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  1. 7 hours ago, velu said:

    his bcci  and ipl contract is related to his  availability , thats the main reason why bcci suspended his contract for time being ..

    one of my bong freind married a golt ( women and on top of that she is also a SC  )  , she filed a case later and he ended up spending 2 weeks in jail :sad: 

    Did she name your friend's family members also in that case or just him?

  2. 15 hours ago, Singh bling said:

    In India Atheists are biggest protectors of muslims , they mostly come from Hindu background so they attack Hinduism but keep a deafening silence on Islamic practices.They believe in order to be secular they just have to oppose Hinduism.

    Many atheists hesitate because threat of life from twisted Muslims is much much more than the threat from extremist Hindus. 
    Death for Kamlesh Tiwari has been demanded by hundreds of thousands of Muslims all over the country, while likes of Azam Khan & Owaisis roam freely & spread hate despite of living in a country with majority Hindu population. 
    One of my friend used to be an admin of Facebook group with more than 65000+ members & I'm talking about 2011-12. He openly used to bash every religion, he used to receive quite a flak also. But after sometime he started receiving death threats as he told me, specifically from local Muslims. Fearful of his life he deactivated his FB account & was living like a recluse.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

    Shakib is garbage too. Never seen him doing anything special against big team in crucial games. Lets just not go by ranking which says Babar Azam as best T20 batsman...LOL.


    Ben Stokes is way better than Shakib.

    I gave Shakib leeway just for the sake of rankings only which Bangladeshis love to retort to. For them the parameters are-

    1.ICC rankings

    2.Shakib has played for 6 years in IPL & in other t20 leagues like CPL, BBL etc. 


    I'd take Stokes over Shakib any day.

  4. It is very difficult to have a rational, reasonable debate with a Bangladeshi fan in general. They think they're world class team but barring Shakib they dont have anybody. Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur, Tamim are inconsistent.

    Misinterpreting the facts, then showing it as proof wouldn't change the reality & invite some brutal reaction from posters. 

    For eg: Bangladesh won test series in WI in 2009 when WI regulars were on strike & WICB fielded a young inexperienced side. Ban beat them & were chest thumping how after getting test recognition in 2000, they beat an overseas test side in less than a decade compared to India which took more than 3 decades to do so. :facepalm:

    What kind of logic is this? I hate this type of idiocy & more than the joy of beating them it brings me relief that I'd not witness crazy over the top reactions from their fans on various internet websites, forums.

  5. There was no need to bring Virat in this case. Rabada did know that he'd earn demerit points for his questionable actions, so why do it then when it means missing test matches?
    2 test matches suspension might be a tad harsh, but he is not learning & I've been watching him give send offs, using foul words since 2015 when he was relatively new to his team.

  6. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/australia-in-south-africa/paul-harris-drags-virat-kohlis-name-into-kagiso-rabada-steve-smith-controversy/articleshow/63312247.cms

    NEW DELHI: Reacting to the Kagiso Rabada-Steve Smith controversy, South African left-arm spinner Paul Harris dragged Indian captain Virat Kohli’s name in to the mix claiming that during India’s tour of SA, Kohli behaved 'like a clown’ and yet no action was taken against him by the International Cricket Council (ICC).
    Harris, who played 37 Tests for South Africa, went on to say on Twitter on Monday that the two-match suspension on Rabada, after being found guilty of a Level 2 ICC Code of Conduct offence of 'inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with a player', shows that ICC has a problem with Rabada or the South African team.

    Incidentally, the ICC had sanctioned Kohli for repeatedly complaining to the umpires about a damp ball and then aggressively throwing it to the floor during the second test against South Africa in Pretoria. He was fined 25 percent of his match fee and received one demerit point.
    Rabada received a fine of 50 per cent of his match fee and three demerit points after a disciplinary hearing following his denial of the charge.

    Rabada has accumulated eight demerit points within a 24-month period, automatically leading to a two-match suspension. The incident happened in the 52nd over of Australia's first innings of the second Test, when moving towards the slips, Rabada made contact with Steve Smith with his shoulder.
    Earlier in the day, South Africa spearhead Vernon Philander took to Twitter to accuse Smith of initiating the shoulder contact with Rabada. Philander went on to say that Smith gave the shoulder to Rabada and is ‘just as guilty’ as the fast bowler. However, Philander was quick to backtrack and deleted the tweet, claiming his account was hacked.
    Philander, who played the match in question, had also took a dig at the Australian skipper in the tweet stating that Smith could have avoided contact and it seemed that Smith could have tried ‘some football skills to get a penalty’.


  7. https://circleofcricket.com/category/Nidahas_Tri-Series_2018/18251/nidahas-tri-series-2018-slc-chief-bats-for-more-india-sl-matches


    Nidahas Tri Series 2018: SLC Chief bats for more India - SL matches

    India and Sri Lanka have played six Tests, eight ODIs, and four T20s in the last nine months.

    Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) doesn't seem satisfied with the latest International cricketing affair with India, as its president Thilanga Sumathipala wants to play more cricket with them even though they have contested each other in 12 Tests, 15 T20s, and an astounding 62 ODIs in the last decade. 

    Citing an example of Australia-England, who have been playing each other many times as compared to other nations, Sumathipala said'they should play more with India'.

    As per Hindustan Times, Sumathipala said at the inauguration of Sri Lanka’s new Brain Centre, for player development, “Australia is playing England in the Ashes many times. They play five Tests. So, we feel we should play more with India. They are the No 1 side. Except this tournament, all were bilateral series agreed by the FTP (Future Tours Programme). It sometimes happens that teams play each other frequently while some don’t play for 6-7 years due to FTP pressures.”

    Meanwhile, India and Sri Lanka have played six Tests, eight ODIs, and four T20s in the last nine months, and currently playing in the Nidahas Trophy T20 tri-series, also involving Bangladesh.

    Sumathipala also said that SLC’ main aim is to revive the Sri Lanka Premier League. He signed off by saying, “We want to launch this year and are looking at a window for the next few years. SLPL was stopped half-way through the last time and we want to make it commercially viable this time. The dates are August 18 to September 10, which will be followed by the Asia Cup.”

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