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  1. Lala2790

    Best ODI match of all time

    2017 Champions Trophy
  2. India have actually alwaye been mentally soft in biggest games
  3. Actually I was receiving an award on the weekend from the local Quetta business community. My lackeys are also too busy to respond on my behalf, plus a couple our Indian so would likely make spelling mistakes. A chaiwallah like yourself clearly has time to post on hear all day
  4. Lala2790

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Ishant should be playing masters cricket in some English county out of sight of cricket fans for ever
  5. Lala2790

    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    Go England
  6. Lala2790

    Captain Kohli and his love for past it cricketers.

    Kohli loves men
  7. Welcome to the Indian Aaloo Club Umesh
  8. Lala2790

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Lol Ishant
  9. Friend please, you likely own a shanty tin hut in a slum. You probably fetch your water from a communal pump
  10. Actually I am far more intelligent than you can dream to be. That's why I own my own company and can afford a $5000US television and to eat lobster for dinner most nights
  11. Look everybody knows Indians are cheats. Their pitches are the biggest joke in world sport. If an Indian cricketer did what Smith did he would actually likely get a Bollywood contract and a pay rise from the BCCI. You're obviously not very smart
  12. Actually he doesn't get runs, Smith does, as the last Aust-Indian series shows. You should have researched your post better
  13. Lala2790

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    Well, the Indian team is famous over here for picking favorites and neopitism so I actually think this is a good idea
  14. Pfft, Kohli is a spoilt brat 24/7 every day a year

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