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  1. South Africa series could make or break pujara

    Eventually we have a broken Pujara..
  2. Iam very happy for our very respected Mr.Ravi Shastri aka Mr.Tracer Bullet aka The Yes-man aka Bevda ....Kumble should send a consolation text to him
  3. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Can anyone share Monu Kumar 's bowling video
  4. If we go beyond politics we can bulldoze any side with our A,B,C sides as there is enough talent
  5. Yes domestic speed guns show the speeds which are recorded near to the batsmen.the nearer it is the slower speeds they record
  6. This has been the routine business to downplay the performance of Indian pacers..nothing new..
  7. Nagar koti reminds me of a young Brett Lee..please don't attack me detractors if I say so
  8. But also it raise a question why then the Aussie bowlers were not read 135+ infact they were sub 130
  9. Nagar koti bowled 147+ today ,why we keep on playing fast spinners like Jhandunatkat Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  10. What's Up With Shami.

    Yup it's trending
  11. Im not getting overboard when I say Saini is bit like Steyn who is skiddy ,bang on target and will always be the first person to walk into the playing eleven

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