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  1. Warner vs De Kock - Verbal Exchange

    its friendly banter mate. Its gamesmanship mate. Its boys letting off some steam mate . So long as its the white monkey. how dare a brown monkey ape the white monkey . brown monkeys are racists . Meanwhile Harbhajan is eating Bananas on punjab trees
  2. Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    he is mentally fragile. hangs out his bat
  3. Interesting Article on Rahul Dravid.

    bhai ferrari kidhar se aati?
  4. The right lessons to take from this series

    - catching . catch . catch some more . need a good keeper - pant ,karthick whoever keeps best . batting is bonus - openers . have faith in rahul and vijay - middle order . get rid of pujara . does not play well outside of india . ever . rahane , kohli and someone else - shaw or nair . -no 6 - pandya is a boon . bumrah shami pandya and ash jaddu along with kuldeep and now a mature ishant . all they need to do is stop bowling boundary balls . get dravid as coach . sack shastri . get zaheer as bowling captain i think the future is good . kohli the batsman is awesome . poor captain in general - for tests make rahane captain . one day make sharma captain
  5. skill level - pujara is a flat track bully and poor runner rahane - poor spin player kohli - not a good bat in swing rahul and vijay - our best test bats . facing best attacks rohit - lazy , sharma . enuf said bring in shaw , give nair a longer rope . make rahane captain in tests and see this team will win ( kick shastri out)
  6. Ashwin is our no.6 - Disgraceful

    depends on the quality of the 100 . a good quality 100 with bowling that maintains pressure is something not many teams wont want i m pretty sure he will do well .with ability to bowl legspin , offspin and a good slip fielder and Indias best no 7 abroad since vvs ( yes he has crazy talent ) he will be in all my 11s
  7. 2016-2017 Best Home season ever?

    india is now a bowling powerhouse growing up seeing david johnson and dodda ganesh ( i m 37) makes me feel so proud to see fast bowlers dime a dozen ( 5 awesome 5 about to awesome) we are winning cos we are bowling well
  8. Tip of the hat to Vidarbha Ranji team

    agreed . dont forget coach Pandit . He should be India coach! the finals going to be Saini vs Rajneesh ! this Ranji has been a revelation of fast bowling stocks in India .
  9. kuldeep in tests abroad esp in sa and aussie. will get u wickets one day jadeja still has a role on fla pitches
  10. Shreyas iyer- terrible technique

    binny has best technique againstmoving ball
  11. lot of jobs these days seem to suggest that u have to have xyz degree to do the job. idea is to challenge the youngster to be qualified for the job modern day cricket is running hard, diving , travelling - a lot . yo yo test seems to test agility thereby ensuring less breakdowns. dhoni , kohli - they are superfit and the board wants such dedicated fit guys now whether they are that skillful is another debate . an inzy today will have to not rely on batting alone to get in . 10 good batters out there - chose one with best allround ability ( fielding makes u an allrounder i feel ) they should device some slio catching yo yo as well ( virat will fail!)

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