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  1. I have seen him playing swing with ease many times remember that Dharamshala match against Sri Lanka .what is the reason behind his success against swing? my cricket knowledge suggest he should have problem against swing
  2. I wonder with this pathetic technique how could he make runs in England. Aur hamare ache player KL Rahul , Kohli out ho rahe hai . Is playing swing easier than seam?
  3. Might be they afraid pak bowling.
  4. If someone has a doubt he should watch Lord’s test against pak and than compare what they gave us .that pitch against pak was totally subcontinent type pitch .the problem today’s cricket experts that they never watched live match just follow cricket on Cricinfo. I have watched all matches against eng for both team ,England natoriously always gave us bowling friendly condition and flat pitches to pak.
  5. If conditions will remain same . I bet they would not score more than 150 but tomorrow forecast suggests bright sunshine that’s why you are so confident
  6. How much we despise our batsman.this was a ridiculous pitch .if England batted first they would have been out in same score
  7. You are absolutely right .we never blamed our bowlers , actually our bowlers screwed us in first test against sa . I thought we should have won that match
  8. Actually the 2016 series against pak , England served some flattest pitches.that oval pitchwhere uk khan scored double ton was flat as a pan cake.
  9. That’s why I hate England more than pak. They produced absolutely flat pitch against pak and gave us this .
  10. Abe ye kya chutiyapa hai.clear fault of kohli
  11. here People say even kohli failed in England. Did they know how much abuse he get for failing in England.people constantly abusing him since 2014 .how much does he perform people mocking him his failure in England.
  12. VT87

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    Why this comparison? He never said he is better than Sachin. There should be comparisons between GOAT Rahul vs Sachin.here many Rahul’s fan claimed that he is best batsman after Sachin .
  13. VT87

    This is Virat’s Chennai, 1999

    Tu bus kohli ke hi baja
  14. VT87

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    If you questioned his bowling performance,he is not you main bowler.if you pointed out his batting performance ,he is not your main batsman. So how can we judged him?

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