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  1. Turning_track

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Rajasthan Royals did win in 2008 after being top at the table.
  2. Turning_track

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Germany is the team I'd support. Other teams who are also favorites- France, Brazil, Belgium, Spain.
  3. Turning_track

    Bengal poll officials body found on tracks

    My friend is from Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur. Visited UD a few times & its surely a gone case. If anybody wants to know how a place becomes after infiltration from Bangladeshis, then it is a living proof. Priyaranjan Dasmunshi was from this constituency & after he got bed ridden, his wife Deepa Dasmunshi tried to take his place. Also Mamta & Deepa had bad blood between them from the past, so Jehadidi makes sure to exact evenge at every chance. Mamata & her goons can't do this in Darjeeling, Kalimpong etc. & get away, atleast the Gorkhas will show these murderous thugs their real place.
  4. Turning_track

    22 years old tourist killed in Kashmir by stone pelters

    @Gollum What about Yechury & Prakash Karat? Both are having South Indian roots, are they atheists as well? They dont see eye to eye even though they belong to JNU & have decades of rivalry being in the same party.
  5. Turning_track

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Superb delivery from the youngster, no doubt about that. Curran caused problems to Root as well & helped his side win by taking a 10fer. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed on Pujara, hope he comes back to form soon.
  6. Turning_track

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Looks like even Ishant will outscore Pujara in his county stint. Sam Curran got the wicket of Pujara, Tom Curran's younger brother. He's just 19 & took the wicket of Root also.
  7. Unfortunately the formats in which he could be tried are the ones which Dhoni plays. Also considering the fact that Rayudu, DK, Jadhav, Manish Pandey all are there in shorter formats as middle order batsmen & DK as 2nd choice keeper after Dhoni, I don't see his chance at least till WC19. In tests, Saha is doing the job wonderfully with the gloves. His batting needs to step up overseas though. Atm making Pant face the red cherry would be a blunder imo. Let him first find a spot in ODIs first, his time will also come if he performs well, let the process not be hastened.
  8. Turning_track

    22 years old tourist killed in Kashmir by stone pelters

    +1. Also abrogation of article 370, settlement of Indians from all over the country in the valley & allowing businessmen to buy & sell property-land in Kashmir.
  9. Turning_track

    22 years old tourist killed in Kashmir by stone pelters

    Look how the ordinary people assist their so called freedom fighters. Its like massacre the original inhabitants of the land, drive them away & when the push comes to shove "we are so innocents".
  10. Turning_track

    WTH COA !!

    Poking its nose in matters unrelated has been done routinely by COA. Btw Sanga declined to speak citing his commentary assignments. https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/sport/cricket/sanga-says-no-to-pataudi-lecture-bcci-still-divided/articleshow/64141236.cms
  11. Lol you started wrist slitting way too early. Amir & Abbas were all over the Irish batters. Good declaration by Sarfaraz.
  12. Turning_track

    Your opinion on Salwa Judum?

    Its a very complicated issue, in 2005-06 then it seemed right because it was need of the hour. During the time it started, villagers of more than 200 villagers came together upset with Maoist call on collection of Tendu leaves & opposition to development work. After initial weapons training & appointment of SPOs by CG govt, it got success but also lead to the displacement of thousands of people. The naxalites then eliminated lots of them one by one just bcoz they joined Judum & spread more terror in the surrounding areas by making an example. The govt backtracked after it became such an issue, those people who fought then paid with their lives. Those who picked up the gun & are now living under false aliases somewhere else, won't even trust the govt again. The state govt should have been more relentless in their approach & helped the foot soldier who was fighting at the front by providing him more resources. Once the case went to the SC, the writing was on the wall. The court gave deemed it as illegal & ask the govt. to recover all firearms from Salwa Judum members. SC just gave a long lecture on morality, constitutional measures & all that stuff. But didn't say anything about the solution of this conflict. There were talks about deployment of army in that zone during UPA. But thinking about civilian population in that area the idea was dropped. Karma was a brave man whom tribals trusted. His family and many others have been on the hitlist of Naxalites since many decades because they genuinely tried to help.
  13. Turning_track

    Your opinion on Salwa Judum?

