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  1. mani sha

    ipl breakthrough star

    have a gut feeling that there will be at least one player who will force his way into indian team based on ipl form candidates are powerhitters/ can bowl a bit( most needed) shivam dubey prasiddh krishna kishan chahar s yadav mystery spinner / all rounder washington sundar chakravarthy opener rahul shaw fast bowler aaron saini avesh khan rajpoot
  2. mani sha

    ipl breakthrough star

    dark knight? grunty gritty fast left arm spinner from gujarat?
  3. you are right .but feel good backups coming through . its a factory lineup matter if time before another pacer shows up
  4. its well written they hunt as a pack give shaw and agrawal two years and pandya shankar etc this attack is going to have a batting line up as good as ever . things upbeat for india as it will remain no 1 for next 3 years till bumrah and shami remain at top
  5. andha loola and langda dhoni god bless .
  6. asshole was a useless cricketer now a useless selector . maje dravid te chairman and kumble the coach we will win everywhere
  7. csk fans are mad sachin played selfish but dhoni is at an alltime high selfish scale holding one end is a stupid notion . gone are days where a manjrekar could play for indian odi team i had hoped - alas nepotism has not gone away . in fact it runs deep now as the money is so much more as indian cricket supporters , i pray for a day we are like aussie . they have played great cricket always and they are not emotional about oldies or corrupt indian team - sab chalta hain . india - dynasty rules . cricketers can go away with muder . azar the fixer is in parliament
  8. pant highest probability unmesh if bowler injured krunal pandya and jadeja i do feel one of them will be there praying for rayudu to get injured
  9. mani sha

    Vijay Shankar at 4 can be a good option

    not close to decent *ed shankar played selfish
  10. rayudu haters are deshpremis Rayudu played the flukiest innings - ran out shankar him and dhoni are gonna play the yuvi kind of innings to sink us . fate is sealed though. india doomed. the team which played aj jadeja, yuvi , prime dhoni at no 4 is bringing back rayudu manjrekar
  11. mani sha

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    have a feeling - dhoni or karthick will be dropped for pant who will be force his way . no way is india going without pant and also jadeja rayudu is not still convincing . its vijay shankar who will be our no 4 no 5 will be pant/ dk
  12. but dhoni needs to go
  13. agreed him jadhav and pant will make formidable middle order followed by pandya and jadeja/krunal p
  14. mani sha

    India. Pakistan. Chennai. 1999

    cos he didnt win us test matches he choked barbados chennai second innings choker
  15. mani sha

    India. Pakistan. Chennai. 1999

    dravid was the matchwinner sachin has plenty of first innings meaningless hundreds i do feel that sachin 2 after his tennis elbow was a better bat as he batted more like dravid . defence was better sachin 3 was the worst. thats 3 years prior to his retirement and thereon
  16. mani sha

    Miss me

    shame on u dhoni
  17. mani sha

    Miss me

    missed pant missed vihari missed shaw
  18. kohli gayle if kohli had power hitting , he would have been greatest
  19. mani sha

    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    sehwag never dropped a catch gambhir gave100 percent rayudu takes away 100 percent
  20. mani sha

    Team India = RSA of 90s and 2000s?

    that SA team was filled with quality. no weakness except - didnt have an atg batter like kohli . they lost finals as they didnt have a single great performer but worked rather well as a team their fielding was exceptional - think even now our team is not as good as that team( jonty kronje pollock etc were best fielders ever matched only by aussies - pointing symmonds ) but overall that team was - weak against spin relied on lower order to win didnt have any great one day batter barring kronje( he was very good but cheat) this team india has got only one major issue - lack of power hitters and lower order allrounders . give this team a Yuvi or a Symmonds and this will be an unstoppable team the team management thinks Rayudu is Symmonds reincarnated .
  21. he is the role model . models in every role and rolls over every model . he is the 18 th century car wondering in the streets of suburban la
  22. mani sha

    Is Hardik Pandya more talented than Jadeja in tests?

    this thread is irrelevsnt selectors , players and captain consider him gold even if he is 12 karet gold , our team will shine . the mix of experience and ageing will make him 20 karet if he becomes 24 karet it will be from sheer discipline.
  23. however guru is atichar rt now dhoni fatichar is super slow . not sure if guru transit is helping or hurting us
  24. mani sha

    India has no chance of scoring 350 plus

    we will loose to england or west indies - they are the power hitting teams and unfortunately india seems to think that their wristspinners will bail them out - highly unlikely looking at way england batted in odi against us for now , enjoy ipl tamasha. pray that we continue to do well in tests. prepare for a semifinal exit from world cup with kohli and shastri patting each others backs.
  25. mani sha

    India has no chance of scoring 350 plus

    dhoni retires pant in rayudu gets kicked out by gill/ shaw pandya brothers at 6/7 jadeja as reserve your middle order is decent no conplaints with dhawan - never eats up deliveries rohit is the issue - sooner teams realize that a 30 ball 40 is more valuable at top then a 101 ball 100 how i miss Viru

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