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  1. Siraj proved his form in the past, performed well against England Lions when Indian team was touring England. Also, he took 8fer against Aus A in September, I really don't know why he has been neglected by the selectors so far. Saini could also be a valuable addition.
  2. Turning_track

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Overall, he didn't give a lot of runs despite being out of rhythm. But bowling 120s during the first hour or so is poor.
  3. Turning_track

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    How come he makes selection blunders during crucial times & gets away with it? There has to be a limit of the idiocy. A spinner will definitely play a role as the match progresses. We need to score big when our batting arrives because we'd be facing Lyon in 4th innings
  4. Turning_track

    Secularism in India

    No, rotten apples are present in right wingers as well who give provocative statements & fan the fire. Imo those nutjobs have rightly been criticized in this forum. Where's the ban on buffalo meat? Yes, in UP last year tensions were high during March-April & people associated with this industry suffered because of CM Yogi's crackdown on illegal/unlicensed slaughterhouses & meat shops, thanks to cow-vigilantes as well. But things are back to normal since then. I dont give two hoots about the biggest exporters being from BJP or INC, I'm not a BJP supporter just a voter who picks the best among the worst. The men who were accused in #metoo movement were associated with all walks of life, who were known to the general public. I don't know how you equated the above topic with something where our self obsessed messiahs in the Indian media change their narrative at the drop of a hat. Our institutions have been filled with so called intellectuals inspired by Nehruvian era who love to name & shame others. Also Indians love to self loathe, so their business will never cease to operate in prime time & social circles. We need secularists like B C Roy or a commie like H S Surjit, but alas.
  5. Turning_track

    Secularism in India

    I could relate because I too followed these clowns when I joined twitter. Raghav Bahl, Pritish Nandy, Sardesai reaching at the top itself tells us the whole story. When the Editors guild is being headed by Shekhar Gupta & it takes 5 years to expel a sexual assaulter like Tarun Tejpal, then God help us from those who everyday preach us lessons of liberalism, secularism & what not.
  6. Turning_track

    Secularism in India

    And these are our so called mainstream journalists. Question them in simple words on social media about their hypocrisy & get blocked.
  7. NOTA played a huge role in MP & CG, especially in MP where the margin is so so less. At least Shivraj took them to a respectable total,whereas in exit polls the weren't even showing them any close. Meanwhile in CG, in few larger towns & cities there are localities of general/upper caste/business class who have voted in unison for INC this time. Mind you, this has been the traditional votebank of BJP & even though they tried to fight the incumbency it backfired & mentally even the core group of BJP knew that the past successes from tribal belt would be difficult to reciprocate this time. http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2018/dec/07/two-men-held-for-possessing-laptops-in-strongroom-with-evms-in-chhattisgarh-1908481.html Congressmen were protesting about this issue a week back & now they've completely forgotten about it.
  8. Turning_track

    U turn renamed after Chandra Babu Naidu

    @Global.BabaHow is KCR's son KTR? Is he any good? Watched him a few times, seems different than the young netas which are in our country right now.
  9. Turning_track

    Secularism in India

  10. Why is it so difficult for Pakistanis to boot out the chuckers from their domestic & list A cricketing structure? At least these issues won't come up again & again in international cricket.
  11. Gone mad or what. I wish VK conducts himself in a much dignified manner in public.
  12. Turning_track

