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  1. Think he is batting better last one year. i would have picked Krunal or some spinning true all rounder - someone who can bat . Chahal imbalances the team
  2. His game will fetch u returns up the order plays aerial and hook shots down the order he is useless . I m trying to see where each player can give u more bang for the buck . Seen enuf of Jadeja to say he is the best pinch hitter . world cups are won with all rounders , bowling and a strong first 15 and last 15 batting
  3. Put Jadeja. At no 3 dont pick chahal get bhuvi in place of Shammi tail gets covered Dhawan rohit jadeja rahul kohli dhoni shankar/ Jadhav pandya bhuvi kuldeep bumrah It’s not the best bowling or batting but it’s a way . A 20 ball 25 from Jadeja might be our only answer
  4. Kohli will still say we did well boo dhoni boo
  5. mani sha

    Long breaks the door

    Kohli and his temper will lead us to more disasters . It’s not about licking shoes . It’s about having umpires neutral towards u in big games
  6. mani sha

    Long breaks the door

    V interesting indian players have been guilty of getting on the wrong side of umpires - Bucknor cost us a series win in aussie . How much damage will long do to us - Kaptaan clearly is poor at tactics and humility . he may have been right but he is not a good gamesman - poor selection , holier than thou attitude is gonna harm india big time . even though we have drs etc now still feel it’s a bad idea to be on the bad side of umpiring
  7. mani sha

    Jadhav injury

    These selectors are blinded by dhoni box
  8. mani sha

    Jadhav injury

    Left shoulder . In a way it’s good timing . Will sit out ipl and give us a decent World Cup . He is poor mans robin singh - honest , sticks to his strengths and gets u wickets . Just Not a good fielder
  9. True that but Karthick too has moulded himself into that. Rahul when uncluttered is also a very good hitter. i will add Shankar to the list . best two though have been Kapil and yuvraj got us two world cups !
  10. mani sha

    Ipl benefits this year and concerns

    True . Hoping that they get some rest
  11. We need to think positive a bit and hope to at least make to last 4 few positives so far from ipl dhawan is back in form kohli not injured thus far pandya h has been brilliant b kumar is getting match practice - feel he will show up karthick is doing ok Shami bumrah doing Their jobs ok jadeja is fielding decently rayudu is a dud dhoni has a small injury and pant has been scoring well Minor problems but can be a positive thing spinners - but ipl is not supporting any spinner much this year shankar - not done anything of note .but has got match time which is important before going into a major tournament jadhav has not bowled rahul found some form but still not in prime shape . But not got bowled with inswingers major concern Rohit neither getting injured fully nor has he played more than 2 decent knocks so - I feel we will be ok . Not a 2007 washout but likely will suffer a final defeat by England like Ricky made us suffer in South Africa
  12. mani sha

    Backdoor pant entry

    Rt now our team selection is like a brazzers boring porn. grandpa kept in game for his fexperience ,jadeja supposed to be a batter all rounder than Krunal and pant being kept out as he doesn’t have enuf elevensomes under his belt . And maybe he can’t suck well .. u know Bevda likes to get it sucked .
  13. mani sha

    Backdoor pant entry

    Team is filled with mediocre ...an Afridi like 40 more valuable as it brings momentum - our biggest issue has been lack of power hitters since yuvi dhoni days . Now Jadhav’s does the hitting and opposition gets the power
  14. Leadership got nothing to do with education Kohli thinks his style - discipline etc when applied in leadership will work too . He scores mainly calculated shots which makes him highly successful as a batter .. but as a captain u ought to learn to mix aggression with caution kohli goes by formula - a david dhawan style approach . He is not innovative in his captaincy just like his batting . Hence he is the most successful test batter and odi batter in middle overs but not much success given the kind of bowling he has - unparalleled in any captains history in india . dhoni had some flair and used his resources to the fullest . Ganguly was tactically the best one - as he was also the least gifted - remember how he got under steve Waugh’s skin Tendulkar was a good captain too - just had dodda Ganesh etc as his. Bowlers which caused him to not win much but I remember him being open to innovation and changes kohli is afraid of failure - plays safe . Rohit tried to take chances . Has flaws and inspite of that goes berserk - reflects in his captaincy hence a pant as captain will be the best choice in future - he takes chances , can play conservative too and is not the most gifted keeper but seen enough of him to rate him as a potential great captain if supported by a good non bevda coach - read Dravid
  15. mani sha

    Backdoor pant entry

    Most cricket fans agree pant to be in team in place of - karthick or perhaps an injured opener or an injured keeper ( dhoni ) but say two more good ipl performances - will they get him in ? Remember final squad not announced yet and he waits

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