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  1. i liked him as a bowler too always got wickets
  2. mani sha

    How Shameful is this??

    totally agreed sundar and jadeja would have been awesome shardul should be dedicated net bowler for all series next 10 years. he should also book tickets take pictures but i pray he is never in the team as a player
  3. mani sha

    India start as underdogs against Pak??

    dhoni is blocking pant get pant, pandya brothers as 5,6,7 add bhuvi at 8 add two wrsit spinners at 10 and 11 and bumrah at 9 good enuf batting and bowling
  4. mani sha

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    england at home had everything in their favor . on of the reasons they are doung well is cos their odi team doimg well india has failed fo produce hard hitters and allrounders - krunal nit given chance , mavi not played and kumar injured .
  5. mani sha

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    you guys are very cynical i am proud of this team yes kohli is shitty and shastri us worse as coach as a team this is the most competitive team - they held catches, bowled well , good backup they will win in aussie if- bowling artack including bhuvi is fit k yadav ashwin and jadejaare all taken and played in at least one match pant is keeper rahul kohli and rahane bat well with pujara dhawan is the only joker . but i remember him winning us against aussies at home . loves bounce . feel he might be the deciding factor given aussie attack of left arm mitchell
  6. mani sha

    Ganguly the Captain- was he that good??

    his century against australia at start of series was the best by an indian captain. we couldnt win the series cos of bucknor but boy oh boy - he was a decent test bat v good odi bat safe slip fielder above avg captain led tendulkar etc without bruising their ego
  7. mani sha

    Post Mortem of Pataudi Trophy

    big positive will be - rahul making a century tomorrow kohli pant did decent job . batting will grow. kackup bharath tofollow as second keeper rahane - needs to be kept . will win us australia series pace bowlers - bhuvi back and one left armer and u have the best attack arnd jadeja batting is imp for aussie . and to give ash competition . pandya will only improve vihari is good find sharma was not around and am happy for that negatives shastri still arnd -hate him kohli worst captain yadav k was misused . needs to be in the team for aussie yadav u needs to be kept too but with a yellow card poor reviews poor team selection kohli cant win tosses
  8. mani sha

    Shaw and Vihari should start practising

    jadeja and ashwin together . all success in india has been cos of jadeja relentless pressure and accuracy drop pandya pujara and dhawan to open kohli rahane and rahul pant ash and jaddu ishant bumrah and shami
  9. mani sha

    What can we Chase ?

    eng will post 250 ind out for 150 bevda shastri coach for 5 years
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/a-matter-of-degrees-cricket-australia-s-new-theory-on-six-hitting-20180807-p4zw25.html does he hit between 37-42
  11. agreed however you need a yuvi - one who can bat and kill attacks with supershots . dont see any batter except karthick pandya brothers kissan hope someone shows up -if i recollect i saw a left handed batter hitting huge sixes .. do u guys know anybody in domestic circuit
  12. siraj khaleed ahmed gowtham m prasiddh krishna gill samson its incredible fast bowling and spun talent and also batting talent . unfortunatt we have shastri as coach - hopefull dravid or amre or ganguly takes over
  13. he was the guy who opened against strong bowling attacks and opened bowling too . V good one day bowler,swung new ball,reverse swung . in my opinion , after kapil and pandya , he has been best allrounder along with shastri however he was toiling at a time when cheaters like azar were throwing matches and kapil prolonged his career prabhakars batting was very good . him opening with nayan mongia .. showed how poor india was . nobody wanted to open.
  14. i liked him- first one to bowl yorkers, swing , open batting, bowled well . you get to see how bad the 80s were . kapil was an accidental hero. not a supportive captain we need a ganguly now .. to lead kohli .
  15. mani sha

    I hope England demolish us 5-0!

  16. mani sha

    1st Test vs ENG-Choose your Batting Order

    thats recipe for failure
  17. epic fail .kohli is best batsman and worst captain to play for india for wc i predict qf or sf exit kohli and shadtri out rahul captain and kumble coach new era of indian cricket if brain and integrity .
  18. mani sha

    Predict India in Eng series results

    odi india 2-1 tests india win 2-1
  19. mani sha

    Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    pandya is delivering in key moments kapil played in a different era . bowlers were more successful . batters were meek and not fit like today . pandya as a batsmen is better than kapil though as he has better attitude and punches above his skills( kapil was gifted but lazy i felt) as bowler , its unfair to compare even bhuvi to kapil . kapil was a once a lifetime bowler .
  20. mani sha

    Shivam Dubey

    looks in good shape while hitting - like yuvi reincarnated . watched yuvi innings before he got into national team ( yuvraj today , king tomorrow were the headlines in i think 1998 or 1999) this guy hits exactly like yuvi - clean swing .
  21. pigholed or blockholed .. rahul is being stopped from playing as he is a direct threat to kohli
  22. i remember him . he was about 125 max . but better than dodda ganesh at 120
  23. mani sha

    KLR took his game to next level?

    rahul looks like a combination of power class and flair kohli is an ass in not picking rahul . only if rahul blooms will we be a world beater team . his time has come
  24. mani sha

    Avesh Khan bowling close to 150 k in IPL 2018

    seems like the debate has gone nowhere - ipl is giving great incentive for young kids to bowl - its easier to bowl fast or bowl spin then to be a quality bat ( gestation period , years of training and exposure - an avg bat will take about 600 matches to become world class ) a wasim akram can just go and bowl and become world class .. now reason india started producimg fast bolers is bcci- the support to come back after injury was never there . pakistanis were blessed to have stronger built bowlers . indian bowlers are still not as strongly built but are being bred .. if u breed you will have a consistent lineup - go anywhere in india and u will see kids wanting to bowl fast - pakistan will have some good bowlers always and will win here and there . but last 10 years india has clearly performed well across all three formarts and bcci will ensure the factory doesnt stop
  25. i think your question is perhaps best answered thus- this is first time india has quality bowling options . spin pace and youth . tremendous competition .allrounders like pandya , karthick , sundar etc . now regards batting . batsmen come and go . batting is still good . dhawan rahane kohli rahul .. gill karthick and numerous others . remember bowling wins u series when backed by catching and good team selection our problems rt now are with catching and team selection - its the stupid coach and the worst catchers i have seen . so if india do well with team selection half the battle is won . then if kohli no longer stands in slips we will win the series

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