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  1. i liked him- first one to bowl yorkers, swing , open batting, bowled well . you get to see how bad the 80s were . kapil was an accidental hero. not a supportive captain we need a ganguly now .. to lead kohli .
  2. mani sha

    I hope England demolish us 5-0!

  3. mani sha

    1st Test vs ENG-Choose your Batting Order

    thats recipe for failure
  4. epic fail .kohli is best batsman and worst captain to play for india for wc i predict qf or sf exit kohli and shadtri out rahul captain and kumble coach new era of indian cricket if brain and integrity .
  5. mani sha

    Predict India in Eng series results

    odi india 2-1 tests india win 2-1
  6. mani sha

    Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    pandya is delivering in key moments kapil played in a different era . bowlers were more successful . batters were meek and not fit like today . pandya as a batsmen is better than kapil though as he has better attitude and punches above his skills( kapil was gifted but lazy i felt) as bowler , its unfair to compare even bhuvi to kapil . kapil was a once a lifetime bowler .
  7. mani sha

    Shivam Dubey

    looks in good shape while hitting - like yuvi reincarnated . watched yuvi innings before he got into national team ( yuvraj today , king tomorrow were the headlines in i think 1998 or 1999) this guy hits exactly like yuvi - clean swing .
  8. pigholed or blockholed .. rahul is being stopped from playing as he is a direct threat to kohli
  9. i remember him . he was about 125 max . but better than dodda ganesh at 120
  10. mani sha

    KLR took his game to next level?

    rahul looks like a combination of power class and flair kohli is an ass in not picking rahul . only if rahul blooms will we be a world beater team . his time has come
  11. mani sha

    Avesh Khan bowling close to 150 k in IPL 2018

    seems like the debate has gone nowhere - ipl is giving great incentive for young kids to bowl - its easier to bowl fast or bowl spin then to be a quality bat ( gestation period , years of training and exposure - an avg bat will take about 600 matches to become world class ) a wasim akram can just go and bowl and become world class .. now reason india started producimg fast bolers is bcci- the support to come back after injury was never there . pakistanis were blessed to have stronger built bowlers . indian bowlers are still not as strongly built but are being bred .. if u breed you will have a consistent lineup - go anywhere in india and u will see kids wanting to bowl fast - pakistan will have some good bowlers always and will win here and there . but last 10 years india has clearly performed well across all three formarts and bcci will ensure the factory doesnt stop
  12. i think your question is perhaps best answered thus- this is first time india has quality bowling options . spin pace and youth . tremendous competition .allrounders like pandya , karthick , sundar etc . now regards batting . batsmen come and go . batting is still good . dhawan rahane kohli rahul .. gill karthick and numerous others . remember bowling wins u series when backed by catching and good team selection our problems rt now are with catching and team selection - its the stupid coach and the worst catchers i have seen . so if india do well with team selection half the battle is won . then if kohli no longer stands in slips we will win the series
  13. finally a pakistani speaks up supporting terror. most of them are like this only . first of all Pakistani should ask themselves - how us it that after ten years we only managed to get a f grade wi team to visit us? screw them this way https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/indo-afghan-ties-hit-pakistans-economy/amp_articleshow/63208883.cms screw the beggars https://www.google.com/amp/www.atimes.com/article/pakistan-seeks-bailout-china-saudis-rather-imf/amp/ i really never cared abt cricket more than nation. The afridis invaded india in 1947 . Saala dimaag to hain nahin aur duniya jeetne chale ... glad they are not in ipl .. let them play in psl. bet Dawood has 50 percent stake in psl . here world wants fun , make female equality and growth . Pakistani love incest ,love their terror heroes , harbor terrorists .
  14. mani sha

    Harbhajan, Tendulkar, Kohli: true heroes of cricket

    well said Its no fun watching aussies bully . ind pak games much cleaner
  15. Saint Lehman ! Reverse swing Starc , champion Smith .. soon to become knights . Bradman is happy he is dead

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