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  1. VT87

    Amritsar train accident

    I don’t have any simpathy for fools . Who has told them to dance on railway track. Forget about anyone you should be aware of that sitting on railway track is highly dangerous.
  2. Do you know Ghazwa a hind? Most of the Pakistani believe it and support this type of ideology on their forum.
  3. He has earned it . Tu ne bhikh me nahi di hai
  4. Indeed they had some good players henery olonga ( gave a pretty tough time your god Sachin ), Alastair Campbell, flower brothers And that all rounder Neil jonshon at that time I thought he will have a great future but he just disappeared.my point is people like you suggesting virat should have played only against strong teams but your god Sachin has also a fair share of scoring against minnos
  5. Haa bhai Sachin Ke time me to Namibia also had legendary team. That time Bangladesh was uber Minnos uske against to Sachin ke 5 hundred hai and Heath streak was a good bowler but legend
  6. Your god Sachin has 8 test hundreds against minnows ( Bangladesh 5 , Zimbabwe 3). aur kohli westindis se bhi na khele.
  7. This is our best chance to win in aus
  8. We have to win or draw this time otherwise Virat should resign for captaincy this aus team look very thin interms of batting but any way our superstar batsman klpd Rahul , hanane and chujara sitting ducks infrent of their bowling.
  9. How phatu they are they send abbas to face morning session
  10. VT87

    What song are you currently listening to ?

    Dilbar dilbar remix
  11. Virat has done biggest mistake his life to marry some Bollywood nob No one apart from some tharki director would marry these Bollywood queens ( when their carrier is over and age also ) Sachin was a very clever guy to marry a decent and educated woman. Who would want to like after spending 3 to 4 hectic months in eng start promoting his wife film Sui dhaga........... ........... this is not some insightful and informative comment ...... so sister Urmi Kabhi to chore do

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