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  1. Turning_track

    Fun pics and videos WC 2019

  2. What a shot by Dhawan. Dispatched the ball travelling at 149 kmph.
  3. 3rd century for Shikhar in the WC's, 2 of them have come against Aus & SA. Respect
  4. Turning_track

    2019 French Open

    Are there any others who have defeated Nadal in Roland Garros except Robin Soderling and Novak Djokovic? @Gollum @Cricketics
  5. Turning_track

    Fun pics and videos WC 2019

    Stoinis' love for Zampa knows no bounds
  6. As much as I would have loved to watch ABD play again in this WC it would have been unfair to other SA players. You can't pick & choose when you want to play or don't want to play. Any national side shouldn't bow down to the whims & fancies of a superstar, however big he might be.
  7. QDK gone. Well done Bumrah.
  8. Why no Gunathilaka in SL squad? They could keep that useless Jeevan Mendis in their squad & play him in their starting eleven Vs NZ but can't afford a young batsman who could provide stability with the bat.
  9. Turning_track

    Dale Steyn out of the World Cup

    ICC hopeless as ever, they're just waiting for the storm to end. Even the SA board authorities have expressed their helplessness on this issue. Kolpak deal could've been done once & for all after Brexit date of 29th March 2019. But now it has been extended so expect a few more players to sign the deal in future.
  10. Turning_track

    Dale Steyn out of the World Cup

    I never get SA selections and strategies during a WC. Keeping Allan Donald out of a QF knock out match, going crazy in a rain affected match when sensible approach needs to be taken . I guess its a South African trait. Indeed. Thanks to Kolpak- 43rd player from SA to sign the deal since 2003.
  11. He has retired from tests to focus on shorter formats but hasn't been chosen for a while.
  12. Turning_track

    Dale Steyn out of the World Cup

    Steyn is already 35, I was hoping to watch him perform for the last time on this stage. Its a pity that a bowler like Steyn did not even play 150 ODIs. Too much responsibility for Rabada to take wickets while Pretorious & Morris will be asked to step up.
  13. It was a quality performance from Pak yesterday but calling it the greatest turnaround will be overstating it. Pakistanis have got a few quality players around, it won't change the fact even if they are pretty inconsistent. Kenya beating WI in 1996 WC & SL in 2003 WC was impressive, along with Bangladesh win against Pak in 1999 WC.
  14. Turning_track

    Dale Steyn out of the World Cup

    Big blow for the South Africans- Steyn out of the tournament, Ngini ruled out from the next match, though Amla will be back against India but fitness concerns already being raised.

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