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  1. Same old crap from the bunch of jokers. They never learn, do they? Mixing up the different formats, will play a specialist player in a format he isn't particularly known for. He fails, will be thrown out & the passengers continue to hold their places in the team. Did it with Krunal who should've played in ODIs. Now doing it with Siraj/Saini. Honestly Shardul doesnt even warrant a place in our test squad, so lets not even talk about him in our playing test eleven. Already lost Bhuvi, Bumrah if unfortunately someone breaks down again then we'll be watching him trundle against Root, Cook & co.
  2. Yes I know he is a bowler but he could also be very handy with the bat. Saw his batting a while back, seems a strong lad.
  3. Saw his dismissal, his way of defending reminded me of Suresh Raina.
  4. 2 tests will be played before LOIs.
  5. Yes there is a 5 match ODIs, 3 T20 series with WI in Oct-Nov at home.
  6. Yes. But the problem is Kohli with his absolutely bizzare selections. Dont be surprised if he creates a mess again by playing an extra pacer where a spinner is required or vice versa.
  7. That's what I wrote, I'm keeping Pandya out. 3 pacers--Ishant, Shami, Umesh & Ashwin, Kuldeep with Ashwin coming at no. 7 to perform his duty as a batter too.
  8. My bad, I forgot about Rahane playing against England Lions. In my opinion we have to play 3 proper pacers & 2 spinners. Pandya has to sit out, while Ashwin will come at no.7. Ishant-Shami-Umesh-Ashwin-Kuldeep. This would be my bowling line up which gives us somewhat a chance to get 20 wickets. Even I'm unsure about Shami, I would've loved to have Bhuvi in this playing eleven. Regarding batting, our test specialists have to click especially the trio of Vijay-Pujara-Rahane. Even if 2 of these flop, we are going to witness a brutal reality check till mid-September.
  9. Reports suggest that he is considered as back up, in case he gets fit before final 2 tests. Back injuries are career threatening they've already messed up with him so bad, I want him to recuperate & take time to be fully fit.
  10. According to media reports, Indian players are taking rest at present & are told to report on 23rd before their 4 day practice match against Essex in Chelmsford which is on 25th. Sorry I might sound harsh but they are unnecessarily wasting a week before such an important test series. Even before SA test series, there were talks of team being sent quite early then the plan got changed & eventually leading to our team facing SA on the field with a single net session. Ashwin is still playing TNPL & told yesterday in the presentation ceremony that if he is still here then he'll play another match. Pujara, Ishant, Shami haven't reached England. Let's not forget about the form of Pujara, Rahane. Pujara looked out of sorts against county bowlers & he'd be facing Anderson, Broad next. The team management is in deep slumber. Our main bowlers injured. Test specialist batters woefully out of form. Selection headaches. It is like making a perfect recipe for disaster.
  11. Root will go into the test series with a lot more confidence. Even Cook has scored 180 against India A.
  12. Some people in our society are f****** psychopaths & even death penalty isn't enough for these criminals.
  13. Turning_track

    Dhawan's lackadaisical attitude and Rohit's dot ball problem

    Even in first match he scored his 1st boundary in the end of 6th over, I told at that time if we are chasing a mammoth target it will cost us. Not everytime he's gonna hit a century. Both his innings 15(26) & 2(18) were pure trash. While Dhawan throws his wicket away against flow of play when he's in 30s/40s, today's run out was completely unnecessary. He should value his wicket a lot more.
  14. Thank you Croatia for saving the world from collective mass hysteria of the English. Massive respect.
  15. Who knows!! Pakistan is a very mercurial team, they might lose match after match in a tourney then suddenly they rise from the ashes to defeat the favorites. Their fielders suddenly grab difficult catches, bowlers hitting fine lengths & inconsistent batters scoring confidently. I just hope Kohli doesnt make the same mistakes against them in 2019 WC, last time in the final we did not even look like a professional & a disciplined team during the match.
  16. Turning_track

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Indian cricket team reminds me of the Dutch team. We have become the nearly men like the Dutch in past few years & falter in the semis/finals. Lot of inflated egos too just like Van Persie, Sneijder & Robben.
  17. Turning_track

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Both goals from Mbappe & Pogba were awesome, out of the penalty box with sheer force. Subasic couldn't do anything. That penalty awarded to France changed the whole momentum. Even though Croatia had possession, French made use of their chances. Its crazy to think what devastation this French team could cause if they are in full throttle & play with their full potential. Croatia must be really proud, 3 tough KO games & didn't lose a single game in their amazing run, lost only to one of the tournament favorites & went down fighting.
  18. Turning_track

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  19. Turning_track

    Mudgal Report should be made public

    Idiots on payroll who don't even have the balls to question. At least guys like Nasser don't hesitate to question the approach.
  20. He came to the crease in 27th over after the departure of Kohli. We lost only 4 wickets at that time.
  21. As a fan I want to see my team fight, even if they're reeling behind at least they must give a try. The act of shutting shop when a large part of 2nd innings was left shows how our team fares when they're pushed to the wall. Biased selections & the everlasting deadwood in the team weren't enough headaches for us after all.
  22. Turning_track

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    Pathetic to watch seniors play in such a manner. No urgency, zero intent displayed & we hope this team can win the WC in 2019. Was there even a bit of planning after Kohli departed?? The ever increasing RR was treated insignificantly.

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