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  1. Dangraj

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    Such level of hatred against any country isnt pretty healthy dude
  2. I know that feel but the thing which pains most is how one exceptional batsman can f*** up things in such a way, Greed and selfishness really knows no bounds.
  3. Indian brothers stay strong! you will sort out this mess eventually. Hope Asia cup will be exciting and close contested and Good luck for tests.
  4. Thats the spirit,be a man.tbh it does feel strange to see you not making the most of the resources that you possess and you know who to blame its kohli, time to kick him nuts and throw him out regardless of the stature of player that he is, He is creating a culture which is selfish and toxic and that will have long lasting affects on team.
  5. Alright wo dosra chutiya hoga
  6. Dont you act biggest dhoni fanboy on twitter .. Or am i confusing you with someone else ?
  7. No point arguing with a fool who clinge on to one match forever
  8. So you telling me bhuvi, bumrah, chahal and kuldeep arr better than Amir, Hassan, Shinwari and Shadab ? LMAO stop making fool of yourself
  9. you are quick to clinge on to no 1 title bandwagon if it towards your side, i didnt mean to undermine bumrah but if you are so insecure then i have to rub salt and ask you who was no 1 prior to bumrah ? Lol dude nice try ind and Pak bowling are still pretty much impossible to compare, One bad day could happen to best of the bests but our bowling line up did not let teams score even 250 apart from one match throughout the CT whereas your's were carted all around and couldnt defend 320+ against sl of all teams. And answering your question of who we are playing , sadly the streak of playing against minnows is going to continue little longer,, We are playing asia cup next.
  10. How is it a top ten whose batting beyond top 3 is almost non existent and bowling lipe up has only 2 to 3bowlers ( bumrah , kuldep, bhuvi ) who can be termed as reliable and handy.
  11. Whatever happened to greatest ODI team ever lmao? Every tom dick and harry knew you had some glaring weeknesses in botj batting and bowling but you indians were jumping in joy over victories on back of individual brilliances.
  12. Dangraj

    Sanjay Manjrekar does his commentry for free.

    Is he worse than khabees raja who struggle to construct even one sentence properly ? Sanjay might be biased towards certain city but whatever little i have heard of him he is pretty sophisticated and well spoken.
  13. Dangraj

    Manjrekars obsession with 100 !!!

    IK Greatest Alrounder ever to walk on face of the Earth. Keep burning in your little world
  14. Dangraj

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    Cheers buddy but why drop kuldeep.....
  15. Dangraj

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    If you expect every common man to know about the terrorist activities then good for you but any sensible educated person would tell you about our militaries mischieavous adventures in past and just few months ago Former PM also talked about mumbai attacks.

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