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  1. lamellavig

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    For me, having a relationship is a waste of time. It represents a waste of your time, resources and money. any utility derived from such a relationship would be really long term if positive....and if negative, it more or less ruins general life. Same reason why I will never marry.
  2. lamellavig

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    I will never get bored. I don't actually need a relationship, I only need to enjoy sex. That's why I don't worry too much about personality. Looks are important for sex.
  3. lamellavig

    Vintage Thala on display

    Thala, nothing in front of Rashid.
  4. lamellavig

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    I am very popular with these hot blondes however I always ensure that I do not be too nice. I am lucky with my looks so it is all about playing hard to get
  5. lamellavig

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Don't worry, I spin the plates with many women here.
  6. lamellavig

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    I have f****d many girls here in Oslo.
  7. lamellavig

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    If you replaced Indian women's brown skin with fair skin, they still wouldn't be beautiful on average.
  8. As a university student in Norway, I can say this factually. Almost every woman here is a conventional 9/10. Absolutely smoking hot Indian women are comparatively distantly non-competitive in the dating game and in terms of sexual market value
  9. The legendary Steve Waugh, a man of greatness.
  10. Teams look mediocre because they are more mediocre now.
  11. Previously, I was watching a great team pushing the standards of cricket. Nowadays, I am watching teams running about like vulgar rats, trying to beat each other with distasteful pragmatism. I'd rather watch Waugh's Australia, just like I would rather watch Josep Guardiola i Sala's Barcelona.
  12. I disagree. How good were McGrath, Warne and Gilchrist? These players were at the crux of Australia's fast, philosophical, steamrolling and aggressive cricket. McGrath in particular was so philosophical that he could probably excel in any academic area he wanted whilst playing cricket. There has definitely been lower cricket standards.
  13. Nowadays, I observe vulgar, hermetic defensive cricket everywhere, even by the game's ambassadors and most philosophical practitioners, Australia. There is nothing to say about India and Indian cricket, it was always a gone case. So many teams settling for mediocrity and choosing not to employ any slips. So much laziness, complacency and defensive cricket with disregard for spectators (especially in IPL and India team).
  14. https://imgur.com/TgG5ODm is the image from Alex Hales's Instagram. Ahahaha this is so funny. I live in Oslo (Norway) so I don't speak much English with other Indians but this shows the stereotypically poor English of Indians online...always saying 'sir' lol

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