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  1. themask

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    I don't think Rayudu is the best player for us at number 4. Almost all of Rayudu's good knocks have come against weak opposition. He struggled against Australia back in 2014-15, and nothing seems to have changed since then. He is a total liability in the field and does not offer anything with the ball either. There are a lot of better alternatives. Hopefully Shubman Gill is given a go in the next ODI.
  2. themask

    Play Shaw, Pant, and Siraj; soft debuts do little good

    Siraj is not a T20 player! This way he'll never make it to the ODI and Test teams.
  3. Shaheen Shah Afridi has already made it to the Pakistan national squad and here in India, neither Nagarkoti nor Mavi have even been given a game in the IPL! Hopefully today's match ensures we don't see Vinay Kumar again this IPL. Khaleel Ahmed, another potential national team player, probably won't get a game this season due to SRH's strong bowling lineup.
  4. Yeah, they're picking Vinay Kumar instead of Nagarkoti and Mavi! It's preposterous!
  5. themask

    Smriti Mandhana Fan Club !!!

    Perverts! Perverts everywhere!
  6. This was a joke of a pitch so I wouldn't read much into these performances, especially the bowlers who got smacked all round the park.
  7. themask

    WC Qualifiers

    I don't dispute that. All I meant was that if SL participated in the WC Qualifiers, they could have lost to Zimbabwe (and teams similar to them) considering their recent record against them and there's nothing to suggest they would've been favourites to win against them. Every other team in the top eight (bar maybe Bangladesh) would've been favourites to win all the matches in that tournament.
  8. themask

    WC Qualifiers

    I don't know if you're aware of the context in which I made that comment. What I meant was that if SL participated in the WC Qualifiers, they could have lost to Zimbabwe (and teams similar to them) considering their recent record against them and there's nothing to suggest they would've been favourites to win against them.
  9. Tbh Shapoor hasn't done much of late to warrant selection. He's slower than Dawlat and sprays it around a lot more. I hope he gets his stuff right because he's probably the third-best seamer in Afghanistan and they need another quality seamer in their XI. The best is Hamid Hassan but he's been injured for such a long time now.
  10. themask

    WC Qualifiers

    In that same BD series, they lost one out of their two matches against Zimbabwe. If that wasn't recent, I don't know what was. And defeating a depleted Indian side in a T20 is not really a big deal. Zimbabwe managed to do that as well the last time they played us in a T20 series.
  11. themask

    WC Qualifiers

    I wouldn't be so sure. They lost a 5-match series to Zimbabwe last year, that too in their own backyard! Even in the recently concluded tri-series in Bangladesh, they lost a match to Zimbabwe. The same Zimbabwean team got thrashed by the Afghans 4-1 in UAE after Afghanistan's series loss to Ireland. There's not much separating these teams at the moment.
  12. themask

    WC Qualifiers

    They should change the name of the tournament next year. It would be ridiculous to call it a 'World' Cup with just 10 teams participating! I really feel for the Scottish and Zimbabwean guys. Scotland had two outrageous decisions given against them in the Ireland and West Indies matches. In fact, they would've been ahead of the Duckworth-Lewis par score against West Indies had Berrington not been given out! That no-ball call that wasn't made by the third umpire when Sikandar Raza was dismissed against the West Indies was even more astonishing! The third umpire must've been high on weed when he signalled that as a legal delivery. This is why I feel West Indies did not deserve qualification at all. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but there clearly was some really biased umpiring that favoured West Indies. The associates seem to have improved a lot lately while some of the lower-ranked full members have regressed. If the Sri Lankans were participating in this tournament as well they too would've lost a couple of matches at least. Sri Lanka, West Indies, Afghanistan, Ireland, Zimbabwe and Scotland seem to be almost evenly matched at the moment.
  13. Speaking at a function in Mumbai on Wednesday, Vengsarkar told journalists that his insistence that a teenaged Kohli - who had led India Under-19s to the junior World Cup in 2008 - be added to India’s ODI squad for the tour of Sri Lanka that year was what forced Srinivasan to end his tenure as chief selector. According to Vengsarkar, when the selection committee met to pick the Test and ODI squads for the Sri Lanka tour, he was very keen to hand Kohli a debut in the ODIs but that then captain MS Dhoni and coach Gary Kirsten were not convinced. "I felt this was an ideal situation to include Kohli in the squad. Although the other four selectors agreed with my decision, Gary Kirsten and MS Dhoni were reluctant as they had not seen much of Kohli. I told them that I have seen him and we have to include him in the team,” said Vengsarkar. “I knew that they were keen on keeping S Badrinath in the team because he was a Chennai Super Kings player. If Kohli would have come in, Badrinath would have been dropped. N Srinivasan was the BCCI treasurer at that time. He was upset that Badrinath was dropped because he was their player.” Badrinath made his ODI debut in the second ODI of the 2008 Sri Lanka tour and played the three matches, with scores of 27*, 6 and 6. Kohli also made his debut in the first ODI and played all five matches, scoring 12, 37, 25, 54 and 31. "He [Srinivasan] asked me on what basis Badrinath was axed, and I explained that I had been on the Emerging Players tour to Australia where I saw Virat, who is an exceptional player and that is why he is in the team. He argued that Badrinath has scored over 800 runs for Tamil Nadu. I told him that he will get his chance. He then asked, 'When will he get his chance? He is already 29 now'. I told him he will get his chance but I can't tell you when. The very next day, he (Srinivasan) took (Kris) Srikkanth, who later succeeded Vengasarkar as chief selector, to Sharad Pawar, who was the (BCCI) president then and that was the end of my selection tenure," Vengsarkar said. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/backing-of-virat-kohli-in-2008-led-to-my-removal-as-chief-selector-dilip-vengsarkar/articleshow/63213191.cms
  14. themask

    Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    I don't understand why this guy is getting so much hate on this forum. How is 140k dibby dobbly pace? I remember this guy hit 148k a few months ago! Vinay Kumar barely clocks even 130k. I've been following this guy's performances for a while now and as much as I agree he's no Steyn or Rabada, he's still a damned good pacer. He can swing the ball away even while hitting the deck hard which is why a lot of his deliveries just rear up from a length. I know there are a lot of exciting prospects at the moment when it comes to fast bowling but they are still kinda raw and I feel they should be given a go in the A side first. This guy has already performed over and over again for the A side and earned his place. And he actually did well in the only chance he got this series! I'm wondering if you guys even saw him bowl.
  15. Have Rohit and Dhawan ever made any scores of significance in seaming conditions? I don't think it was a well-kept secret that the pitch was green! I am thoroughly disappointed by Kohli. Rahane and Rahul should replace them in the next match. And I also feel our bowlers gave away a lot of easy runs in the first innings. I was a bit skeptical over Bumrah's selection over Ishant initially but the way he bowled in the second innings means he deserves a decent run in the side.

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