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  1. Dear Members, Lately a lot of politics related threads are being discussed in the Chit Chat section. Chit Chat section was meant for light hearted discussions. Due to lack of activity in the Politics forum, ICF Staff had earlier allowed to have politics related threads in Chit Chat forum. We have now decided that it's time to promote the Politics & Current Affairs Forum. Many of the old threads related to Pakistan and other political topics have been moved to the Politics forum. Interested members are urged to continue the discourse in the Politics forum, which we believe is the appropriate platform for discussing geo-political issues, separate from the not so serious chit chat section. From now on, please open Politics related threads in Politics & Current Affairs Forum, including but not limited to: 1. Pakistan related political threads. 2. Kashmir related threads. 3. Any geo-political discussion involving the sub continent at large. We hope interested members will reinvigorate the Politics Forum through well thought arguments and perspectives. ICF Staff
  2. Nova

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    Site is working fine for me too.
  3. Sometime around Sep 8. This way everyone has a chance to participate. And...I am in too.
  4. Who will win the MATCH? Eng (1.3), Pak (4.0)
  5. 300 profit 3000 profit BETS SETTLED
  6. PRIZE AMOUNT: ICF ₹ 1,00,000 (Rs. One Lakh) ENTRY FEE: ICF ₹ 1,000 Rules 1. To enter: Transfer ₹ 1,000 from your account to ICF Bank and mention "For Lottery" in the notes. After transferring the amount, reply in this thread to submit your entry. 2. Only one entry allowed per member. 3. One lucky member will win ICF ₹ 1,00,000. Drawing will be random. 4. ICF Bank reserves the right to have a certain minimum number of participants. Good Luck !!!
  7. Nova

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    ICF is open to members of all nationalities. If you think any member is trolling, please report the post/member and we will take care of it. Sometimes, it's not possible for moderators to monitor each and every post or thread.
  8. Oops. You are right. THanks for catching it.
  9. 50,000 loss 9000 profit Edit: 10,000 loss BETS SETTLED

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