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  1. he is a bad captain doeent know how to spot talent feels everybody is like him after we exit before the final four in wc , i hope odi and t20 captaincy taken away from him Vijay Shankar looks captaincy material
  2. i m viru fan . Havent seen a better cricketer , selfless and brave . I think second best is Dravid . India was v lucky to have these two in same era . We missed in having a Bumrah and fast bowling factory then , else we would have won much more now we are stuck with Boo Dhoni Boo Tuk Tuk Sharma -
  3. Since i know we will not make it to last 4 , i have decided to start the thread . Please bear in mind i have utmost good wishes for indian team but unfortunately i know this will happen and hence its necesarry to do a review of where it started and have a definite timeline . feel free to correct my thread as u feel suited - the no 1 reason we have exited so early in my opinion is this hack called shastri . Feel we have lost winnable matches and tournaments cos of him and our kaptaan Kohli - the no 2 is obvious . Grandpa . boo dhoni boo- no 3 - here i feel its our selectors headed by spineless MSK prasad no 4 - our administrators . tired of hearng coa amd supreme court managing our teams . no 5 - fans of dhoni and rohit . dhoni won us a world cup and lost us one . but tuk tuk millionaire ipl sharma is no tendulkar or sehwag . he is a selfish ass no 6 - lack of tactics or innovation we dont send punchhitters we dont take risks we drag ourself till final over we do not appreciate role of powerhitters our batsmen fail to develop secondary skills of bowling england decided to go berserk australia gave long rope to players like kheaja and zampa and kicked out many oldies west indies decided to be west indies again - serious new talent with hard hitters pak - padosis have been steady and have young players . they get their 19 year olds in early nz - like always they aim to do well and did ok south africa - they choked and they are our sole partners in crime bangladesh - at least they have invented shitty naagin dance and are better than our padoshi remedy remove shastri remove kohl as captain blood youngsters aim for innovation
  4. we will loose against aussie and nz
  5. bhai i have done anyrhing offensive to u . truth is hard to digest and be ready to not see our team in last 4
  6. . u can talk old new et and personal attacks but game is new and cant play the old school everyday . We will be screwed even though we have best talent but worst managers - they are more like clerks ( or kलआरk as we say in Hindi Clarke bhaisaaheb
  7. agreed - every tom rahane, dick unadkat and harry yuvi thinks they have a chance to enter indian team based on ipl and dhoni rayudu and rohit presence - mera number aayega philosophy is on . india has all but lost a chance to cash in on serious talent . likes of shaw , gill , pant , saini , rajput etc never got a run . even a fool can see how they have tried to mess with pants odi career . shankar too has been setup to fail england will win the wc .
  8. mani sha

    Positives of the series loss

    its a myth he is a must even our test wicketkeeper from bengal can be a better bat in england - he is fully fit and is a decent batrer karthick rahul - lots of options. just focus on one keeper , watch in ipl and if he does ok then done grt rahul and karthick to keep in ipl besides pant
  9. mani sha

    Positives of the series loss

    no 1 - india lost due to lack of rohit scoring quick . people are talking no2 - shankar showed he is useful with bat and ball no 3 - hopefully rayudu is now out no 4 - rahul is bring considered at no 3-4 no 5 bhuvi form with bat - helps balance the team a lot no 6 bumrah and shami as wicket taking pacers no 7 - jadeja use or limit exposed . play him as third spinner not as second no 8 dhawan showed he is gabbar no 9 kohli is humbled - v imp that he gets humbled no 10 pandya got rest . bilaterals are useless . india needs firepower of pandya pant dk rahul shankar to win any cup - if u dont play 4 hitters and play no hit and boo dhoni , u are not going to win crunch matches
  10. proves my point . dunno why india went retro kris sri played in era of sobers etc . he was the real hero . showed how to play the cameos at start which nullify their main bowlers or blunt sharma waits till lesser bowlers come and scores a 100 now and then . useless tuktuk
  11. collapses occur in swing seam etc . on flat pitches u need to take calculated risks to score at least 8 an over . Problem with Rohit is he thinks 5-6 an over in first 15 overs is good . Each of our batters attacking - its called positive cricket is what is needed in flat pitches i agree on thr tailender part . but remember they are also the best . Bumrah Shami and Yadav are three tailenders we can afford we do need pandya brothers as our two other bowlers supported by shankar and jadhav . add pant as wkt keeper - u have 5 dual ability players add kohli dhawan and rahul and u have a winning combo of wicket taking bowlers , aggressive openers , atacking middle order who can play swing ;( kohli shankar and pant ) our problem is we have tuk tuk who plays 2000 cricket - 90 ball 90 then berserk in 4 of 200 games . thats where issue is . u have forgotten how teams used to try score off first 15 overs . now with two new balls , u need to score 150 in first 20 . tuk tuk aims for 120 in 120 . we fall short by 20 runs anytime we are batting first . we actually do better in chases as scoreboard tells sharma to score faster - even then he plays slow and then dhoni plays slower to take the agony to last ball i saw this idiotic play and when today india made 350 odd i just looked at strike rates of openers and no 4 tuk tuk and rahul played slow especially tuktuk .they dont know that whats a safe target to set . its not about the tailenders .india never has had a good tail . but india was always blessed with openers like veeru and tenli snd gambhir .even ganguly used to not waste deliveries but played briskly enuf . none were slow starters . tuk tuk doesnt give momentum . kills it rather . got nothing to do about tail . u got to worry abt tail when no 5 and no 6 come in . think peak yuvi batting with peak kaif / dhoni
  12. it was a 375 pitch . we lost cos of - lack of all batsmen firing. rahul and sharma are culprits - 30 ball 50 more valuable than 90 ball 90 - india was a bowler short .. on positive side we made 358 due to pant give him a break . he will get better at keeping. he wont become better by not keeping
  13. mani sha

