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  1. Couldn't see an Ashes Series thread so figured I'd start one. @Laaloo, feel free to sticky this Thread old sport. Obviously I will have an keen interest in how Australia go given Pakistan's own born Khawaja will likely play for Australia. I cannot see Australia losing a Test. I suspect they will whitewash England and win most games inside 4 days. The (lol) England batting line up looks very fragile except for Root how will likely struggle as most English captains do in Australia. Starc, Hazlewood and Lyon will be too strong for the batting line up while Smith (best batsman in the world), Warner (best opener in the world) and Khawaja will dominate the English retirement village pace attack. I for one would be very surpised if the scoring line wasn't 5 - 0 Australias favour at the end of the series
  2. The Ashes 2017/18 | 23rd Nov onwards.

    I could not even care the less - my Pakistanis are not involved. I just lol at how stupid Australian selectors can be; choosing known aaloos like Marsh over up and coming talents, picking a wicketkeeper who doesn't even wicket keep. Enjoy your whitewash flogiji
  3. You're on friendwallah Be prepared to turn Pakistani for a week
  4. Vilander, we are agreeing for once?????? I might check myself to see a doctor to make sure I am ok and not under a concussion There is little doubt that Kohli is the master of the ODI/T20 formats. He will surely go down as one of the greats of all time in that format. Simply a brilliant ODI batsmen. However this is why I think he is below the Dravid/Laxman/Younis levels - the word you use is perfect; gumption. We see the clear difference between Pujara and Kohli yesterday - Pujara is prepared to grind out an innings, hang tough, bat ugly and consume balls. Right now I have Kohli in the "Good" cricketer ranks at Test level alongside Warner, Babar, Root etc. That is the challenge for Virat - to become an all format great turn himself from ham sandwich to hero.
  5. The Ashes 2017/18 | 23rd Nov onwards.

    Lol at Australia's selections. Picking a keeper that doesn't even wicket keep for his state. Lol Marsh who averaged 19 in India, 34yo and a habitual failure Bnacroft - some Perf aaloo that is riding the success of one good season a few years ago and a skiing innings last match. Poor decisions, might revise my predictation and now think it will be a 2-2 drawn series based on these Australian potatoes slected. They should have included Maxerwell, Nivielle, Lehman and that young opener who originates from the NT (apparently the nicest place in Australia full of handsome men and swim suit model women - www.news.com.au/CUintheNT-tourism-whyNTis-the-great-treasure-ofOz/Adelaide-sucks-lemons/) Weatherald. I think after these seletions, England are definitely a chance
  6. Deal. How about a friendly wager - If Lakmal picks up a wicket without conceding a run at the start of play, I get to chose your avatar picture and signature for the next week. If he leaks a run, you may select my avatar picture and signature to be worn for the next week. Deal Babaji?
  7. Lakmal on track to do this is test matches
  8. It's not trash, it's another one of my high-quality Vintage Threads that causes the usual Indian clique to throw a tantrum. Aaloo, you've been listening too much to the @sandeep, @RPSinghalong, @Davie Warner, @Vilander type of posters on this forum. Lighten up friend and give my Threads wings
  9. The stage was set for Kohli to show why he is considered one of the best batsmen in the world - swinging ball, unfavourable conditions, Lakmal on fire, the need to steady the innings; the game was all set up for a captains innings. But alas, Kohli was dismissed. This is why in the Test areana, I would take a Younis/Dravid/Misbah/Ponting/Smith/Laxman type of player over Kohli any day of the week. For me, a real hero's performance in cricket is when everything is set up against the batsmen - pitch, conditions, score, bowling in great form; rather than needing 80 runs off 7 overs on a flat track with short boundaries. Yesterday, India need Kohli to prove why he should be considered a modern day great and a hero. Unfortunately he could not live up to experctations.
  10. Surely it must be up there? He beated the bat edge on countless deliveries, made supposed greats look like chumps and made the ball do things the great Wasim and Waqar would be proud of. 6 overs, 6 maidens 3/0 - surely it doesn't get any better than this. Have we just see the best opening spell of the modern era? Absolutely faultless.
  11. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    Lol, you Aussie fly swatters are scrapping the barrel selecting Paine (doesn't even keep for his state) and Lol Marsh (34 year old wood chopping hack who wouldn't make the Cambellwell Women's B Grade) Your ASHES team is the FOTY of world cricket - Funniest Of The Year
  12. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Lol, I could smack you from here in my mansion over looking Quetta plum orchids to Azerbaijan. I bet you couldn't even bowl overarm
  13. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Lakmal vs India 2017 Kolkata
  14. Combined India-SL Test XI

