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  1. Ellipsism

    The Never Ending Thread

  2. They’ve managed to set up camp in Balochistan as well, and are targeting the Hazara community (who are Shi’a). They claimed responsibility for the Mastung Blast (https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/07/pakistan-survivors-blame-security-lapse-deadly-mastung-blast-180714090551175.html) and an attack on a polling station in Quetta, I believe.
  3. culturally punjabis.
  4. Ellipsism

    Coke Studio Pakistan Season 11 (2018)

    Nah Hazara look flat out east Asian with slight Caucasian features. There’s a huge population of Hazara in Aus and NZ.
  5. As a Niazi I think I’m able to comment on this. Like most people our looks vary. In my case Pashtun is normally the last thing people guess I am. Their first guess is usually Kashmiri followed by Punjabi . Generally speaking though, we’re not distinguishable to the untrained eye from your middle class Punjabi Jatt family.
  6. Ellipsism

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    Afghanistan refuse to play us cos’ apparently we’re the root cause of all their internal issues (essentially bought politics into it). BD refused a scheduled tour to Pakistan in ‘15 and relationships have been sour since (Ironically, they still sent their women’s team to Pakistan that very year).
  7. Ellipsism

    This year's Asia Cup will be a cracker

    Should be a walk in the park for India. Our batting is too weak to pose a threat. Just hope that we kick out Junaid and get in Shaheen into the OD setup before the Asia Cup.
  8. Ellipsism

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    NZ are underrated. Kick Southee out and get Henry in and you’ve got a quality attack.
  9. Ellipsism

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    Either Indian selectors are retarded or Indian bowling stocks are mediocre. Managed to catch a bit of the highlights, and gosh Kaul and Chahar are rubbish.
  10. Ellipsism

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    TBH there haven’t been any reported infighting (which generally comes with Pakistan teams of the past) the current lot are a tightly knit bunch; and with the professional setup that Mickey has in place I doubt he won’t be nurtured.
  11. Ellipsism

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    Hope not, because if the ‘15 WC is anything to go by phattas make for an extremely boring tournament.
  12. I don’t know why you bought Pakistani spinners into this when I simply said I don’t rate Mujeeb. Mujeeb doesn’t impart many revs, which not only limits your ability to spin the ball but also the amount of drift you get. Nor is his pelvis orientation any great as there is a minimal to no pivot once the front foot lands which hinders the transfer of kinetic energy- i.e. revs. The only thing he’s got going for him is variations- which as soon as batsman learn to pick, any threat he once posed would be nullified and it’s a one way ticket to oblivion. For the the record I don’t rate Shadab’s bowling nor Yasir’s bowling very highly either. The former is a better batsman than he is a bowler and the latter can’t get away with his lack of variations in overseas conditions. And the topic at hand is test cricket I don’t understand why your using LO exploits as justification of Pakistani spinners awaiting the phainty of their lifetimes when they play India in test cricket.
  13. Never rated Mujeeb. He’s like those guys you find at the nets who thinks he’s a local legend because he has 10 different variations. Essentially another Ajantha Mendis.
  14. Ellipsism

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    There is with this women. She’s the epitome of an attention wh*re.

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