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  1. Sehwag is a typical ganwar, uneducated person who doesn't know how to conduct himself in public .he started this 'Baap Beta' nonsense and strangely people are endorsing it. These things will haunt us a big time .
  2. Pandya has ruined all good work done by other bowlers
  3. Pitch looks abrasive. I think 320 would be wining score.
  4. VT87

    This umpire Gaffney needs to be fired

    After Gayle's second review, he took it personally. He was busy to raise his finger in every ball.such an arrogant and atrocious umpire. There is no place for personal grudge in cricketing field.
  5. That was a huge no ball even blind man can see it .this lodu umpire must be investigate
  6. Boobie Kumar such an innocuous bowler
  7. If they some how manage to get 250 then game would be over for us .we need to restrict them under 200
  8. Hasan ali is getting some reverse swing

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