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  1. He is also very sloppy on the field.
  2. Sir Jaddu allowed Shakib to hammer him in first few deliveries & then made him throw his wicket. Smart
  3. Can tolerate him in tests against WI, but against Aus down under
  4. He brings tasty Biryani which KLR can't.
  5. India wins the toss, to bowl first.
  6. Mushfiqur & Mustafizur both will be back today, the decision by Bangladesh to give rest to both these players backfired yesterday. I guess they overestimated themselves against Afghans.
  7. 4th wicket gone. Beautiful bowling by Afghans. They have tied the Bangladeshis down,not even a single boundary in the innings so far.
  8. My good sir, it is not about only starts & being settled on the wicket for couple of overs. You need to put runs on the scoreboard & you didn't even had the idea where was the off stump in test series.
  9. Such sloppy effort on the field, unnecessarily giving easy runs. While Shikhar doesn't have a clue where he needs to stand.
  10. India last won toss in 1st ODI against Eng, since then it has been more than 2 months & 9 matches.
  11. He has already made sly remarks against Bumrah for that no ball.
  12. Watching that middle order is such a turn off. Literally not one of them in current form is a fluent strike rotater or clear boundaries at will. KL's exclusion is an absolute surprise.
  13. No change in batting lineup at all. Who makes all these decisions?

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