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  1. BC is sy ziada koi maila cricketer nh dekha, Paisa aa gaya per soch ab bhi gali ky faqeeron wali
  2. Kia zamana agaya hy ab indians b malnourishment ki bat karty hn
  3. Cry me a river.. how badly indians need something to console themselves.... Becharon py taras aaa raha hy
  4. Dangraj

    Match lasted 170 overs

    Honestly this is extremely unfair to other teams that India gets series of 4 to 5 tests in england after repeatedly getting disgraced for years now without even showing a little fight, also pretty foolish on ECB's part too to actually not give more tests to teams who are 100 times better performing in england than india i.e west indies won a test, srilanka levelled the series and pakistan series were superly fought.
  5. Ipl or no ipl, India has always been and will continue to be $hit oversees, they are too pu$$ies to fight it out in tough conditions.
  6. Hahah you dont have worry, just scrap remaining tests as more humiliation awaits your india anyway.
  7. With all the resources and money in the world still One cant differentiate between India and Bangladesh...I mean how $hit you must be to lose a test in more or less 2 days Even windies shown better fight and won a test..india kuch padosion ki he izat ka khyal rakho
  8. Dangraj

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    I want to die....Tragic bumrah and shami are being compared to ferocious windies bowlers
  9. Dear indians you can always have infinite excuses if you look for but its better to Man up and accept your team is just SHIET everywhere outside Asia. This England team that is looking like some ATG side was literally bullied by us in the our very first outing we had in EARLY June...team whose whole life is dependent on only one batsman ( root ) and two condition reliant Seam bowlers is thrashing "no 1 team" left, right and center like a school boys. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ?
  10. And getting a pounding every time since then.
  11. Get a grip on history putr
  12. Correction :We are the only side who gets rolled over by Eng in Eng even today.
  13. Dangraj

    Time to Avenge the 2011 and 2014 defeats.

    Lol you can tell indians are dreading about series big time...the horrors of 11 and 14 seem pretty fresh in minds.
  14. Hahaha youthiye youthiye he rahengy aqal sy aari
  15. And you assumed ( we ) pakistanis are not even smart enough to hate this Pro taliban Military Stooge Cocaine khan.

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