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  1. Who knows!! Pakistan is a very mercurial team, they might lose match after match in a tourney then suddenly they rise from the ashes to defeat the favorites. Their fielders suddenly grab difficult catches, bowlers hitting fine lengths & inconsistent batters scoring confidently. I just hope Kohli doesnt make the same mistakes against them in 2019 WC, last time in the final we did not even look like a professional & a disciplined team during the match.
  2. Turning_track

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Indian cricket team reminds me of the Dutch team. We have become the nearly men like the Dutch in past few years & falter in the semis/finals. Lot of inflated egos too just like Van Persie, Sneijder & Robben.
  3. Turning_track

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Both goals from Mbappe & Pogba were awesome, out of the penalty box with sheer force. Subasic couldn't do anything. That penalty awarded to France changed the whole momentum. Even though Croatia had possession, French made use of their chances. Its crazy to think what devastation this French team could cause if they are in full throttle & play with their full potential. Croatia must be really proud, 3 tough KO games & didn't lose a single game in their amazing run, lost only to one of the tournament favorites & went down fighting.
  4. Turning_track

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  5. Turning_track

    Mudgal Report should be made public

    Idiots on payroll who don't even have the balls to question. At least guys like Nasser don't hesitate to question the approach.
  6. He came to the crease in 27th over after the departure of Kohli. We lost only 4 wickets at that time.
  7. As a fan I want to see my team fight, even if they're reeling behind at least they must give a try. The act of shutting shop when a large part of 2nd innings was left shows how our team fares when they're pushed to the wall. Biased selections & the everlasting deadwood in the team weren't enough headaches for us after all.
  8. Turning_track

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    Pathetic to watch seniors play in such a manner. No urgency, zero intent displayed & we hope this team can win the WC in 2019. Was there even a bit of planning after Kohli departed?? The ever increasing RR was treated insignificantly.
  9. Was that Damian Lewis applauding Root's half century? Yesterday he was watching Wimbledon SF at this time...
  10. Need to take wickets asap, Root and Morgan well on their way to consolidate. England on track to build a huge total..
  11. Found this pic of Siraj Raisini with our tricolor beneath his feet, dont know whether to offer my sympathies or use choicest of expletives for this man. His pics of being a staunch India hater were circulating all over the social media. My sincere condolences to the innocent civilians and bystanders who lost their life in this attack.
  12. Bhajji, people in the media like Vikrant Gupta & his TV Today group smoke some high quality weed while pushing their own agenda unnecessarily. Rohit did zilch in SA test tour. I remember that sports editor prophesying before SA tour that Rohit is perfectly capable of producing a knock like Azhar's 115 in Capetown, 1997. Rohit showed him his own form after a few weeks. With Kohli it is difficult to predict what kinda team he's gonna pick, another good knock by Rohit & who knows we'd be watching him in whites in Birmingham test.
  13. Turning_track

    What happened to tennis

  14. Turning_track

    Kohli 39 of 50

    Kohli's stats are good but his captaincy will be judged by how he captains in KO's of CT or a WC. He totally lost it against Padosis in CT final which was his biggest test in his ODI captaincy career. Indian cricket isn't in early 2000s where reaching a tourney final or getting a test win in overseas is satisfying, all of us deserve much more than that with this talented bunch which can grow leaps & bounds if channeled properly.

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