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  1. If Angelo Matthews bowled here, he definitely would've chipped in with a few wickets. Chandimal was missing him, that's why he gave chance to Karunaratne hoping to getting a wicket or two. But what a decline Angelo had in the last few years in his game, might be due to recurring injuries.
  2. Wth Saha !! almost gave his wicket to Karunaratne.
  3. Ashwin gone. There was no need to play the shot in the air at this stage when you're 4 down.
  4. Little apprehensive here, but if Lakmal, Shanaka are doing so much damage exploiting the conditions. How will our top order perform as a unit against Steyn, Morkel, Philander, Rabada if put to bat first?
  5. Did not follow the test series against NZ last year. Also I did not know that the surface was relaid. Checked the scores of that match, it was a low scoring match.
  6. Lakmal is bowling in a good rhythm. Ball is being carried to the wicketkeeper as if it is Capetown.
  7. I agree with your post. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." If the pitch has been prepared for India's upcoming tour of SA, then I don't think its a good idea. Already there has been rain since the last few days & with covers on, the pacers will definitely make use of the moisture in the pitch. The grass & the overcast conditions is definitely helping them. Never seen such a green track in Kolkata for an international game.
  8. This is the video which you are talking about:
  9. Delhi smog

    http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2017/oct/08/stubble-burning-in-punjab-haryana-few-options-for-farmers-1668620.amp Though the Punjab govt has already banned burning any crop residue a few years back, their CM now says he can't force the farmers not to burn the stubble. All the 3 CMs who belong to different parties will blame each other & nothing will change in the capital. Centre unresponsive. Idiots all of them.
  10. Living in the shadow of limelight

    I was in office at that time,kept aside the work and when he was making his speech tears were rolling down my cheek. The other instance I cried is when we won the world cup in 2011. Moment of disbelief as a fan. The sort of attachment an average Indian fan felt in his heart for Sachin will be unparalleled.
  11. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    Looks great. It will be nice to see this stadium host a few games during the next IPL. In Raipur (Chhattisgarh) too, they have a good stadium. Couple of IPL and Champions League t20 games have been played there. Hope they get an international t20 or ODI game to host soon. The crowd in smaller cities and towns have always given a great reception to the teams.
  12. Look at your career before commenting on Dhoni: Shastri

    Yes I remember that, his partnership with Sreesanth for the last wicket. Then rain came and we survived. But still the point remains that Dhoni did not do anything spectacular in overseas tests. When Dhoni had a great 2005 and scored a century against Pak in Faisalabad handling Shoaib's pace with no discomfort. I thought he will score some great centuries coming in lower middle order in overseas tests. His highest score outside the subcontinent has been 91 if I'm not wrong. 3 tours of England, Aus, SA and 2 of NZ in his entire test career. That is awfully poor, considering he has been so dominating in the subcontinent. I expected Dhoni to atleast improve. There is a reason why former test greats from India did not rate him highly and I thought they were being cynical. But they were always right
  13. Look at your career before commenting on Dhoni: Shastri

    Atleast Agarkar demolished an ATG batting order in Adelaide helping India win a test in Aus after 22 years. The maximum Dhoni has done to win in an overseas test is to order Ishant to hurl bouncers at Poms on a 5th day pitch at Lords. And Mr. Ravi Shastri
  14. We believe a lot in ourselves as a team: Virat Kohli

    Virat and his team have done really well since he took over as test skipper. All the test series have been won. We have only lost 2 matches since then, one against SL and against Aus. Tougher tests are ahead, hope Virat, Vijay, Rahul, Rahane, Pujara, Bhuvi, Umesh, Shami,Ashwin would have learned some valuable lessons from their previous tours of Eng, Aus, SA and perform well as a unit in the upcoming tours. I honestly don't see SL winning a test against India in this series, unless our team takes the Lankans lightly and drop their guard.
  15. A tinge of humbleness and humility, is that too much to ask from ex cricketers of Pakistan? I have seen so many of them speaking highly for themselves. Even someone like Basit Ali speaks as if he's second coming of Sir Viv.

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