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  1. VT87

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    No Amir he will be asset in english condition.
  2. This Guy Majid khan would be the greatest batsman of all time .he gets privilege to include every harsh thakor list most tecniqual, most entertaining, best batsman on difficult wicket ,most ellegent batsmen
  3. You can't understand our openers are fu$$ selfish ,either they get out within 5 overs or consume too much delivery. ' klrahul don't have better strike rotation skill.he is suitable for opening or lower down sloging(assuming his t20 exploitation)virat can control game better at number 3 rather than 4.he lacks power game,his game depends on single and doubles ,he can't slog on first ball which Rahul does.
  4. So according to you vk wc performance proved he is not GOAT ,what is Rahul's credential
  5. I can't understand Rahul's fan logic. What kohli did wrong to demote himself for GOAT Rahul.is Rahul better player than kohli for number 3 spot
  6. Karthik selection insure there is no danger for dhongi spot
  7. Ye joker kab se achi wicketkeeping karne laga .his wicketkeeping skill is same as pant .
  8. Chalo biryani to nahi hai
  9. This thread is most enjoyable before moral police ruined this
  10. I don't think Shaw will survive in overseas test with this faulty technique .

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