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  1. http://www.espncricinfo.com/25/content/story/1146989.html Gilchrist Tendulkar Lara Kohli ABD Kallis Dhoni Akram Warne McGrath Murali Your thoughts??
  2. Turning_track

    ESPN Cricinfo ODI eleven of the last 25 years

    Kallis doesn't warrant a place at no.6 who is never known for his SR, but the experts have put him as the 5th bowling option. Dhoni should've got a better partner down there like Bevan.
  3. Becomes No.1 player again after beating Kyrgios in semis of ATP Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart. GOAT.
  4. Turning_track

    FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

    The 3rd goal from Spain which Nacho scored, it was some crazy ball snatch & passing by the trio of Isco, Silva & Iniesta inside the box.
  5. Turning_track

    FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

    Ronaldo, take a bow. What a match.
  6. Turning_track

    FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

    Awesome first half. CR7 was lucky to get the 2nd one. It was ala Loris Karius for De Gea.
  7. Turning_track

    FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

    Saw few minutes in the first half of Egypt vs Uruaguay match, it was boring so skipped. They still haven't won a single game in any of the WCs they've participated & without Salah Egypt is toothless.
  8. Turning_track

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Will go for Ishant atm.
  9. Turning_track

    AFG Test Debut | Ind v Afg | 14-18 June 2018 | Bangalore

    He is becoming an
  10. Turning_track

    At least there is one thing common between Warne and Rashid

    Both scenarios involved Shastri as well. Now a coach of Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri was Warne's 1st wicket after scoring a double hundred.
  11. On a serious note, I've seen Padosis ruing about the wildlife & extinction of big cats in their country. How will these magnificent creatures survive if they openly brandish gun culture to display so called machoism & allow royals from Middle East to play hunting games.
  12. I think it might be due to often chopping & changing in the batting order. During the first hour of play when commentators were discussing about Pujara's difference in stats in home & overseas, Sunny G remarked that batsmen like Pujara & Rahane don't even get a consistent stay at no.3 & no. 5. They are either dropped or batting positioned changed. I hoped he would take the name of Rahul as well, but he did not mention it. This explains why only Kohli & Vijay are settled. One of the opening slots & no. 4 is booked for these guys. Pujara's performance in overseas & Rahane facing spin in India is really a headache for the team management. Frankly, we don't even have replacements or a solution for the time being.
  13. They have to be thankful that James Sutherland did a fantastic cover up job by saving the *** of half of their side & the coach.
  14. LOL at Darren Lehmann for getting his feathers ruffled. Wanted all Aussie fans to target Stuart Broad brutally for not walking in a test match by giving him a hard time down under but frowns upon a gesture made by female broadcaster. Aussies do love to decide where to draw a line, dont they?
  15. Turning_track

    How long will Vijay play test cricket?

    Vijay still has a lot to offer & I think he has atleast 3 years left in him where he could tour a few tough overseas assignments if he's fit or some crazy talent isn't threatening his spot. Lets not forget his capability of taking the shine off the new ball. You might say Dhawan may score quickly as compared to Vijay but Dhawan's performance barring that test century in NZ, 2014 hasnt been impressive at all. Rahul hasn't been provided with a permanent spot either. Once this overseas cycle ends in Aus next year, the selectors should also start looking for a talented youngster who could prove himself useful for that coveted spot in the future.
  16. Turning_track

    Ramzan Ceasefire

    Saw the martyr's body, the terrorists have badly mutilated it . He was just doing his job & was murdered in cold blood. They abducted Lt. Ummer, Jawan Irfan in the past & lynched DSP Ayub. But pro-Pak & Azadi voices will make a hero of Burhan Wani.
  17. Turning_track

    Journalist Shujaat Bukhari shot dead in Srinagar

    RIP. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. Attack on a media person is a cowardly act.
  18. Turning_track

    Ramzan Ceasefire

    RIP. Too bad patriotic Kashmiris are being targetted brutally by terrorists.
  19. https://sports.ndtv.com/othersports/indian-chess-star-soumya-swaminathan-refuses-to-wear-headscarf-withdraws-from-iran-event-1866599 This issue happened in the past as well when renowned shooter Heena Sidhu refused to compete in the tournament hosted by Iran. My question is when women players are forced to wear a headscarf & if they refuse they can't even participate, then why the hosting rights are given to Iran for these international events?
  20. Turning_track

    AFG Test Debut | Ind v Afg | 14-18 June 2018 | Bangalore

    Mujeeb being hammered by Dhawan. Bowling short & wide, Dhawan is easily converting it to boundaries.
  21. That black woman was Ayan Hirsi Ali, she carries multiple fatwas on her head. Her predicament is same as that of Salman Rushdie.
  22. Turning_track

    FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

    I hope Salah would be fit for the match against Uruguay. It'll be fun watching him against the likes of Suarez, Cavani, Godin.
  23. I'm no admirer of Khap either. But ladies like Barkha or Sagarika are known to do balancing acts. Look how she diverts the core matter of issue, it's just an example of shoot & scoot tactic used innumerable times by the prima donna using TL.

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