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  1. VT87

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Bhai I’m just trying to lighten up the moment.i know she is bang average and dumb also
  2. VT87

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Much better then our ugly bitches Barkha Dutt, Sagarika ghosh etc
  3. VT87

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Pakistani reporter Mona alam
  4. Ye saala mader@@@ freelance cricketer koun hai . His location shows Lajpat nagar Delhi .
  5. Iam fed up this unemployment bullsiht Saale jase Modi ke regime se phale sub IAS the. People always blame their incompentacy to others.
  6. First this illiterate jahadi should read the UN resolution 1947 . It’s clearly said Pakistan ko phele occupied Kashmir se hatna Hoga
  7. Who are these new leaders? Pappu, Mamta, kajariwal, Akhilesh Yadav And what is new thinking ,to glorified terrorists like burhan Wani , to impose shariah law , to radicalise young Muslim youth , widraw our army in Kashmir valley , propagate Ghazwa -e -hind
  8. Do you have any better option? Get off your modifobia.i don’t have any affiliation towards bjp .congress is known for his minority’s appeasement , other regional parties also harbouring this mentality. What options would left for us?
  9. Abe bc keI’m not chest thumping, indeed this incident is massive failure of our intelligence but there is not a single inch on earth safe from these imbecile jihadi m@@ .even supper power like America,France etc could not defend their own den
  10. Abe bc ke Kashmir is like a war zone there is no place to called safe zone but what about 26/11 when terrorists distroyed Mumbai which is heart of India and killed more then 165 civilian including top police officers.what did congress do in that period? Manmohan to ga@@n Mara tha and you were busy to lick his balls.

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