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  1. What is South Africa's T20 Squad like?

    And make sure you get yours ready too With your zimbos like middle order first round exit is more inevitable rather than trophy..kohli can only get you so far.
  2. Why not Khalil Ahmed

    And this quality cant win you a test even against sl to save his life. For all the hype he has been trash as of yet.
  3. Seriously they would have been handful in 03 wc final.. only if they were born couple of decades earlier.
  4. Lmao this is hilarious.... nothing to say much
  5. Lol you often accuse us ( pakistanis) of over obssession with india but seems like its totally the way around. I mean you beat our team fair and square, went on to win the trophy as well but still lets rant about pakistan...and even that you cant do logically cz half of these havent even grown proper mustaches yet but hey give a damn to logic.
  6. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    Will be an absolute shame if kohli doesnt end up scoring atleast 60-65 odi 100s and he has still good 6 7 years in him. IMO he should be the bar and pinnacle in odis for coming generations and not tendulker because of what i have seen in my 20 to 22 Kohli is clearly > tendulker ( odis ).
  7. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Have to admitted you are being wasted in india , with such eye for tailent and shrewd understading of game you are an asset and would easily make a great Cheif selector in any damn country. And please do take some moment out from your precious time in future for your insight on future players..thankyou and keep being highly DELUSIONAL
  8. Genius at work. Greatest Chaser Greatest Odi batter ever And all those who who hate on him including some extremely ungrateful Indians Go consult a psychiatrist ASAP
  9. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Alright, May you be keep cashing on the quality and class of kartick and hopefully the world will also have atleast few fifties to remember after the maestro decides to hang his boots.
  10. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Aukat ,class ,Calibre means a jack if it doesnt translate into numbers otherwise umar akmal , shahzad and so many others would have been ruling the world but no they are still $hit.The filth you have put in, just going through it made my eyes sour i must say you have lot of heart to write such crap and for so long. Come to point now Akmal no matter how bad he is still has better stats than karthick and has caused more impact which his strike rate would suggest too, 2nd akmal has some of the most clutch knocks under his belt i.e 2009 wt20 knockouts and some important test knocks which karthick even after getting hundreds of chances has failed to produced thus far. And you saying Had it not been for indias batting resources he would been very good so tell me how many times he had made comebacks and given fair amount of chances here and there and he is still in team for that matter, has he ever performed anything of significance to establish himself ? Our batting hasnt been great and if he was here he would have probably got more chances and eventually better numbers but to say he would have been Atg , Goat blah blah tells something about your cricketing acumen and if somehow your point stands valid then Sami, rahat , rana naveed would have been worshiped had they been available to india cz the number of useless bowlers you have produced over the decades is some itself a some sort of record.
  11. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    So what exactly has karthick ACHIEVED apart from being $hit for over a decade and still mysteriously finding a way into so called team of world betters.
  12. Rather few malayalam actresses will do nicely which you have in abundance too, you so gracious
  13. Bakis ?? This superiority complexes knocks me down its only few decades until then you and us were all supposedly no different.
  14. Go green scare the $hit out of these "next big things in idian cricket "
  15. Lets see who gets over the line the Crorepati teenaagers or our supposedly gareeb boys

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