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  1. mani sha

    third test pandya

    he is a good bowler when two spinners and two in form fast bowlers playing with him he will be back for third test - mark my words
  2. mani sha

    third test pandya

    dont care if he has three twitter accounts etc seen him bat ball and field- plays with full devotion , bowls fast and bats sixes . sorry but his on field attitude is most imp and its nothing but professional . i m not a crazy fan of his but his bowling and fielding is good. batting consistemcy will come - but dont critisize for things that he does in his personal life .
  3. mani sha

    third test pandya

    i havent forgotten his 5 wicket haul 2 pacers 2 full time spinners and a fast bowling allrounder - pandya jadeja and ashwin combined are 1.5 allrounders . nobody is reliable at present with bat
  4. mani sha

    third test pandya

    His inclusion will protect bumrah etc from being overworked . His fielding is a bonus He cant do worse than Rohit in batting .
  5. mani sha

    third test pandya

    i know it might be premature but pandya in one of either third or fourth tests might be a huge boost for india especially in a flatter pitch
  6. mani sha

    Let's talk Perth

    rahul - for slip catching and opening shaw/ vijay - prefer vijay as he is batting well and need someone besides pujara to grind down bowlers kohli rahane pujara pant ash/ jadu - if uneven pitch jaddu. if flat pitch ash , given ashwins batting i prefer him. expect a 100 from ask this tour . b kumar/ yadav - yadav is needed for tailenders i feel . either ways if u want tailenders to not score then keep bowlers fresh or have a chinamen wristy - my vote goes to yadav sharma shami bumrah no rohit please . send him to nz a tour , mars or jupiter . only odi for him please . little t20 too prefer to have a fourth seamer who can bat - rahul is still not convincing but his slip catching much needed vihari - i feel bad as he narrowly misses out . parthiw - stand in reserve keeper , reserve batter . do admire this guys batting and being a left hander he is v useful . good player to have in the den .. never underperformed in batting
  7. mani sha

    Aus v Ind - Umpiring watch thread

    Seeing the number of wrong decisions against india overturned by drs ( two pujara not outs are the final difference ) - is nigel long the new bucknor ? does he have a vendetta or just not good? god bless drs . we would have won monkeygate but for Bucknor and lack of drs
  8. mani sha

    Prediction - Day 3 - First Test - India vs Australia

    australia all out for 236 India 150 for 5 Rahul - 49 out vijay , chepu , kohli all get 15-20 runs rahane 0 Sharma 65 notout pant 25 not out
  9. mani sha

    turning point

    this test will be a turning point in indian cricket fortunes Rohit will be exiled rahane hopefully is no longer in any format ashwin will be taken for 200 runs shaw vijay pujara kohli vihari pant jadeja chinamen/ kumar ishant bumrah and shami 12 th man parthiv ( better bat than Rohit and hasbeen rahane) if this doesnt happen we are looking at 4-0 loss rather than 1-0 ( we wont win still cos dropped catches will happen , captain will ask for intent , anushka may decide to keep rohit in still !)
  10. he must suck well . 11 th commandment
  11. https://es.pn/2zXfLje shastri before - awesome team we have . good batting bowling fielding. kohli - character after we loose - they batted bowled better than us . we won 10 matches abroad last 4 years we are waiting to come back again in first class beaches in australia are awesome kohli - they showed more character
  12. mani sha

    Team combination after kohli & hardik Comeback

    mahendra bahubali - read article comparing mahendra and amarendra to the elephant in yesterday indian express/ toi strong pr his legend will hurt indian team more than his presence
  13. wow! jigar hain is ladke main. Bowls well , very well Plays with pride. True Maratha .
  14. As new year has begun , just want to enumerate gains for this year . its a positive thread and we hope gains are buillt up upon - pace battery . our padosis might be color blind but blue winds are 10 miles faster , 2 feet bouncier and perhaps equally deviant sideways as green winds now. Some can also bat ok and might go on to be legends but for now we pray that this year they remain fit and strong . Our dictator captain has for once realized they should be protected for world cup - solution to middle order in odi yes rayudu is no yuvraj but might jusr click . Vihari or Shaw might just sneak in before wc with kedar and pandya bros . its better than rahane pandey etc in middle order - dhoni dropped from t20 not missed . pant has been good in tests , work in progress in t20 and odi spot of dhoni now looks ready to be taken . dk or pant is fine - end of search for genuine decent left arm guy khaleel - p Shaw , m vijay and k l rahul are in decent form for aussie - dhawan dropped from tests is good sign - ranji trophy is on and might throw in more deshpandes india is no 1 is tests no 2 in odi . t20 i dont care except t20 wc which is ok.
  15. mani sha


    kedar jadhav might want to rotate 720 to deliver

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