    Defence News and Updates

    Yes, today it is a very significant day as INS Arihant returned from its first deterrence patrol & completed India's nuclear triad.
  13. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/sourav-ganguly-fires-missive-indian-cricket-is-in-danger-i-fear-for-it/articleshow/66439476.cms https://www.timesnownews.com/sports/cricket/article/indian-cricket-is-in-danger-sourav-ganguly-slams-bcci-over-alleged-sexual-harassment-case-mismanagement/306887 Just days after several state associations wrote a mail to top officials of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) over the way the case of alleged sexual harassment against its CEO Rahul Johri was being handled, former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly also expressed his concern over the functioning of the Indian board. Ganguly, who remains to be one of the finest skippers to have played the game, wrote a hard-hitting letter to BCCI’s top brass, expressing concern over the way BCCI had let its fan down. Highlighting mismanagement between BCCI and Committee of Administrators (CoA), Ganguly opined that the lack of clarity had raised several question marks. In an email to BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary and BCCI’s acting president CK Khanna, Ganguly raised several issues related to the current functioning of the board. Ganguly, who played 113 Tests and 311 One-Day Internationals for India, said that despite having retired from the game, Indian cricket's image in front of the world remains to be of utmost importance to him. "I write this mail to you all with the deep sense of fear as to where indian cricket administration is going..Having played the game for a long period of time, were Our lives were ruled by winning and losing, and the image of indian cricket was of paramount importance to us. We wake up looking at how our cricket is faring even now," Ganguly wrote. Ganguly added that the current state of affairs had let down the millions of cricket fans who love the game so much. "But with deep sense of worry, (I used the word worry )I beg to state that the way things have gone in the last couple of years, the authority of indian cricket to the world and the love and belief of millions of fans is on the way down," Ganguly added. Ganguly further opined that the harassment charges against Johri had portrayed the board in a very poor taste and the current decision-making had also created plenty of confusion. "I don’t know how far it’s true ,but the recent reports of harassment has really made the bcci look very poorly ..more so the way it has been handled .. The committee of COA from four has come down to two and now the two seems to be divided .. Cricketing rules are changed in the middle of a season ,which has never been heard off ..decisions made in committees are turned around with complete disrespect ,my experience in the matter of coach selection was appalling (the less said the better )..One of my friends who is involved in matters relating to functioning of board asked me who should they go to..I had no answer ..I had to ask who should I invite for an international game from a particular association as I did not know what was going on," Ganguly wrote. Expressing huge concern, Ganguly warned the officials by saying that Indian cricket was in danger and he is hopeful that somebody was listening to him. "Indian cricket with its massive following has been built over the years of hard work from superb administrators and greatest of cricketers who have managed to bring thousands of fans to the ground..I at the present moment, think it’s in danger .. Hope people are listening," Ganguly signed off.
  14. The COA members have left one by one as if they're abandoning a sinking ship. It is a joke tbh, Guha being in the COA did jack except writing that letter criticizing BCCI & other parties.
  15. Those full tosses galore by Umesh was so painful to watch, Shami bowled very well in the penultimate over considering the dew. WI unlucky not to win after that partnership from Hope-Heytmar, we pulled them back but Umesh bowled poorly in the last over. Rayudu just needed to keep the ball inside the boundary & he botched it as well . 2nd tied match for India in 2 months.
  16. Dhoni departs. Slower ball from debutant McCoy does the trick.
  17. Turning_track

    10k runs for Kohli !!!

    Look at the conversion from 9K to 10K runs , only 11 innings. That is Bradmanesque.
  18. 13th batsman to reach 10K runs, 5th Indian after Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid & Dhoni to reach this milestone. Took only 205 innings. Well done.
  19. Rayudu gone, there wasn't any need for that hoick at this time.
  20. Deep Dasgupta talking about Kohli's expertise in taking singles & rotating strike & pat comes the reply from Manju, "During the 80s Miandad used to .....". Someone should gag this man forever.
  21. He was the link between his Essex teammate Westfied & the fixer Anu Bhatt. Westfield eventually received 6000 euros to underperform in domestic one day international match against Durham. Westfield spent time in jail too & Kaneria was released at the time due to lack of evidence. Kaneria lured his teammate by introducing him to Bhatt & also arranged tickets for the fixers of that match at Chester le Street.
  22. It was a trending topic on Twitter that whichever person was giving illogical statements in the media have drank the p**s of RaGa. It seems Shastri has also received his share of prasad from RaGa. The kid has played only 3 innings, that too against WI which is weaker than a domestic side. It is stupid to make this call based on 2 tests.

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