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  1. This is a big if. I don't think it will be easy for any batsman to come closer to Sachin's record.
  2. I think Kohli stands a good chance. He is young and if he continues to perform consistently for the next 4-5 years, he will go one to break many records.
  3. Tendulkar definitely was seeking glory towards the end of his career. Can't say the same about Dhoni. His contribution is still vital for the team. India dosen't have a replacement for a wicket keeper bastman as yet (especially matching Dhoni's quality).
  4. In terms of batsmanship, as of now Sachin. Virat is a fine player who is consistently scoring runs and winning mataches for India. However, he still has some way to go to match up with Sachin's record.
  5. Agreed that Dhoni has been batting lower down the order and scoring 20s and 30s. However one thing we need to realise that most of these scores have come under high pressure situations wherein india was at the brink and the result of the match could have gone either ways. These low scores literally propelled India many times to victory. Hence it is not only about scoring runs and adding to numbers. The effectiveness of these runs should also be taken into account. This is where I feel Dhoni has an edge over Tendulkar and that is why I regard him as a better cricketer.
  6. The main reason why i feel that Dhoni is a better cricketer than Sachin is because he has effectively been a match winner for India on many occassions despite his lack of batting talent not only against Sachin but also against the likes of Yucraj Singh etc. Dhoni has a lot of persevarance and is an acute judge of critical situations. Even though he is no longer india's captain, his behind the scenes contribution to the team currently is responsible for the strong position that India is in these days.
  7. Hey Guys, Check out this new blog in which I have compared the performance of M.S. Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar. Would love to hear comments from everyone especcially from all Sachin fans Having said that, I have deep admiration for both the cricketers. So let us start a healthy debate and have some fun with the topic. http://blogmyspace.com/tendulkar-vs-dhoni/

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