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  1. 175/2, lead by 343 runs.
  2. I was speaking about the 1st wicket partnership, where they've crossed 50 thrice in 6 innings. But after the fall of 1st wicket, we've been unable to contain the damage thankfully this time it didn't happen.
  3. Bairstow gone off the field after withering with pain.
  4. Till now VK & Chepu haven't taken any risks, running has been sensible too.
  5. We got decent starts in first innings of 1st test & both innings in this test. It's only when our batters need to capitalise & score big, they have threw it away after getting settled.
  6. Turning_track

    Bengali dishes you must try before you die

    Bengali sweets are the best imo. The veg dishes which I've tried in my friends home were terrific too especially Shukto. Also Luchi with Payesh is something which I was given everytime there used to be a birthday celebration in a Bengali household.
  7. Turning_track

    Priests/Sadhus getting brutally murdered in Uttar Pradesh

    Extreme cruelty in display here. The docile will always be kept getting attacked & fail to openly admit the truth, thanks to the left leaning sickular media. Digressing a bit- if like me you have encountered lots of social media trolls from JNU, AMU, Bhim army, Kashmiri Jihadis who've got verified accounts & spread poison openly against something which slightly displeases them or shamelessly try to change the narrative, then it is no secret from where they are getting such validation. http://thehill.com/policy/technology/402495-twitter-ceo-jack-dorsey-i-fully-admit-our-bias-is-more-left-leaning
  8. Turning_track

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    Top performance by the youngster. Saved a definite 4 runs for his side.
  9. End of play-complete domination of 2nd & 3rd sessions by Indians.
  10. Turning_track

    Priests/Sadhus getting brutally murdered in Uttar Pradesh

    https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/wap.business-standard.com/article-amp/pti-stories/5-arrested-in-up-priests-killing-118081900589_1.html From the beginning it was suspected the cow smuggling mafia was involved & it was proven right.
  11. Highest 4th innings successful chase at this ground has been 284 by England against NZ in 2004. There is lot of time left in this match, anything below 380 would be criminal.
  12. That's what I absolutely hate about Dhawan. He'd be rotating nicely, well settled & then throw his wicket against the run of play. Stupidity on display, again.
  13. Thank you Cook for returning the favor
  14. Turning_track

    First 5-fer for Pandya

    Congrats to Pandya. Was being unfairly criticised for non-cricketing reasons. Swung beautifully today & fab performance in 6 overs which he bowled.
  15. Even the sensible Athers and Hussain are speaking filth on air after English innings
  16. Someone please gag Manjrekar, a quintessential panauti.
  17. He is salty since 1983.
  18. Being at 3rd man, he could have easily gone for that catch of Buttler. Seems he lost track of the ball.
  19. All catches are taken by them only. 5 by Pant & 3 by KL.
  20. Great bowling from Pandya. Rashid goes now. 5th catch for Pant.
  21. Good try from Rishabh, trying to save from that certain boundary. He is giving it all. Love that attitude in youngsters.
  22. Pant, you beauty. Grabbed the ball despite being at the wrong side
  23. Lol at English batsmen at the middle. He is given out. Stfu & return back to the pavilion. Do they really want us to become Harishchandra like the previous match?

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