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  1. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    the pace and accuracy were there even before he was captain- see aussie series last time.what was lacking were the good backup bowlers which ipl is providing and is an effort of last 20 years. kohli doe snot know how to use and when to use fast men . he only knows to show intent in his batting and make others go crazy with intent-m vijay, rahul,ashwin, jadeja all regressed under him new players rarely get a chance nair is dumped after a triple century and yes the trundlers...dont get me started. which sane captain is gonna pick shardul over siraj..... even dhoni was a smarter captain but defensive one ...cos he didnt have backup pacers if main ones break down and he had god batters...kohli does not allow anyone to bloom ...its all gloom
  2. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    he has played gast bowlers as he has inherited them . no other captain had the factory of bowlers at his disposal and yet would chose trundler thakur or superfast unadkat over the likes of siraj ... his slip catching is a joke at best . his arrogance as a human being prevents him from being a good captain. his overseas records are nothing better given fast bowlers and spinners at his disposal . give this team to ganguly or dravid and they would have won sa for sure , 3-2 loss to england and would have won 2-0 in aussie( we are heading for a 2-0 loss)
  3. he will strike each time to rest the ball straight under the bat
  4. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    can we start a change.org petition his performance as captain is perhaps the worst in living memory. ct , sa , eng and upcoming aussie failure he is a poor catcher, poor tactical acumen , is a bully and inspite of having genuine pace bowlers plays trundlers. i really feel we should start a change.org to remove kohli the captain and yes dhoni to be exiled to tumbaktu or sent to the turkish embassy
  5. mani sha

    Anti Rahul Club [ ARC ] !!!

    ind vs australia dharmashala test https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.hindustantimes.com/cricket/kl-rahul-says-1st-session-vs-australia-in-dharamsala-toughest-he-ever-faced/story-btFItjFG3pbGuHaSO0ufOK_amp.html i saw the video highlights . its the best performance against terrigic pace and bounce by an indian batter - opener after a 16 year old sachin aussie innings at perth i believe please do watch the game to see how good rahul is .
  6. mani sha

    Anti Rahul Club [ ARC ] !!!

    doubt it see dharmashala test he will be indias best batter in two years with kohli
  7. mani sha

    why o why? who am i!

    i have a bowler who took 40 wickets in 4 games and bowls at serious pace and yet i choose groinholding handless zamindar i have a keeper who can blast sixes but i choose to keep a keeper who plays test cricket in t20 i choose to play a spinner on seaming wicket drop my reliable opener for a flashy one i have a drunkard as my coach ,i banished the wise sage and i try to be A vegan to get laid! am i a moron or idiot or narcissistic dictator ?
  8. mani sha

    Ind's answer to Starc-Cummins-Hazlewood

    bumrah - leader ishant - bounce , smarter now pandya- all rounder bhuvi - swing and allrounder jadeja- all rounder these are my picks shami substitute in spin friendly pitches as he is deadly in reverse . also if bhuvi injured or not doung well khaleel - take if bumrah injured or in place of pandya if jadeja and kumar bat ashwin - in case you want two spinners kuldeep if either spinner injured siraj as backup or net bowler shardul - in virar 11 away from indian team
  9. mani sha

    kohli does not select team!

    guys kohli selects.. for sure why bring mrs sharma in? let her be
  10. mani sha

    kohli does not select team!

    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/west-indies-in-india/everything-is-not-happening-from-one-place-kohli-clarifies-on-nair-omission/articleshow/66051977.cms?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=iOSapp either he thinks we are stupid or naive or just dumb my take on this - i dont select team( i ensure my friends dont get kicked out) - no central decision maker ( csk-dhoni- msk -shastri meet and take decisions ) - chief selector has spoken to player ( i dont speak to triple centurions especially since i havent made one) Nair got rough chances .. i know many people think otherwise but he is not as bad ..
  11. dhoni and his love for trundlers ...
  12. mani sha

    smart siraj . chatugiri shuru

    his bat does the talk believe he might be our next laxman ...
  13. mani sha

    smart siraj . chatugiri shuru

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/west-indies-in-india/india-vs-west-indies-how-ms-dhonis-pep-talk-helped-mohammed-siraj-earn-maiden-test-call-up/amp_articleshow/66022138.cms few imp derivatives - siraj didnt look at batters but just concentrated upon bowling somewhere before he got motivated by Dhoniconda - kohli took off pressure by saying std stuff - he has gotten back as he knows to say right things . never mind that one guy named Dravid is the one who has probably shown him what to do in the a team.... k l rahul pant shaw gill please get peptalk , write hyms and then pubish them in fake news media to get selected and stay in team soon to come- how shastri tips and talk helped him get all the great west indian batters out on debut 5 wicket haul
  14. loosing toss loosing bhuvi to injury inexplicable spinner selection on seam pitch rahul in and out no prep .. bewda needs to have a supari placed on his name !
  15. step down now dhoni. please retire

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