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  1. mani sha

    Team combination after kohli & hardik Comeback

    mahendra bahubali - read article comparing mahendra and amarendra to the elephant in yesterday indian express/ toi strong pr his legend will hurt indian team more than his presence
  2. wow! jigar hain is ladke main. Bowls well , very well Plays with pride. True Maratha .
  3. mani sha


  4. As new year has begun , just want to enumerate gains for this year . its a positive thread and we hope gains are buillt up upon - pace battery . our padosis might be color blind but blue winds are 10 miles faster , 2 feet bouncier and perhaps equally deviant sideways as green winds now. Some can also bat ok and might go on to be legends but for now we pray that this year they remain fit and strong . Our dictator captain has for once realized they should be protected for world cup - solution to middle order in odi yes rayudu is no yuvraj but might jusr click . Vihari or Shaw might just sneak in before wc with kedar and pandya bros . its better than rahane pandey etc in middle order - dhoni dropped from t20 not missed . pant has been good in tests , work in progress in t20 and odi spot of dhoni now looks ready to be taken . dk or pant is fine - end of search for genuine decent left arm guy khaleel - p Shaw , m vijay and k l rahul are in decent form for aussie - dhawan dropped from tests is good sign - ranji trophy is on and might throw in more deshpandes india is no 1 is tests no 2 in odi . t20 i dont care except t20 wc which is ok.
  5. mani sha


    kedar jadhav might want to rotate 720 to deliver
  6. mani sha

    verbal diarrhoea of warne

    Here it goes Warne calls the conduct review document verbal diarrhoea Aussies now loosing to india , england and sa and no longer the force so the review remember monkeygate and how badly behaved the aussies were . Bhajji gave it back and they could not do their non reciprocating insults anymore .. hope warne is kept busy with some blonde . him and other so called greats were indecent people much respect for wi cricketers . always true champs
  7. mani sha

    verbal diarrhoea of warne

    not sure about his personal life sir . The whole aussie team was arrogant and bullies . Warne and others in name of sledging were just throwing insults . Perhaps other than Langer lee and Kasprowicz , most were bullies . pointing hayden symmonds warne mcgrath were chief culprits . they were good at what they did in terms of sport but sorry , they werent half as decent human beings as marshall , gordon or Sir Viv . truly a great team both on and off the field .
  8. congrats . wish u luck in achieving no 1 in all 4 formats ( t10, t5, t2.5, t1.25)
  9. mani sha

    3ps for powerhitting

    Our chance of world cup success depends on lower order stability and strike rate I have faith in Pant and Krunal Hardick is a bit hit or miss . but these three give u good firepower with fearlessness but on a given day a lineup of shikhar rohit kohli rayudu ( hope he fails in aussie and rahul is tried there at 4) / roundarm jadhav pant pandya h pandya k bhuvi bumrah kuldeep shami/ jadeja/ khaleel / sunder/ chahal full of decent allrounders , pace , swing , left right combo of 15 players . add karthick as 16th , someone really fast as 17th( siraj or nathu or nagarkotti) you have a winning team make dhoni non playing coach , sack shastri and u will win t20 as well
  10. kohli fitter, hungrier , better odi chaser. sachin - less fit but more talented . better opener between these two i pick kohli reasons- better player of second innings and chases easier to get a rohit or shaw o sehwag or dhawan but harder to find the kohlis pointings and laras as these were excellent middle order bats . and rare ...
  11. think your test spot is gonna go rahul shaw kohli sharma vihari/ nair/ gill pant/ karthick pandya/ jadeja shami ishant bhuvi bumrah 18 th man rahane . pujara somewhere in between 1 and 20 depending if he doesnt get run out( 1st of he gets rahane run out)
  12. mani sha

    What are your world cup expectations from India?

    wi vs eng ind vs nz finals ind vs wi wi win and viv richards smiles these are
  13. mani sha

    goods by dhoni

    https://m.timesofindia.com/ such a strong pr campaign . man they think fans are dumb. keeper dhoni - keep him for jharkhand now
  14. mani sha

    I am glad India lost

    get dhoni out and sanju in or kishan in or even parthiv or get rahul to keep! get pandya bros in
  15. are u drunk? sr below 110 is unacceptable ... he is not playing on a fifth day chennai pitch - he is playing like mnjrekar reincarnated
  16. not a sarkari job he plays innings which snooze u to death
  17. its not a bad idea . shaw and dhawan to open pujara sharma kohli pant pandya jadeja/ ashwin/ kuldeep shami ishant bumrah khaleel siraj kumar rahul ishan kissen vihari
  18. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    can we start a change.org petition his performance as captain is perhaps the worst in living memory. ct , sa , eng and upcoming aussie failure he is a poor catcher, poor tactical acumen , is a bully and inspite of having genuine pace bowlers plays trundlers. i really feel we should start a change.org to remove kohli the captain and yes dhoni to be exiled to tumbaktu or sent to the turkish embassy
  19. dhoni retires kohli steps down kumble is coach shaw pandya at 4.5 all men in metoo are put in jail pakistan stops sponsoring jihaad life will be beautiful alas ...life sucks
  20. whats wrong with you? fan of his captaincy ? he is a brain fart captain
  21. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    nair is no bradman but deserves one full series ...
  22. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    nair - he didnt score for two three games , so? sharma i recall was recycled 20 times ... probably nair has lack of talent !
  23. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    intent - dravid cant bat like kohli and kohli cant bat like dravid . but to ask dravid to play with intent when the intent should be to save and defend and not hit sixes - thats where his issues come from que system - sorry but this is not agovernment que . captains dont follow queues .. they lead them as regards fast bowlers - his nonselection of u yadav for ct or not batting first or his use of shardul over siraj ( siraj being from rcb and he knowing his strengths etc is nonsensical at best ) dhoni is better captain as he does have the silverware - dhoni did allow raina jadeja etc to develop ... dhoni backed up people and knew limitations as he himself is a limited batter who made most of his gifts ... kohli is at best the worse captain i have seen last 30 in international cricket after fixer azaruddin
  24. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    the pace and accuracy were there even before he was captain- see aussie series last time.what was lacking were the good backup bowlers which ipl is providing and is an effort of last 20 years. kohli doe snot know how to use and when to use fast men . he only knows to show intent in his batting and make others go crazy with intent-m vijay, rahul,ashwin, jadeja all regressed under him new players rarely get a chance nair is dumped after a triple century and yes the trundlers...dont get me started. which sane captain is gonna pick shardul over siraj..... even dhoni was a smarter captain but defensive one ...cos he didnt have backup pacers if main ones break down and he had god batters...kohli does not allow anyone to bloom ...its all gloom
  25. mani sha

    sack kohli the captain

    he has played gast bowlers as he has inherited them . no other captain had the factory of bowlers at his disposal and yet would chose trundler thakur or superfast unadkat over the likes of siraj ... his slip catching is a joke at best . his arrogance as a human being prevents him from being a good captain. his overseas records are nothing better given fast bowlers and spinners at his disposal . give this team to ganguly or dravid and they would have won sa for sure , 3-2 loss to england and would have won 2-0 in aussie( we are heading for a 2-0 loss)

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