    Time to drop payload on Rayudu !!!

    bhai its a dud bomb .
  14. doubt it pant karthick and rahul will be in rayudu out feel dhoni should announce retirement
  15. he will be kicked out citing injury etc . i have a feeling they realize he cant perform in high chases . need a pant or old dhoni . not this one
  16. mani sha

    shameless feku media

    https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/for-virat-kohli-its-my-way-and-the-mahi-way/articleshow/68248985.cms these pheku media is worse than our padosi terrorist . it feels like i am watching movie andaz apna apna . i am supposed to enjoy it keeping my brains aside . works well in movie industry . idhar desh ko barbaad karega . boo dhoni boo .
  17. mani sha

    shameless feku media

    he said performs .its a c grade movie performance . why settle for c grade when u can have a grade ? dada wanrs to be admin now . needs all dhonis , azars etc in his bag . its a elite club .dada is a political soul
  18. fact of the matter is this any player who scores at high rate with match winning knocks , will always stand a chance . ipl wont get u in but it will help anybody doing well in other formats key players krunal pandya saini is he is selected karthick pant
  19. doesnt matter . they have enough quality . and have performed . remember many players - aja ly jadeja , sachin etc performed in their first world cup experience cannot replace lack if talent . gadha ghoda nahin banega .
  20. mani sha


    for first time i am seeing rays of hope Shanka pandya and jadhav are a good middle order add boo dhoni somewhere - praying though for his accident and replacement by pant/ rahul top three was always settled . tuk tuk sharma though is still concerning no 4 - rahul as keeper bat bring so much more than dhoni as keeper captain? bat? - but still nice to have rahul as backup opener cum keeper and karthick as backup finisher cum keeper and pant as floater . bowling looks super strong . in fact jadeja should be taken to world cup too my dream 15 kohli dhawan sharma rahul shankar pandya jadhav shami bumrah kuldeep chahal jadeja pant karthick no 15- kumar. pretty sure he is going to improve his game backups shaw slow pandya saini some hard hitter from ipl dhoni as tele coach shastri as cheerleader and bartender manju as our Dhoni gavaskar as our inspirational speaker Dravid as God and coach
  21. he is indias 12 th best option in the u 60 team of retired cricketers
  22. mani sha

    shameless feku media

    biryani - he is the worst player to play for india along with david johnson noel david fictional atul sharma msk prasad sanjay manjrekar ravi shastri dhoni since 2015 Yuvraj since world t20 f...up rahane in one dayers pujara if he is selected for any format lasting less than 200 overs pappu patel as an 18 year old wkkeeper for aussie all the trundlers - kaul ,vinay, dinda , names i cannot remember but are etched in our nightmare teams He is a close competitor if Shastri in leading a team of players who should never have played odi for India
  23. mani sha

    shameless feku media

    other teams play 11 . we cant play 12 for this heavenly combination! the days of nonplaying nonperforming smart captains ended prior to world war 2 . ( mike brear was his name in england?) in crucial moments we will need batsmen who can match the english run machine . we are f-ed cos of dhoni and his bhakts .
  24. shami for sure . will win u two games

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