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  1. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to beetle in Mahmudullah is unlucky   
    He should be captain instead of that crotchman. Shakib is so immature.
  2. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to G_B_ in Bangladeshi cricket team damages dressing room glass pane to celebrate their victory   
    get ready for more conspiracies during the final.
    I am an admin on ICF and even I endorse reading the BD cricket forum purely for the lolz. 
  3. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to Khota in Bangladeshi cricket team damages dressing room glass pane to celebrate their victory   
    Can you show us one picture where SL fans broke it.If not then you are lying.
  4. Haha
  5. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to NameGoesHere in Nidahas Trophy Final: India vs SL ?? WTH   
    It's the NidhaHISSSS  trophy now.
  6. Great Post
    Turning_track reacted to FischerTal in Batsmen for whom you will pay to watch their batting   
    good list by everyone but people are forgetting the late martin crowe and the great aussie batsman damien martin. two absolute delights to watch
    edit: some people mentioned Martyn.. apologies
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    Turning_track got a reaction from maniac in TDP quits NDA   
    I support the claim of AP & its people for special status & their demand of more funds so that it can be used for benefit of local population. But I don't think the central government will give them what they want.
    These crooked politicians for their own selfish motives can betray anybody. Next year by this time, the Centre might prepare/release some plan considering upcoming general & assembly elections. 
    How can you expect a smooth transition when this bifurcation was done hastily & the motive being winning elections instead of prosperity of millions in that area. 
  8. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to Jimmy Cliff in Manju says,"Can we turn the stump mics down, please?"   
    Can we turn the commentators' mics down when Manju is commentating, please? 
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    Turning_track reacted to Temujin Khaghan in Nepal has secured ODI status!!!   
    Welcome to International Cricket :)
  10. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to FischerTal in Dabur Amla career over????   
    interesting to see more pakistanis defend Dabur miyan than indians. his family originally hails from Surat. What gives? 
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    Turning_track reacted to The Dark Horse in Virat Kohli behaved like a clown in South Africa: Paul Harris   
    Still better than lame cowardly acting by Elgar..
  12. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to King Tendulkar in Virat Kohli Says Cricket Workload Taking A Toll On His Body !!!   
    Ideal solution in fantasy world but of course won’t happen 
  13. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to velu in Sri Lankan cricket chief calls for more INDIA-SL matches   
    virat kohlis reaction
  14. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to Jimmy Cliff in On this day - Eden Gardens 2001   

  15. Haha
  16. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to Straight Drive in Your Cricket Jersey Collection   
    Here are Hashim Amla's spikes which he gifted. Puma battign spikes. i was so over the moon that i clicked 10 pics wearing those spikes . LOL.

  17. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to dial_100 in Telford sex-grooming scandal   
    Irony is that Bakis dont talk about it at all. By disowning them you cannot wash your hands off it. This is on-going crime. This used happen 20-30 years ago. And next generation is doing the same thing. UK based bakis should do something about it to prevent it from happening. Go run campaign against it, against your own people instead of wasting your time on Modi, Kashmir. Because neither are in your reach. But no, they will focus on Rohingya, Kashmir, Palestine but never look within their own community. 
  18. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to putrevus in Rabada suspended for two tests after code of conduct breach   
    Icc is never hard on players from Australia or England especially if they are white and that is just how it has operated in past and unfortunately it is still operating like that even now.
    Broad, Anderson, Warner and Stokes are serial offenders but never get any punishment.
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  20. Great Post
    Turning_track reacted to Vilander in Telford sex-grooming scandal   
    hey it would be called asians..south asians..or even brown people from Indian subcontinent before its called pakistani muslims.
  21. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to surajmal in Telford sex-grooming scandal   
    Plenty of Punjabi/Sikh girls that were/are the target of these pedophiles. Maybe one day khalistanis will stop palling around with bakis... one can hope. 
  22. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to prinzo in Rabada suspended for two tests after code of conduct breach   
    How is David Warner not.suspend aswel for.acting like.a thug.  He had to he held back
     The ICC is a bunch of two faced people.  
  23. Haha
    Turning_track reacted to King Tendulkar in DK>Dhoni   
    but also 
    saha > dhoni 
    sampson > dhoni 
    do I need to go on 
  24. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to RAZPOR in Nidahas Snoozefest Trophy 4th Match : IND v SL | RPS,Colombo | TOSS delayed due to rain.   
    unadkat needs to be thrown out next match.
  25. Upvote
    Turning_track reacted to maniac in Nidahas Snoozefest Trophy 4th Match : IND v SL | RPS,Colombo | TOSS delayed due to rain.   
    There is no conspiracy. It is so obvious...Pant’s usp as a youngster is that he is the future keeper batsman but he is not allowed to keep but thrust into positions to prove himself as a batsman. If he fails as a batsman then his career as a keeper bat is over, if he succeeds than he replaces Rahul or Pandey or Raina or whoever the batsman is and Dhoni is safe. Obviously no excuses if he fails to cash in on every opportunity he gets but regardless he should be vying for the Dhoni spot and not competing with other batsmen to begin with.
    On the other hand Karthik is a way superior bat than Dhoni in the T20 format, As a keeper of course his skills are not as good as Dhoni’s but he is the primary keeper and with the bat which is strong suit is batted so low down the order that he hardly comes in with 2-3 overs to spare.
    This is so transparent, it is sad how the team is being run with an agenda.

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