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  1. Well said. McGrath was a level above peak Anderson. Peak McGrath was three levels ahead of peak Anderson.
  2. lamellavig

    Have learnt how to bowl overseas, says Mohammed Shami

    To average 38 in a series like this with an economy of nearly 4 is unspeakably poor.
  3. Utter rubbish. McGrath was the iceman, much like his captain Steve Waugh. If you want to see short temper, check Anderson and Broad. Sledging is for mortal bowlers. McGrath is immortal. He is not a bowler. It is an insult to call him a bowler. McGrath was an intellecutal. He was too good, too smart for resorting to sledging.
  4. I can't fathom how a bowler can average only 21. I can't visualize it. But the average is the least impressive thing about McGrath. It's his economy rates, and that the fact that he did this with a deficiency in pace. The true version of skill over brawns!
  5. lamellavig

    Just how were Australia so good?

    FFS just look at their best lineup...Hayden,Langer,Ponting,Mark Waugh,Damien Martyn, Steve Waugh, Gilchrist, McGrath, Warne... How were they so ahead of the game? Bear in mind this was in 2000, and even in 2018 India can't match 10% of this lineup. How were Australia so smart? How did they across all these players? To top it all of, they had a cerebral leader in Steve Waugh.
  6. What a monkey this Dhawan guy is.
  7. lamellavig

    Australia in England 2001

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_cricket_team_in_England_and_Ireland_in_2001 Australia subjugated England right from the First Test... Take note of Gilchrist's 152*(141), an IPL innings from today played back in 2001, in the First Test in challenging English conditions, clearly planned by Adam Gilchrist in order to execute his steamrolling agenda over England.
  8. lamellavig

    What should be the team changes for the final Test?

    Umesh is an absolutely disgusting bowler and match-loser. He should never play for India again.
  9. lamellavig

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    Nimrat Kaur flashes, and flashes hard, at Shastri!
  10. Lol, don't you feel ashamed of the way you look? Look in the mirror, and compare it to beautiful Norwegian girls I see here everyday. You are very funny :D
  11. Jasprit Bumrah is an absolute powerhouse. The way he can differentiate himself from previous bowling greats is by excelling even in twenty20. So, yeah, let him play all formats and if he gets tired, give him a break. No other policy.
  12. lamellavig

    Team need batsmen that play more aggressively

    It is indeed an extended version of LOIs, if you are a good team. If you are a weak team (i.e. having a deficit in absolute skills in either batting, bowling or fielding), it is a completely different format. If you are a good team, you make test cricket an extended version of LOIs.
  13. lamellavig

    Bring Shubman Gill instead of Pujara in Tests

    Test cricket requires batsmen who are patient like Pujara. He cannot replace Pujara's value unless he changes/improves his game.
  14. lamellavig

    Bring Shubman Gill instead of Pujara in Tests

    Blood in youngsters, but only if they are suited. Shubman Gill must be more defensive in his game.
  15. lamellavig

    Bring Shubman Gill instead of Pujara in Tests

    Shubman Gill must be more defensive first. Then he can dream of test cricket. He should learn from Pujara about building test innings.

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