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  1. God's blessing helped Rahane.
  2. Yes we saw kohli's WC 2015 semifinal( 1 runs in 13 balls ) chasing 300+. In WC 2015 QF against Bangladesh only 3 runs. Flopped in 2011WC QF Flopped in semis against pak Also flopped in finals with your so called 35 runs (success as per his and your lower standards) when dhoni and Gambhir scored 90's. Averages 20+ in finals of all the ODI tournaments played till now. Whenever at big stage, he chokes. Forget WC he has not even won a single tournament final (Odi) till now.
  3. Reopening the debate on best chasers in ODIs

    Seems you didn't read it carefully. I asked the record of Virat in all the finals he has played. Sachin averages 55 in finals compared to Virat's 20+ avg. Accept it or not Virat is a choker in ODI finals and semis.
  4. MSD has already left test and team is doing OK
  5. Reopening the debate on best chasers in ODIs

    And what magic has kohl done in any of the finals or even in two WC he has played
  6. Compare record of Virat kohli in all finals & semi finals till now with performance of Sachin in finals and semis. You will know who is the real choker.
  7. Kohli has much better support. Rohit Sharma as an opener averages 53. Shikar dhawan 45 ,both have strike rate near 90. Sharna's strike rate appears lower because of his earlier 'not so successful ' years in middle order. Kohli himself averages 55 with strike rate of 90+ .Compare this to Dravid who was averaging 35 with 67 strike rate till the end of 90's Azhar was good odi batsman but only till 1995. After that he became very inconsistent. Dhoni is far better than Azhar anyway. Azhar was a fixer and never supported Sachin as dhoni supports Virat. Jadeja and pandya are equally good till now. Jaddu was a fixer too.

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