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  1. Turning_track

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    Really? When did that happen? Irrespective of Pandya's performances, that dolt often keeps choicest of words for him in the studio.
  2. Turning_track

    Why no practice?

    OMG the team will leave for Nottingham on Wednesday. What the hell is going on Haven't they learnt anything after such a thrashing? Net sessions, throwdowns are taken as some trivial matter by the entire management. Why are they wasting precious time yaar?
  3. Catching at slips, LOL. They stand so close to each other as if they are about to face strong winds of Arctic regions.
  4. Turning_track

    Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting

    That's the problem, he isn't even crossing that 50-70 run mark. It hurts the team if he plays 80+ balls and adds only 15 runs to the scoreboard, then gets out. We get back to square one, losing an additional wicket & the end of much needed partnership.
  5. Turning_track

    Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting

    I have no problem with his SR, but in conditions like these you can't defend forever. You must look to score or at least rotate the strike consistently otherwise you are doomed because eventually the batsman will get an absolute ripper & that's what happened with Pujara. He was pathetically stuck at the crease & was damn lucky Broad didn't get him way before.
  6. Turning_track

    Can India win the World Cup with Kohli-Shastri duo?

    I think we will reach the semis(if somehow we don't **** up) & then get eliminated by some other team. If we proceed any further it will only be a bonus imo. There are grave concerns with our LOI team which needs to be addressed.
  7. Turning_track

    Match lasted 170 overs

    There were talks about crossing 300-350 consistently, here even reaching a team total of 100 has proved to be a challenge.
  8. Virat & co. is better prepared to lose in a much convincing fashion than 3-1 of 2014. Isn't it Chepu?
  9. The team should head to Swiss Alps for the next few days & enjoy their time. DK was in Copenhagen with his wife before the 1st test, he should've stayed there & saved himself from embarrassment. Rohit is smart & went to France to chill.
  10. Turning_track

    Fire in Babylonia

    India can be a very good team at best, not an ATG team. We get satisfied by a few limited overs victories or some stellar performance by an individual & his rankings. There needs to be a plan not just for the next WC or the upcoming SENA trip but also for choosing & developing those players who will be instrumental for years to come. Sadly, none of this is going to happen.
  11. Indian team proving to others that they are perfectly capable of losing the match in 3 days. Just like the old days.
  12. I guess he didn't feel the ball brushing his glove

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