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  1. mani sha

    Indias Reserve World Cup 15

    a retired zaheer or nehra is better than unadkat .
  2. mani sha

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    a lot of games Sehwag played - he was the difference . at start of innings he made say a 25 ball 30 or 35 invariably india were 65 for 1 in 10 overs . if he survived , he continued to play attacking shots and care a damn abt landmarks . he killed spinners. he made a 200 in one new ball era... his contributions allowed middle order to settle in - but it was a good middle order .dravid part 2 was one of the better odi bats of his time - see his 17 ball 50 . Yuvi and Raina were different players but same result - super accelerators . Dhoni part 1 was godlike . could do no wrong harbhajan , zaheer could tonk well . That kind of a lineup were blessed to have sehwag at the top . he is in my team above tendulkar ( selfless , opens and can play middle order - Viru and Dhawan would make a crazy opening partnership . Viru and Tendulkar was good too as unlike Rohit , Tendulkar didnt waste too many deliveries at start - would do ball wasting from 45-50 and from 90 - 100 . fans forget how we lost to bangladesh due to his 100! cant accuse Viru of ever loosing us a game . dil de khelta tha - Jaanbaaz
  3. mani sha

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    forgot rayudu . none of the hyderabadis ever play odi ok - no powerplay . azar ,laxman and rayudu all had same issues . at least azar and laxman looked good . rayudu is ineffective and is an old dhoni with selfish attitude . even a moron could see recently how he got shankar out -
  4. mani sha

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    he struggles and gets out . sehwag struggled but either survived and scored hundreds or made a brisk 25 and got out - no ball wastage rohit wastes and gets out . hence tuktuk . neither here nor there . respect for a duck in 4 balls rather than a 30 ball 15 Gambhir sr and rotation of strike was excellent for that era in current era - after the first ten runs , u need to accelerate . not after your 50 . i stopped watching one dayers played by india as i dont see them winning big tournaments bcci has rectified few things bowling is v good keepers are good lower middle order of pandya pant and shankar will do well kohli is perfect dhawan is awesome in onedayers our two liabilities are dhoni ( hai hai dhoni ) and rohit ( talunted!) rohits best innings was in t20 finals 10 years ago . his strokes are excellent . however he comes from the mumbai brigade - tendulkar ,mnjrekar ,rohit - play for a 100 first .. team gayi tel lene . more respect for delhi boys - sehwag , gambhir ,dhawan , kohli - team first pant following the tradition i have played first class cricket in india . i am from bombay - know how the thinking is - khadoos is a made up adjective for selfish.
  5. mani sha

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    a 30 ball 35 more valuable then a 80 ball 70 Indias best one day team was one led by sehwag and gambhir - brisk starts followed by stable middle and strong hitters at end . now its slow start / poor if ball swings , unstable middle and weak hitters at end team management is doing a good job by getting rahul pant shankar and pandya in- they will give a good hitting at end . but just look at what hapened to karthick in t20 - i believe he batted very well but was left too much to do by Talunt sooner india looses world cup better . my openers are shaw dhawan and rahul anyday over rohit Rohit is a liability in odi -when ball swings his plus point is pitches in aussie and sa - his strike rate is higher when bowlers bowl short and india wins such matches if swinging pitch or anyone who will raise his left arm to bowl - he is a walking duck
  6. mani sha


    thats the point - dunno any team which will not go for 11 runs for straight win unless - there is say a bet - thst team a will win over team b due to first innings lead .
  7. mani sha


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/vidarbha-roi-irani-cup-game-was-called-off-after-two-captains-agreed/amp_articleshow/68038308.cms this needs a cbi investigation
  8. mani sha

    ipl breakthrough star

    dark knight? grunty gritty fast left arm spinner from gujarat?
  9. mani sha

    ipl breakthrough star

    have a gut feeling that there will be at least one player who will force his way into indian team based on ipl form candidates are powerhitters/ can bowl a bit( most needed) shivam dubey prasiddh krishna kishan chahar s yadav mystery spinner / all rounder washington sundar chakravarthy opener rahul shaw fast bowler aaron saini avesh khan rajpoot
  10. you are right .but feel good backups coming through . its a factory lineup matter if time before another pacer shows up
  11. its well written they hunt as a pack give shaw and agrawal two years and pandya shankar etc this attack is going to have a batting line up as good as ever . things upbeat for india as it will remain no 1 for next 3 years till bumrah and shami remain at top
  12. andha loola and langda dhoni god bless .
  13. asshole was a useless cricketer now a useless selector . maje dravid te chairman and kumble the coach we will win everywhere
  14. csk fans are mad sachin played selfish but dhoni is at an alltime high selfish scale holding one end is a stupid notion . gone are days where a manjrekar could play for indian odi team i had hoped - alas nepotism has not gone away . in fact it runs deep now as the money is so much more as indian cricket supporters , i pray for a day we are like aussie . they have played great cricket always and they are not emotional about oldies or corrupt indian team - sab chalta hain . india - dynasty rules . cricketers can go away with muder . azar the fixer is in parliament
  15. pant highest probability unmesh if bowler injured krunal pandya and jadeja i do feel one of them will be there praying for rayudu to get injured

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