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  1. He was good against leggies avg against left arm weak against offies the best player of spin we have had is Sehwag second best is pujara prior to that is was vishwanath and Gavaskar dada and dravid were also good against spin
  2. mani sha

    So they all got away scot-free

    got A feeling changes are coming
  3. Dude, just because I can give better advise than Dhoni, I don’t deserve to be coach . A vcoach is like Dravid or Kumble - people who have played elite cricket and have all the experience and technique and who retired on time or u need a coach like amre who has been coaching since many years this bullshit about staying behind to mentor is like saying Nehru needs to stay behind and mentor all prime ministers . As regarda his wc winning - Then get Kapil to play and mentor no ! Repect age . U shouldn’t be playing elite sports after a particular age or if your performances are as crappy as Dhoni . He captained sides that had young people . Now the side is avg age 35 I feel this is not veterans 11 .
  4. mani sha

    Missing components in all formats

    Saini etc ready - no shortage of fast bowlers . Trend last 5 years chahar gopal up guy - three to four good ones in circuit . Not a worry no 5 - no 4 lots st of good batters . Selectors need to get seniors out of their comfort zones . Juniors promoted to no 3 etc and seniors playing down the order
  5. No wonder we loose . Young players need to get chance in odi and t20 . Let him play tests
  6. Paid media dhoni is a big big leech boo dhoni boo
  7. mani sha

    I'd hate to be Australia.

    Aussie building up team . Next t20 they are favorites - they lacked a good wrist spinner and khwaja loss hurt them . They are in top 4 though .
  8. mani sha

    What did we learn from other teams

    Bhai india is now too deep .
  9. I feel that India needs to learn a few things from other teams around Bangladesh - a left arm slow spin allrounder is indeed a valuable commodity in all fields - india needs to either have faith in jadeja batting or give chance to Krunal or somebody to develop into one . Jayasurya , Yuvraj , shakib etc - it’s a common theme across spin friendly cups england and New Zealand - pace is king an archer or Boult is more valuable then a kumar . Give chances to saini and others and not the chahars of the world Australia taught lessons in team rebuilding to reach semis was indeed a team rebuilding effort - note how they gave chances to several youngsters . Pakistan left arm arm pace will always help - groom left arm pacers . Don’t ask them to slow down ! Hopefully Ayla junior may help .... not much faith in khaleel Afghanistan get your spinners to be faster in the air . A slow chahal will not be as useful as a fast chahal West Indies discard oldsters .. gayle past his prime and still West Indies played him in a format which demands stamina for 50 overs including running between wickets and hitting . After age 35 not many cricketers have good reflexes Sri Lanka groom more talent in domestic level else u will not be able to replace rockstars like Sanga South Africa Have backup for ur main bowlers . Avoid injury prone bowlers or use them frugally india - dont heroworship any player - don’t get your captain all the power . - give young players more chances - identify and earmark greats . Old mediocre players will get u serviced but not fetch u titles
  10. mani sha

    A few points about our semi-final loss

    The enquiry will reveal lack of grey matter in shastri
  11. Think to win u need fast bowlers Shane warne was effective cos of fast bowlers also u need good total . And solid batters like pujara and a smart captain and coach and ... playing spinners at Sydney not green lords alas - most wishes will remain unfulfilled chahal bowls very well fyi
  12. mani sha

    Life is a great leveller.

  13. http://chng.it/MC8JfrNYp9
  14. mani sha

    Life is a great leveller.

    Agreed chalti rahen ki zindagi good dhoni times now bad dhoni times . Saala team has suffered cos of this karmic misfortune of ours - won t20 World Cup champions and then bust ... impact of lesson 101
  15. mani sha

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Bhai please share those signs .

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