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  1. insideedge

    Surely Srilankans are overacting much!

    Ok, let us agree that it was no dramebaazi. We grant that our eyes were mistaken when we found Sri Lankan fielders laughing from under their masks when an exasperated Kohli declared Indian innings. Sri Lankan cricketers should be man enough and say that they cannot play this match any longer and walk off. Forget the worries of any repercussions and other such thoughts. Their life comes first which apparently is threatened in Delhi. Why they are batting now, and that too without masks ? So they no longer feel threatened now that they forced Indians to declare earlier than they would have wanted. I hope that the next time India tours Sri Lanka, Indians take long dehydration breaks whenever the going gets difficult for them there.
  2. insideedge

    India squad for the 2018 Under-19 World Cup announced

    The under 19 Indians lost to even Nepal in U-19 Asia cup held recently and were eliminated in the group stage itself. This bunch of u-19 Indians appear no patch on the earlier batches of U-19 youngsters who are now playing in Indian senior teams. In the present team, only the skipper Prithvi Shaw (who did not play in the Asia Cup) looks like a future prospect for senior Indian team.
  3. One can see such behaviour in street cricket where a side badly outplayed in the match tries such ruses to avoid playing the game any more. But it is test cricket, which is being telecast and people including sponsors, ICC etc are watching. In the past we have seen players being fined for more trivial reasons. I hope ICC hauls up the Sri Lankan players for unsportsmanship and hands over a few punishments. If Sr Lankans plead not guilty then then BCCI should stop inviting them to play cricket in future. If it goes unpunished then we will find teams in future stopping play for too much humidity (in Srilanka), too much cold (in New Zealand and England), too many skimpily clothed females (in Australia) etc.
  4. If one goes by past records, then obviously one will find the Indian team wanting. But past records do not always matter. New things happen to those who are prepared to rewrite old records. Those who are rubbishing the overseas playing abilities of Indian batsmen should remember that exactly the same things used to be said about Indian batsmen till 2000. Those old enough will recall that Dravid was considered useless because his overseas record till then was abysmal. He changed all that beginning from 2003. Other Indian batsmen did the same. This Indian team is mentally far stronger than any other Indian teams ever. I am cautiously optimistic that this team will rewrite history in South Africa.
  5. Desh ka neta (as described by crony media)- who does not know what to say and how to say it. And there are people who project him as PM material. I really wonder how the well educated people in his party tolerate the rubbish that he utters every now and then which then his party members are dutifully required to defend.
  6. No idea what class Shami belongs to, whether it is world class or club class, but he is the pacer who is most likely to get India their vital breakthroughs in South Africa, if he manages to keep fit. Shami is the best pacer for India (alongwith Bhuvaneshwar Kumar) at the moment in tests.
  7. insideedge

    Introduction Thread for New members

    I am an India cricket fan who began to follow cricket when Indian cricket team used to be a minnow team and their fastest bowler used to be Chandrashekhar (their leg spinner). One of my earliest experiences of following Indian cricket was when the Indian team was bowled out for 42 against England at Lords in 1974. India has come a long way in cricket and also as a nation since then. It gives me great pleasure and pride to find that India now rules cricket not only because of its top ranked teams and players but also because of its big economy and market. One can easily guess that I am a proud Indian. I was looking for a cricket forum run by Indians (I have had not so good experiences with cricket forums run by fans of some other countries). It appears an active forum and I hope I will enjoy myself here. I have deliberately avoided giving my name here. I can see at least one member here who is familiar to me from another forum. I have in fact met him in person as well many years back. So I will let him guess my identity which should not be difficult for him seeing that he is a mod here.
  8. Murli Vijay is the best opener in India on tough overseas conditions. If India has to do well in South Africa, he, alongwith his opening partner should see off the new ball and blunt the South African new ball attack. If he (with his opening partner, whoever it is) succeeds in that then I am cautiously optimistic about Indian chances in South Africa. A being better than B, B being better than C, all these arguments are academic in nature. A team has to do the best with the resources one has. Murli Vijay may not be "better" than Sehwag (as asserted by someone) but that does not mean that one will drag Sehwag from his commentary box and put him in the playing XI instead of Murli Vijay. Murli Vijay is the best opener that India has at present for tough overseas conditions. I have high hopes that he will shine in South Africa.

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