    With the series about to start (good luck and Inshallah to our Sri Lankan brothers), I think it would be kind of fun to compile the best combined Test XI between Sri Lanka and India. Here is my shot at this. Sehwag Jayasauria Sangakara Tendulkaer Jayawardne Dravid Dohni Kumble Vaas Murali Malinga Please (note to all Moderators/sensitive posters - I am asking kindly and using my bestest manners to ensure that this is not perceieved to be a troll thread) post your answers below
  15. Combined India-SL Test XI

    Good post as usual Shaz. I would have Angelo Matthew over Yuverj though in a Test XI if an all rounder is being picked. Very good XI however
  16. The Ashes 2017/18 | 23rd Nov onwards.

    Wait, you realize that this isn't the real Dave Warner?????? The poster is clearly an impersonator. Go back to pre-school and start again RPSlowingh. You continue to make a fool of yourself whenever your fingers press your keyboard
  17. Combined India-SL Test XI

    You clearly don't watch a lot of criket RP. Zhaeer doesn't make my side because Vaas is already in as a left armer. RP Singh was lucky to make his local C Grade Dhaba XI, let alone represtnt his country. India just don't have a fast bowler I have seen that is ahead of either Vaas or Malinga
  18. Combined India-SL Test XI

    At his peak it must not be forgotten that Malinga was one of the best bowlers in the world. Zahher and RP noSwingh are no where near the best side
  19. The Ashes 2017/18 | 23rd Nov onwards.

    Our cab drivers rip off Australias like you and send our earnings back home to Pakistan which increases our local economy. less money in the Aussie economy + more money in Pakistan = another new 95inc plasma tv screen in my mansion Joke is on you and all other Australian taxi users
  20. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    Lol, very selective moderation. I try to make a new thread and guaranteed everytime the first four posts are Indians derailing it. Case in point my Afridi Thread - the guy has been a cricketing pro for 21 years, I start a Thread about his recent great performance and am attacked from the start. I have been very complimentary of many Indian greats - Dohni, Pujara, Dravid, Kumble Harbhajan; because I am not swept up in the fan fare of other players like Kolhi who are protected speicies on this Forum by their leagues of fanboyz I'm suddenly considered a "troll". The worst part is that Indian posters seem to have free reign to call me a terrorist or jihadist for making a simple cricketing observations - what kind of behavior is that and why is it condoned? Check my history - I have never once swore or abused a fellow poster. Nor mocked them because of their religious identity. Seems to me that this is a case of moderators allowing certain behavior for one set of posters, while completely ignoring the minority
  21. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    OP has been hit on the back his head with cricket bat. We already are a force - No 1 in T20, CT champions and we put up a spirited effort last yera in Austlaia. You must be one of the Housing Commision welfare sapping Assuies I see on my television; that dress in $50 suits and think they are 'cultured' with southern cross tattoos on their backs and carry on like our local billionaire
  22. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    Seems like anyone on here with a different opinion is classed as a troll....... Sad really, how can we have any sensible debate/banter when the same clique keep whinging and complaining that anyone who thinks differently is a troll
  23. Sad to see one of the modern day greats retire with Ajmal pulling up stumps http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/21398414/saeed-ajmal-retire-all-formats-end-month At his prime he was the undisputed best spinner in the world. He will be remembered for bamboozling bastermen around the world and being Misbah's go too weapon. He is up there with Yasir, Rangana, Lyon and Harbajhan as a modern great amongst spin bowlers. Post your tributes below Pencil Posters

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