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  1. He will not fails if selected properly, he wants at' ONLY #5' .Regardless of what? he will go TO SOA
  2. PANDYA will be useless in India for test match, he is pinch hitter, club class player he and k.Rahul (according to SRT) I do not know why SRT say so, because Rahul better batsman now than his early career
  3. Right Rohit is our'' world class, limited over Raja'' vs weaker team
  4. Rohit more smart vs weak team, he had 177 and 134 on first two tests (début) sometime ago.he tHink he is test batsman now, he will do everything before SOathfrica series to stay alive.(he will be dead vs 4 fast bowler anyway in 2018) He will consolidate his position under Mumbaikar captain--AR
  5. I think BCCI fixed Ash for number 6 so PANDYA for test? I still belives UMESH/SHAMI excellent for Overseas test matches and PANDYA JUST PART TIMER FOR LIMITED OVERS How many test wickets he took?
  6. That will be good too,but I would like to test Both THAKUR/IYER before SAfrica series
  7. Wanted desivergin? I think for 3rd test Vijay Rahul Pujara Iyer s. Rahane Rohit Ashwin Saha Jadeja Kuldeep Thakur ====== 12 th men Pandya Thakur/Rohit and Vijay share new ball for first 30 minutes
  8. No you were wrong I am talking about NO KOHLI So both Iyer and Rohit will play in the 3rd TEST.I wish VK rested in all 6 LIMITED over matches vs SL
  9. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/21127945/virat-kohli-likely-rested-home-series-sri-lanka I can hint Shreyas Iyer in the Indian test team under A.RAHANE, Indian captain virat Kohli will be rested vs Srilanka test series prior to Southafrica's long tour. Good news for Bombay Lobby.i can hints Shardul Thakur might play under Rahane too.
  10. 369 for 8 Bishoo out for 44 Chase 91 not out Lead of 429 180 overs left in the game
  11. 20 overs Left in day 3 lead passed 352 no need to declares cong.Chase for 50 not out
  12. Holder gone for 24 chase near his 50 277 for 7 lead 337
  13. 244 for 6 5 wkts for Williams in the match

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