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  1. how come every damn ipl match ends up as nail biting ? Just curious
  2. Hahah kia joke hy yar
  3. Thanda hoja beta cricket dekhty hn opinion deny mn kia bat hy
  4. You need atleast couple of half decent pacers as a back up for bhuvi and bumrah since wc19 has pretty lengthy group stage so chances of burnout are very high. And your 4-7 are horrendus in my opinion 4 and 5 are still not known dhoni has completely lost it. I still cant figure it out how come kl rahul hasnt been given a proper run in such fragile middle orders as yours.
  5. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Ary kia chutiye sara din pakistan pakistan krta rahta hy koi kam dhanda b karta hy ya sara din apny is cheap rant is logon ky samny khud ka mazak banata hy . Shabash hy india ko jo tery jesy ghady py apna space waste kr rha hy.
  6. Thats why you always get humiliated most of the time, with this sort of arrogance and attitude one would think you are brazil of cricket and not a decent at best side whose only achievement is being disgraced everytime they are taken out of their home. What have you accomplished minnow yet having money of all the world you are yet to reach our winning ratio.
  7. You mean you want even more harder $panking on your giggly a$$.
  8. Still too many free riders you have, better sort it to or gonna get embarrassed again.Hollow middle order , unreliable allrounder , lack of third pacer. Imo quite a massive sections for apponents to expose.
  9. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    No Fs given. Chal nikal
  10. No we dearly want to create CT 2.0 moment .
  11. I know what you just did there.
  12. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Like i give a damn
  13. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    We were talking about odi format specifically there if im not wrong, if thats the case we beat both of them without breaking a sweat in last odi series that we played.
  14. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Dont expect from a dumb like you to know that but we were the first asian team to beat sa in sa in odi series and that too when your mighty no 1 was being whitewashed in series after series in england and australia.
  15. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Became no 1 By playing mamoth home season stretched to 1 and half year. How many odi series has that mighty world no 1 won in eng, aus, sa, and nz in past couple of tours ? Now dont bring that recent series against depleted and over the hill saffers side.

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