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  1. lamellavig

    What is Ind's flavor of cricket?

    you give way too much credit to India. India has traditionally lacked skill and finesse: they have always played defensive cricket, banking on physicality, muscle, safety, and the natural trend of the result which favors the less risk-taking. India did well in tournaments because in cricket, the result tends to be an impostor. So, as I say, India are brutal, muscular, and defensive. Australia are skilled, play with finesse, calmness, philosophical and attacking.
  2. lamellavig

    Why do British Asian girls stare so much?

    Asian girls are the hottest. I love their eyes.
  3. And Pant is the Messi of IPL. I am convinced that Delhi Capitals are the first great IPL team, and you will see them win consecutive IPL titles. I am convinced of this.
  4. lamellavig

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    Kohli averages more than any Australian batsman this series. Bumrah is absolute **** compared to Cummins this series.
  5. lamellavig

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    No, no, I am Indian, just like you. The difference is, I have a life, and I bang hot 10/10s.
  6. lamellavig

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    Yes, Bumrah is the best bowler in the world, and Islam is a religion of peace.
  7. lamellavig

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    Pep Guardiola is a genius. It's as simple as that. Pep Guardiola is a super human being, a human whom I unfortunately cannot see India ever producing. There's no intelligence and philosophy in India and that's why it's the cricket team is so patently crap. The elite sportsmen are philosphers first, sportsmen second. My advice to you is to follow the philosophy of Pep Guardiola. Not taking risks is the biggest risk possible. Bumrah is a symbol of mediocrity. Compare him to the likes of McGrath and Ambrose. Can you not see how bad he is? Bumrah cannot be an elite matchwinner. The more Bumrahs India have, the more they become like South Africa. Defensive, dire and chokers.
  8. lamellavig

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    That's like calling Dhoni a better batsman than Pant. Stats are not everything. Cummins is a better exponent of attacking cricket than Bumrah currently. Perhaps Bumrah is superior to Cummins if you, as a team, are happy to settle for defensive, imperfect and mediocre cricket.
  9. lamellavig

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    He leaks runs like anything. When I see him bowling, it's like I'm watching the legendary Umesh Yadav hurl deliveries. He keeps conceding fours. I am convinced that Cummins is a significantly better ODI bowler than Bumrah. Just look at their stats in this series, and bear in mind Bumrah is bowling to much worse batsmen, and a team without Smith and Warner.
  10. If you try to slog early, you then expose his Excellency, the Thalaiva. Kohli understands that Thalaiva's batting is best when he doesn't enter the field.
  11. lamellavig

    Team India in 4th innings under Captain Kohli

    As long as India choose the most experienced batting lineup possible, who gives a damn about batting skill and chasing under pressure. Sri Lanka have an inexperienced batting line up. Most Indians would rather lose than play with such a lineup.
  12. lamellavig

    Bumrah should not start in WC

    Thala is God. Look at his age. He is 37. The older the better. the older the player is, the more experienced. He should play until he dies on the cricket field.
  13. lamellavig

    Bumrah should not start in WC

    Mohammad Shami and Umesh Yadav have been treated very unfairly by BCCI, Shastri and Kohli. It is time to give these 2 bowlers their fair dues and repay their skills which took India to no.1. Bumrah is good but he is inexperienced and has a lot of time in his career remaining. He will get his chance. Shami and Yadav are pushing 30 and it's now or never for these 2. Shami has particularly been treated unfairly by the media, probably cos of his faith. They should start over Bumrah. Shami and Yadav have experience, calmness and maturity which may take India over the line. They definitely wont bowl noballs like Bumrah.
  14. Hopefully Dhoni plays and Pant doesn't play. Pant is too inexperienced for this level.
  15. lamellavig

    Shami is second behind Bumrah

    Shami has bowled well. However, recently I have observed buffoons like gattaca act as though Shami is better than Bumrah. Let me put this clear. Shami is not in the same universe. Bumrah is miles better. Bumrah is a skill player, Shami a muscular player who is also quite skilled. However, Bumrah is a weapon of surgical destruction much more potent than Shami. Bumrah is Bumrah. Shami is good, but nowhere near.

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