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  1. Can't rule out, always maintained his better half is pulling his strings all this while
  2. Rohit breathing down his neck to claim the post powerful position in side
  3. Exactly,you wont accept or acknowledge a winner without actually winning the damn thing fair and square so what if it came within the boundary of so called "rules"
  4. I have given up on Indian cricket, nothing is going to change I knew this freeloader won't leave till the time he sucks out life from Indian cricket,he is too much for officials, Even if he leaves he will dictate terms in forthcoming selection processes amd policies
  5. Suhaan

    goodbye guys

    VirudimagSekhelo ,dil se nahi As per Thala
  6. Suhaan

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    Ambati Rayudu 2.0 Should avoid wasting time on him like his predessor
  7. Suhaan


    "Clearly "the rift between the two is evident
  8. Suhaan

    A shared World Cup would've been better.

    What a farce,yes its all per rules that were pre defined You score n number of boundaries still end up making same number of runs Had it been NZ,then too we would have called it
  9. No....,he would have showered so much praise on Morgan ,that even his mother wouldn't have done so
  10. I was listening to commentary ,just before the NZ innings in the super over No one was talking about NZ lifting the cup All of them were like-could this be jofra's career making over for England Can he win them the wc They all knew it.....

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