    The locals understood the terrain well but the CG govt stopped helping them after SC's order & how could the villagers fight the AK-47 wielding Maoists with bow & arrow. Young, well trained CoBRA commandos of CRPF have eliminated lot of top rated Naxalites & forced many of them to surrender. In desperation Maoists have resorted to killing innocent civilians & contractors who are responsible for road projects. A few days back a contractor from Hyderabad was murdered. What was his fault? He was merely doing the work for which he'd have been paid by the govt later. I absolutely detest Binayak Sen & his wife who in the media pass off as benevolent people helping the tribals, but in reality Sen is just a Maoist postman. Dont know about the status of his ongoing trial in Bilaspur high court. Also JNU, DU are hubs of indoctrination for this movement. Last year a DU professor was awarded life sentence too for these activities. Warangal polytechnic at one point of time was infamous due to its graduates joining the fight against Indian establishment.
  14. Remember Amarnath Shrine protests of 2008, Kashmiris weren't even willing to give 100 acres of land for Amarnath pilgrims & associated this issue with demographic change. This lead to massive protests & killings too. That was a trivial issue given a political color, imagine if GOI deliberately tries to alter population in Kashmir something like China did with adding Hans in Tibet. Then there is a significant possibility of violent clash. Political correctedness has eventually lead our country to nowhere. Even the most right wing politicians in India can't come forward & say openly "We are the victims of Islamic terrorism" considering further backlash all over.
  15. Even if these things are granted, do you really think that it'd make a massive change? Its like making a goodwill gesture just to satisfy their needs, so they'd reciprocate with positive vibes. Similar initiatives to benefit locals in the past have failed to earn us their trust.
  16. The Maharaja of Kashmir signed the pact to join with India when Pak sent invaders to forcefully occupy it. The invaders looted,raped, killed their very own Kashmiri Muslims then only Indian forces had to intervene & save the valley. Its surprising that the first city which they burnt was Muzzafarabad itself, the current PoK capital. Even according to UN resolution on Kashmir, firstly Pak needs to vacate those areas which it has occupied & then India with a minimum standing force will go ahead to conduct a plebiscite. The Pakistanis would never agree to vacate it & hence India isn't under any obligation to conduct plebiscite. If Indian govt had been like Russia or China the current situation could've been completely different. Kashmiri Pandits wouldnt had been displaced from their own land. If Kashmiris' heart is so pure, then why they'd let their minority Hindu brothers leave the valley? And who occupied their homes, got hold of their business; go figure. The cry of war against infidels came from local mosques only. How much tax do these Kashmiri pau btw? They've got handloom shops all over the country,never ever seen them worry about something called ITR. They've got a separate constitution, separate flag, can setup a business in any part of our country. They've got more frigging rights than us but still moaning about Indian occupation. All nearest kin of the separatists live a comfy life & those who die in stone pelting are brain washed youngsters. Its not the 90s where army was at the helm of things & many atrocities from our side got unreported. CRPF is in charge of maintaining order & they're not a killing force like the army. Even the counter terrorist ops against the terrorists are led by Rashtriya Rifles. So please dont believe the narrative that 8 lakh fauj is out there to curb the freedom movement. What the Indian govt want from Kashmiris is not to aid the terrorist groups, smuggle weapons, pass crucial intel to the enemy or join the so called Intefada as our neighbours often quote. It has been drilled in their minds that getting freedom from Indian occupation would make all their problems disappear & sadly its an utopian dream.
  17. I won't call them FTBs. Their batters suddenly turn into beasts & they are accustomed a bit with playing the pink ball in the evening. For such an important series, I wouldn't want our team to face them suddenly in Adelaide/Brisbane under lights that too when we've got a chance to win the series in the absence of the Smith & Warner.
  18. No disrespect to our Indian bowlers, I'm not doubting their ability at all. But considering the fact that questions were raised on reverse swing happening on a few times during Ashes when conditions were not conducive to it suggests something else. I still don't trust Cummins, Hazelwood, Starc, Lyon & co.
  19. Our spinners won't get that much turn in the evening as they'd get with the sun shining. Also evenings would be much cooler & moisture will come into play helping pacers with side ways movement. Aussies have played all their D/N tests in Adelaide & Brisbane till date & won all of them. Surely, the condition suits them. May be thats the reason BCCI isn't taking any chances. I'd love to watch our boys in a D/N test giving it a try but if it means compromising Indian chances of winning first test series victory in Australia, then it is fair to decline the proposal.
  20. I can't get this song out of my head now. Lol
  21. Turning_track

    Bangladesh over taking Pakistan’s GDP per capita

    Once termed as a basket case by Henry Kissinger, Bangladesh surely has come a long way. GDP growth rate over the last decade is impressive too . Their textile industry fetch them billions of dollars & having homogeneity in culture, language all over the country has helped them.
  22. Dada tries to play safe on TV unlike his playing days. In 2013-14, he was asking for the inclusion of Pujara in ODI squad for 2015 WC bcoz of his technique.
  23. One third of India's problem will be over if Rohit isn't selected for test series against England. He brings no value as a test batsman & disrupts the balance of the side. Would be really glad if he isn't selected for the England test tour at all. Let the guy focus on shorter formats.
  24. I'm sick of this "education will bring a change" attitude . Osama was an engineer, Al-Jawahiri a surgeon & Omar Saeed Sheikh attended London School of Economics. All from well to do families, but still turned to be cold blooded murderers believing Muslims have long been wronged by the Kaafirs. Honestly I dont know when this cycle will stop. They keep cropping up, our forces regularly send them to their 72 hoors & it keeps on going but the incidents have been much less as compared to few years back.
  25. Turning_track

    22 years old tourist killed in Kashmir by stone pelters

    Sad incident. But the myth which was propagated all over that Kashmiris are great hosts & would never ever harm a tourist has been busted. Previously there has been regular targetting of non-Kashmiri vehicles carrying families & severe damage done to the bikes/motorcycles of solo riders who wanted to visit areas as Ladakh. All these cases were off the radar because it was material losses but this incident shows how much hatred is built up inside them. Yesterday I read on twitter somewhere demanding that stone pelters should be openly declared as terrorists with less training & I concur with this demand. A four or five year kid who is lost or injured in the protest against security forces is no coincidence everytime. Its just PR by Jihadi machinery at work.

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