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  1. Feeling so satisfied with Michael Holding crying

    Holding went with other top players of the world at that time to play World Series cricket organized by Kerry Packer. But he has got problems with IPL, Stanford Super series in the past & calls it a "farce". How could he blame players of today when he also took the easy way out to earn big bucks? He preaches morality when he himself kicked the stumps in NZ because of a wrong decision. Was it sportsmanship? Why doesn't Micheal enlighten us with his views on Kolpak when African nations had seen dozens of players migrating for County cricket?
  2. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Then this movie is definitely not for you.
  3. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    "Trapped" as the title of the movie suggests, is about a man who mistakenly locks himself up in a flat of secluded high rise apartment complex. This movie is not for everybody as few of my friends felt bored too after watching it. But I gave it a try just because of Motwane's & Rajkumar's earlier work.
  4. Surgical strikes documentary

    Fighters!! I've seen BBC addressing these Jihadis as 'gunmen' during terrorist incidents in India, so what to expect from a Qatar based news Corp which is a propaganda mouthpiece of their govt. Qatar was the only place where Taliban opened their office, apart from Pakistan. GOI had this good for nothing channel off air in 2015 for showing wrong maps of Kashmir. But only for 5 days. GOI should take a cue from Israel and other Middle Eastern countries who have banned this channel for supporting terrorism & religious radicalisation.
  5. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Saw Vikramaditya Motwane's "Trapped" starring Rajkumar Rao. Blown away by his performance. But felt that the movie was a tad lengthy. Also liked him in Shahid, Gangs of Wasseypur, Newton.
  6. In that match, Adil Rashid missed a simple catch of Morris which went high in the air & boy he did smash the Poms all over. It was no looking back from then on for South Africans. In 2003-04 as well, SA came back from 0-2 to win 3-2 against Pak in Pak. I have trust in Kohli, despite a few deadwood in the team, to seal the series in upcoming matches.
  7. Surgical strikes documentary

    @Gollum Heartbreaking to see these terrorists attack the close ones of our security forces in family quarters. How the hell did the Rohingyas reach in Jammu and other parts of Kashmir? Local populace in Jammu have warned the govt in the last few years about the involvement of Rohingyas in illegal activities as well as their links to terrorist groups. But it all fell in deaf ears. The Jihadis are not sitting across the border or LOC, but also in J & K local assembly. In front of camera, they all blabber about Kashmir being destroyed by Indo-Pak but inside closed doors we all know their true love for Ummah. I've lost count of Farooq Abdullah changing goalposts in last few decades. PDP-NC are 2 sides of the same coin. The Jihadi scum who idolize Hafeez Saeed, Masood Azharuddin etc. have already cleansed the valley, now they keep attacking Jammu as well. If Modi-Doval combo are unable to do significant damage to the terrorists & their leaders, then I seriously doubt about our leadership. Our jawans will get martyred & govt will simply do lip service of "Dushman ko kada jawab diya jayega".
  8. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    Everyone has a bad day. Forget it and move on. Hope our bowlers work on these no balls, they have haunted us in the past as well.
  9. Rohit missed out to cash in big today. Close boundaries too. I'm waiting since the beginning of this tour to watch him perform. But alas.
  10. Indeed they're lucky with rain, otherwise Kohli wouldn't have bowled so many overs to Bumrah and Bhuvi in the beginning. Less said about our batting in slog overs the better.
  11. Let's move on & focus towards next ODI in Port Elizabeth.
  12. Its not like our team hasn't misfielded or bowled no balls & missed catches in crucial times before. But considering the fact we haven't won a series in SA make the stakes much more higher. The arrival of ABD for these last 3 ODIs has indeed inspired their bunch. I don't doubt Indian team but it would have been better to close it down today itself.
  13. Now Kuldeep gives a 4. Kya ho gaya hai in sabko..
  14. Last 10 overs, we only scored 59 runs. That's really disappointing. We need someone to strike really hard in the slog overs. Dhoni, Pandya's effort is not enough.
  15. Zondo worst quota pick ever ?

    Yeah man, he was a really good striker of the ball.
  16. Zondo worst quota pick ever ?

    Yes, you're right. He too signed it. Van Zyl also went Kolpak?
  17. Zondo worst quota pick ever ?

    Ingram signed as a Kolpak player few years back. Merchant De Lange has been forgotten too. He was lucky to be picked in IPL because of a match winning performance at the time of the auctions. Hasn't played international cricket since 2016.
  18. Zondo worst quota pick ever ?

    Harmer, Stiaan Van Zyl, Dane Piedt, Temba Bavuma all came to India for test series in 2015. Harmer signed as a Kolpak player, Bavuma still isn't guaranteed in the playing eleven & Van Zyl, Piedt are not even in their plans for now.
  19. Damn Kohli. Take a bow.
  20. Mike Haysman still whining about that Kohli LBW which was reversed after referral. Fgs leave it man, just bcoz you didn't hear any nick from stump mic doesn't mean there wasn't any faint edge.
  21. Simply superb strike rotation and running between the wickets from Kohli. Not his fluent knock, but still able to score his 34th ODI ton. Kohli's batting in LOIs is at some other level in comparison to other top batters from around the world.
  22. Jadhav. What a stupid way to get out. All Kohli asks from his teammates is to stay with him and rotate strike. Except Dhawan, these guys haven't even done that much & perishing under the likes of Phelu, Morris. Shameful stuff really.
  23. India vs South Africa 1st ODI, February 1, 2018: Durban

    Fab innings from Kohli. Never looked in any sort of trouble. Rahane complemented him really well. The best part in this partnership was their running between the wickets and continuous rotation of strike.

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