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  1. Ellipsism

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    He doesn’t chuck nor does Husnain. I’ll post some side on clips if I find em.
  2. Ellipsism

    Pak F-16 shot down

    You Indians sure do get baited quickly. Those images were being used more than 24 hours ago by Pakistanis as proof of PAF downing Indian jets. There’s no sound reasoning as to why Pakistan would use an F-16. The F-16 is our best jet and common sense would suggest you’d only employ in dire situations. The jet being a JF-17 is much more likely.
  3. It was probably a JF-17. It’d make more sense
  4. Well, another one of your pilots is being treated at an army hospital as we speak. If reports are to be believed .
  5. Doubt we would have used an F-16. We don’t have many, and it’s our best jet. It would be foolish to use it in such a situation.
  6. Ellipsism

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    What about the guy in the vid. Hard to stage something like that IMO, accent is very Indian.
  7. Ellipsism

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    Apparently there’s also two other Indian pilots who have been taken to the army hospital. Asif Ghafoor has denied the use of an F-16’s and has confirmed that there are three Indian pilots in total that have been captured.
  8. Ellipsism

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    Source isn’t the best but better than nothing https://twitter.com/ZaidZamanHamid/status/1100662960052101120?s=20
  9. I don’t see how it can escalate further. Neither country is prepared for a fully fledged war, nor do I think it’ll ever reach the stage of nuclear warfare. S***s already getting out of hand Times coming for the US, China or Russia to intervene and tell everyone to calm the f**** down
  10. Umm ok. If India did bomb or whatever you want to call it, 300 terrorists release the proof. I don’t know jack **** about militaries or warfare but I’m fairly sure that fighter jets generally have some sort of recording system. Why don’t they just release the footage?
  11. I don’t buy that narrative. Simple That didn’t come out the way I intended. I was referring to the length of the raid, i.e entering Pakistani territory and leaving (2 minutes obviously being hyperbole), rather than the time taken to gun down the terrorists themselves.
  12. Because you invaded our airspace. People are mad as to why the aircraft was able to leave Pakistan completely unharmed; to which I share the same sentiments. It should have been shot down. You really believe that 200-300 terrorists were congregated in the one location. India has been waging this war against terrorists for 20 odd years but apparently they’ve been able to shoot down such a significant proportion in 2 minutes and runaway unscathed. Looks like something out of a Bollywood movie.
  13. Ellipsism

    news - skirmishes between India & Pak ...

    I have family in a phind near Kamanwala. There’s been heavy firing along the border, and the sounds of planes coming from both sides. They’ve also said there are tanks stationed on the Pakistani side of the border. A couple of civilians have been killed from neighboring villages, that are in closer proximity to the border.
  14. Ellipsism

    The Never Ending Thread


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