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  1. Turning_track

    Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Never knew Sadhguru was from Karnataka. Thought he was a Tamilian running Isha foundation from Coimbatore.
  2. Turning_track

    Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    T.Krishnamacharya, B.K.S Iyengar, Shakuntala Devi all made good name in their respective fields.
  3. Turning_track

    Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Shankar Nag, maker of Malgudi Days was a talented actor & director. His wife Arundhati Nag won awards for her role in Paa movie. His elder brother Anant Nag still works in the entertainment industry. I'm surprised no one mentioned Rajnikant. From a Maratha family, he was born & brought up in Bengaluru but went on to make a great name in TN.
  4. Turning_track

    Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Many famous names already mentioned in this thread. I would add Gurudutt, Raja Ramanna.
  5. Turning_track

    Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    He isn't a bong, he is a Tamilian residing in Bengaluru.
  6. Turning_track

    Your top 3 architectural monuments in India

    Not in any particular order 1. Elephanta caves 2. Konark temple 3. Agra fort (not been to many forts in the north) After going inside the Agra fort I realized what grandeur it had possessed centuries ago. The place where Mughals kept the peacock throne, the pillars & the walls studded with precious stones in the past, great many stories associated with it. Love the gopuram in the temples of South India, the way the structure has been designed. Shravanbelagola, Badami, Pattadkal, Meenakshi Amman temple are just fab.
  7. The accused must be harshly punished. A kid was raped & brutally killed, atleast some kind of decency is expected from all people who are part of judicial & govt machinery. Politics based on this incident is absolutely unnecessary. Punish the damn perpetrators & justice be served.
  8. Turning_track

    Fast Politics

    This joker Rahul Gandhi being a Congress leader doesn't know an N of NCC, cant even the spell the name of Vishveshwarya properly while campaining for his own party in Karnataka.
  9. Turning_track

    The New Hanuman Poster and militant hindutva

    Yes. It is. Because the big wigs with deep pockets can change the cinematic landscape of our country. But still they are hesitant & feeding the audience the Khans romancing some 20 year olds. The films demanding its viewers to leave their brains at home before coming to watch a movie & truly 'ENJOY' is unjust. Positive change has been coming but the initiative has been taken by the small players. Because it is cool for them. The protagonist looks much perfect while confessing in a church in or wailing in a dargah in front of a Peer as compared to discussing his issues with an old superstitious Pandit. This has been subtle & done deliberately in the last 2 decades. No they are not getting any money or being funded by the church. But the B-town gang(especially the young ones) has been immensely influenced by those who routinely ridicule bash Hindus, their customs etc. & this is proved by the company they keep. The issue is not about showing of Hindu festivities 90% of the time, it is about the characters being presented. Anybody who speaks chaste hindi is a clown or a funnyman & wears ethnic attire of that area is being shown as Dehati. The Bollywood stars tweet about Bakrid & the importance of sacrifice, but not a single word on millions of animals being butchered. But they want to give lectures on pollution during Holi, Diwali etc. Regarding criticism of Hinduism, please do it as lot of ills & problems still persist. But if they point out the hypocrisy of only Hindus & leave aside a population of more than 200+ million muslims then it is clearly bias. Isnt it? The triple talaq & UCC debate had the nickers of all so called intellectuals of B-town in a twist. All I am asking of is parity in terms of criticism & respect of own culture, which I'm afraid is too much to ask to from the so called intellectuals. May be being a Pakistani you might not understand or get the gist of things happening here, but many might relate to the facts which I've mentioned above. Also, there also could be many who might find it ott. But it is my own humble opinion. Also,this Hanuman poster in cars is a non issue. Media is short of stories, so they create unnecessary headlines anyway. 4th pillar of democracy is a joke.
  10. Turning_track

    The New Hanuman Poster and militant hindutva

    Bollywood hasn't shown about Noah, Moses or Jesus because they didn't belong to this part of the world & Bollywood thinks about money above anything else, so from financial POV it is not feasible. Sikhs are misinterpreted, lampooned & ridiculed in Hindi cinema since decades, so its a travesty to expect a movie on great Sikh Gurus. More than films, tv serials have depicted the classics of Mahabharata & Ramayana. Tbh they made a mess of these epic tales in Hindi cinema. The South Indian industry & their superstars made a good name by portraying the characters of these ancient epics. May be you might have seen main characters having tilak on their forehead, touching feet of elders & going to temple on religious festivals & celebrating them. But let me tell you many of the top directors of Hindi cinema are bigoted & unaware of the ground realities, devoid of intellectual ability. Still they are entertained by news hungry media which instead of asking them the right questions ask crap like their honeymoon destination, relationship with their partners etc. & feed it to the audience. Also let me add, there is an annual gathering of these people belonging from different fields such as films, literature, politics, media etc at Jaipur Literature Fest & Jashn-e-Rekhta where they spout their venom against Hindus openly & still manage to easily evade any type of scrutiny.
  11. Turning_track

    Friday Twitter Fight

    Exactly @Gollum & leave aside the foreign media, even the deluded ones in India are crying hoarse as if India is the next Nazi Germany. The ineptness in even the comparison is pathetic to say the least.
  12. Turning_track

    The New Hanuman Poster and militant hindutva

    https://medium.com/@AmritHallan/bollywoods-passive-aggressive-attitude-towards-hinduism-c6c883a0ed Read this article about how Bollywood libtards & the media lampoons our very own culture. If by any means this question would be asked to the Johar's, Chopra's & Bhansali's of Bollywood they'd categorically deny it.
  13. Turning_track

    At the peak of his career, Unadkat eyes Test recall

    As they say, 'Ignorance is bliss'.
  14. Turning_track

    Bharat Bandh

    A sub inspector lost his life in Rajasthan as protesters hacked him to death just for doing his duty. Yesterday Jignesh Mewani told he would do gherao of Kutch district highway on 14th April along with thousands of protesting Dalits & has asked for support from youth leader Alpesh Thakor by joining him. Such political nincompoops these are.
  15. Skin whitening treatment. From the time of Hema Malini, Rekha to Deepika many dusky actresses go for it.

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