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  1. My bet will be on Australia to win this series. Even though Aussie batting looks weak on paper, they'd be able to handle the SA attack. Also, Aussie pace trio won't be giving them easy runs like ours did. Nonetheless it would be a very interesting series for cricket lovers. Always want Aus Vs Sa test series to more than 3 tests, exciting test cricket to witness.
  2. Jio vs Airtel Quarter Perofrmance !!!

    Telcos like Airtel looted customers to no end. Pathetic customer care not getting the gist of problem of the customer further added to the woes. Glad that people like Sunil Bharti Mittal was brought to senses by Jio juggernaut & they were forced to give data pack for almost 3 months for as low as Rs.244 at one point of time.
  3. Indian State Elections 2018

    In the Lok Sabha elections CG has been the most bankable state for BJP, winning 10 seats out of 11 in the 3 L.S. polls. But in assembly elections, the margin between BJP & Congress seems to be decreasing; which was the case in 2008 & 2013 elections. Also former C.M. Jogi has left Congress along with his son, so they'll be cutting votes definitely. That too the traditional votes of Congress like SC/ST's, tribals in rural areas. Still lot of time is left for assembly elections, anything can happen. Congress suffered last time as whole leadership of state Congress was wiped by Naxalites last time around.
  4. That someone might be Bhajji. He's been close to both & currently doing show with Vikrant.
  5. kohli lega 25 saal ka badla

    2006? Fate of the series was undecided till final day of the 3rd test.
  6. Bring on the ODIs

    Bro just imagine Jadhav bowling to Miller, De Kock or ABD.
  7. May be we were watching a diff game.Sa commies were going after Faf as Philander and rabada were bowling outside off stump until ngidi came and started attacking the stumps. Until the 8th over. Philander wasn't accurate but still they gave only one boundary in first 8 overs & only 2 till the 14th. The conditions were helpful for them but it was a fine display.
  8. Also full marks to Saffer pacers, it was attack attack attack from Faf. Not allowing our batsmen any breathing space. Their lengths were immaculate. This is the kind of length I'd want our pacers to target without bowling filth at 7th-8th stump line or at the pads. Let the odd one keep low or bounce viciously at batsman's body, you'll definitely be rewarded.
  9. During our previous overseas cycle, everyone used to mock Indian bowlers on their inability to take 20 wickets, call them names & what not. Now we've got a competitive bowling lineup which took 40 wickets in these 2 tests. At least bowlers kept fighting & gave us a chance. Despite a dozen catches being dropped, they tried their best. But this time around our batsman have massively underperformed. The top order can't escape this responsibility. What's the use of calling it a world class batting lineup if the batsmen cannot stand tall when odds are at stake.
  10. All our fears are getting true. Kohli and Pujara - our last options.
  11. It hit middle of the bat, not even edge of the bat. Kindly listen to the commentary where even the commentators weren't pleased. Stop being so overprotective of the players. Kohli often takes reviews recklessly based on bowlers excitement & we lose a review.
  12. Target that we can chase ?

    225. Saffers are already close to it & will add plenty more.
  13. Such an awful review from Kohli. It wasn't even close. Didn't even discuss it with other players properly. Went with this own gut. He needs a lesson when to take a review or when not to.

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