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  1. Unadkat to finish the things off
  2. Manjerakar: I think unadkat will do well
  3. Mate, our selectors are the biggest jokers. Bowlers like siddle never got selected just because he lost pace They knew, no matter how many domestic wickets are being taken, only to be found out in the crunch international matches
  4. For what? Only to be booted in.
  5. Crowd support feels like we are playing in India.
  6. Still wearing nappies- unnamed selector
  7. One is left handed and the other is right. Like waqar n wasim
  8. Nagarkotti has to go the hard way. Will make indian team by age of 28-30
  9. Unadkat the left arm pacer with no pace should be targeted
  10. You are a sadistic Who else will think of hurting poor unadkat
  11. Fast bowler Unadkat determined to set the record straight albeit in a T20 match against SA
  12. Pandey’s gem of an innings took him out of the team selection - MSK Prasad
  13. Dhoni: 2 more overs to see out before the slog starts CSK this time around is screwed

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