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  1. lamellavig

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    I dislike this guy Khaleel. I hope he does not succeed in international cricket. he does not strike me as a perfectionist like Bumrah. Bring Nagarkoti and Porel ahead of this guy.
  2. lamellavig

    Ind needs to pull its socks up (WC19)

    Example of a low IQ Indian is this guy here
  3. What do you believe has been the key to Bumrah's successful career? What techniques does he have
  4. English teams just lump the ball long. They rely on their muscles, and are big and strong. They play like monkeys whose only claim to superiority is athletics and muscle. There is so much value attached to experience over philosophy. India are similar. Just look at the treatment of Dhoni vs Pant. West Indies are more like Ajax, Barcelona. Australia are more like Barcelona. The philosophy of attractive cricket is embedded within these teams. They would rather lose a match than lose their philosophy.
  5. Look at the way they play. They play cultured, intelligent, consistently attacking cricket with a sense of superiority. Whereas India always play defensive cricket till today. How do the West Indies play like this?
  6. The media are asking him what he learns from Dhoni. That's the first question they ask. Definitely, I doubt whether this is the truth. I bet he is trying to suck up to Dhoni in public, because this leech Dhoni has so much power.
  7. You are very ugly too.
  8. This Dhoni is an absolute leech, it angers me.
  9. Tendulkar has even more experience of playing in major tournaments. And so does Kapil Dev, who has been around for a long time. I think they should slot in to our batting. SR Tendulkar Rohit# Dhawan Kohli Dhoni Kapil Dev Hardik Kuldeep Chala B Kumar Bumrah. SOOOO MUCH experience!! So much winning mentality!
  10. Previous incarnation of Dotender Singh Dhoni?
  11. Your idiocy reigns supreme. On what planet is 1-39 at economy rate 4.5 mediocre? Retards should be banned from this forum.
  12. lamellavig

    Our Top 3 Best in World Cricket?

    How wide she opens her mouth!
  13. lamellavig

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Many of you are underestimating the synergies that would come by playing metronomical Jadeja as a fifth bowler instead of the idiot Hardik Pandya. You would have 6 specialist batsmen, 1 allrounde plus insanely economical bowler, plus 4 insanely economical bowlers. It's a pity that none of you understand the principles of Cruyjffism.
  14. lamellavig

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Chahal cannot be dropped. Pandya can be dropped. Pandya is dispensable, Chahal is not. IF you choose to play Bumrah-Bhuvneshwar-Kuldeep-Chahal-Jadeja, you have 5 consistent threats who each economy rate under 5. I can assure that IF we play these 5 bowlers, the combined synergy will be such that it will be IMPOSSIBLE for the opposition to score over 240 in 50 overs. Play attacking cricket. Drop hardik pandya. Play Rohit-Dhawan-Rahul-Kohli-Jadhav-Dhoni-Jadeja-Bhuv-Kul-Cha-Bum. As much as I support Pant, I would play Pant ahead of Jadhav only. Dhoni in a final, has increased threat of effecting crucial stumpings of specialist batsmen to spinners that Pant may not be capable of.
  15. Well said. McGrath was a level above peak Anderson. Peak McGrath was three levels ahead of peak Anderson.

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