell me would you be happy if your batsman remain notout after comingto bat at 40th over and with a sr of 88? dhoni was such a good player from 2004=06 with his hittin he is living off on that
  11. Identify four players for middle order

    eventhough he has gotten fat he has many graet innings in t20 and odis outside india too .stop mocking our own players.
  12. Identify four players for middle order

    LOL Shankar? the guy can't hit a ball byong 30 metre. Seriosuly way too over rated with 120 kmph bowling. Look at his strike rate. also he's no spring chicken at 26/27
  13. Dhoni will not make a world xi team with Gilchrist, who is a far better player than him available.

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