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  1. Please include Sandeep Sharma, Karn Sharma, Rahul Sharma and Pravinder Awana, Sourabh Tiwari, Abhimanyu Mithun as well. Some really terrible additions to the playing eleven.
  2. 2nd Test IND v SL | Nagpur

    Great catch by Pujara at first slip.
  3. The person who can't rise above his caste and the place of Saifai/Itawa talks about national unity. And this man was the country's defence minister at one point.
  4. Shashank Manohar has single handedly tried to destroy India's influence at the ICC and Shashank was hell bent on undermining India's interests from the beginning. The ball is in govt's court, let's see what they do further.
  5. Tarantino gives credit at least from where he was inspired & openly expresses it in his interviews. Humare yaha ke directors ko credit dene bhi problem hoti hai. Even the journalists who interview them for an hour blabbering about crap, don't ask this on their face. Except Vishal Bharadwaj & Gulzar I can't remember others who have been doing it. Bahubali has been a delight from our side, well made by Rajamouli & his team which took about 5 years of his life. Makkhi, Robot are the others whose visual aspect has been great. For me Bajirao Mastani isn't as it doesn't show fighting sequences for longer durations. But I respect your opinion.
  6. You've made a good point. They (most of them) don't even try to find anything beyond pyar masala types.But I want these desi filmmakers to give proper credit to original makers from whom they've creatively inspired/ copied or whatever. This is a standard procedure among the Bollywood filmmakers which is intellectual dishonesty & further allows the paid media to compare these people to legendary directors and what not.
  7. What I meant in my previous post was Bajirao need not to be remembered via Mastani. She was a part of his life, agreed. But the greatest disservice SLB has done to him is string him completely with Mastani. This is distorting, not taking creative liberties. What is the story of Achilles if the filmmaker is overly possessed in the desire to show him with Patroclus or Briesis? Yes he showed lot of his creativity while copying & not even crediting Dostoevsky or the other filmmakers. http://awni-naisha.blogspot.in/2014/10/5-times-sanjay-leela-bhansali-got.html Mainstream commercial cinema can be entertaining & knowledgeable also. Gaali dene layak kaam karega to gaali khaega bhi. If you are so much into SLB's aesthetic sense of movie making, then please continue watching it than telling me to watch documentaries. @Ankit_sharma03
  8. Most of them didn't knew about him, except the Maharashtrians. Yes, it's a great way of depicting historical figures. But the film didn't do any justice to him at all. Distorting facts has been done routinely by the filmmakers while making period films.
  9. Presenting one of the most finest generals in India as some drunken Devdas and plagiarising famous novels, movies to make it as Bollywood masala flick. No wonder in India only, he's called as the finest filmmakers of his time.
  10. Bhansali is a moron & Deepika always tries to fan some controversy before release of her movie. Typical Bollywood, her 'Not my choice' video was a show off. Our country has a lot of women who are true examples of women empowerment and feminism. But I do support the artists ability to express themselves in a proper manner. These extremist d******ds from BJP and other right wing groups bring a lot of negativity and bad name to India and its citizens. Arrest him and others who issue fatwas and punish all of these idiots. India cannot be held hostage by religious THEKEDARS and their few thousand supporters. All political parties use these nut jobs to their advantage. So ordinary people and those who want to bring reform in our society will always be at risk.
  11. 50 test wickets for Bhuvneswar Kumar

    Well done Bhuvi. I hope he continues bowling with immaculate control and in probing lengths. He'd definitely be rewarded in overseas matches.
  12. Man of the match for first test

    Bhuvaneswar Kumar imo.
  13. These Sri Lankans are so damn lucky. Almost lost 2 days, even if today's quota of overs been completed India would have been 1-0 up. Wish the declaration could have been few overs earlier. Good job overall on the last day.
  14. Bhuvi has been top class in this test match..
  15. No. It's missing the stumps.
  16. Shami.... Wowwww. Bowled at 144 km
  17. Russel Arnold is such an a*****e.
  18. Want to punch this Dickwella. Wasting unnecessary time adjusting his helmet n all.
  19. 18th test century for Kohli. 1st at Eden Gardens. 11th as captain. 50th international century overall. You go champ
  20. 4 again. Now complete the century and declare please.
  21. Yes, I also thought the same. The umpire missed it.
  22. Shami takes single off the last ball. Kohli please hit 6,6,4 asap and declare.

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