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  1. Turning_track

    Is Kashmir Worth Fighting For?

    OP even if we give up our claims on Kashmir & gift them, would they even stop? Then they will target our North Indian belt from 3 sides. We are dealing with an adversary which has expansionist goals, dreams of Ghazwa-e-Hind & thrives on Al-Taqiyya in every platform.
  2. Turning_track

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Those headlines are hell lot better than this one from the ex- CSS officer.
  3. Turning_track

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Sheikh Rashid's rant of "na mandir me ghantiyan bajegi" is quite old & he just repeated it being a minister in Imran's cabinet. Nothing of that sort. Do you really think his masters in the GHQ will allow him to do so? This playboy turned Jihadi apologist 'Im the Dim' will meet the same fate as Bhutto's, N. Shareef somewhere in the future . Then the super excited Insaafiyaan brigade who is rejoicing this terror attack will understand.
  4. The only option left to save Bengal is impose President's rule & use force . I know Bhadralok & liberals gonna wail but hey even Chacha Nehru at one point of time dismissed the first democratically elected non-Congress govt in India.
  5. There is a story which I came to know a few years back- A certain gentleman from India was going to Pak for some govt. work. While sitting on the plane, he found himself sitting beside a renowned ghazal singer from Pak. So, they exchanged pleasantries, started a conversation .The singer from Pak thought his co-passenger is a Pakistani too. The singer opened up & told that how much he detests Kafirs but because of the money from India is quite lucrative hence he often comes to perform. When the plane landed in Pak, that singer came to know that he was conversing with an Indian & ran off with tail between his legs. The Indian guy was G.Parthasarthy who was High commisioner to Pak during late 90s & the ghazal singer was Ghulam Ali. Mr.Parthasarthy made sure that this double faced human being isn't being issued visa for quite a few years.
  6. Broadcast production services.
  7. Well done IMG Reliance team.
  8. Stop spreading lies General Hooda never said that. Times of Islamabad,really?
  9. How these people have got such grave victimhood complex simply amazes me. Masla kya hai yaar inka..
  10. Turning_track


    Waiting for Bollywood to make something as 'FAUDA' & realistically portray what happens on the ground, then broadcasting it all over the world like Israelis did. It was appreciated for its balanced approach. Will B-town ever do it?
  11. The Israelis even wanted to bomb Kahuta in 1980s to deter their nuclear program. All Israelis wanted was airbase in India for refueling to attack. But Indira Gandhi did not agree with the Israelis. She thought it will lead to an all out war with Pak again just like '71. Look what has transpired since then, Pakistan being weak in terms of traditional power compared to India shamelessly brandishes its nuclear weapons like a video game console. Pakistanis have been superstars in nuclear proliferation, the current problem with N. Korea & Iran exponentially compounded by them.
  12. This Ashok Swain resides in Sweden & spouts rubbish about India which has absolutely no basis. They've mastered the art of building a narrative & writing dubious oped's in Western editorials. I dont even have the words to express the disgust, helplessness & angst. Today the Major rank officer who lost his life from an IED was from Dehradun & was about to get married on 7th March. But the media big wigs won't ever write about him it will be the lowlives Afzal, Burhan Wani, Adil & how the so called 'circumstances' made them pick up the gun.
  13. Turning_track

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Exactly which happened with me, a few years back during an ICC tourney I signed up thanks due to my naivety or should I say stupidity. Watching the open bias & hate, I never posted even once. Then as a lurker went through the old posts, then I realized my mistake & moved on. Its no good visiting that site & making your blood boil.

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