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  1. Vacuum between ears,that sums everything
  2. But Indians(BCCI) don't think out of the box They rather hand over the sword to a reckless ape called rat Bumrah would be the last name on the gentlemen's list
  3. He is a mental midget,nothing can get simple than that,he is creating chaos in the team,not even a blade of grass could have flourished under him let alone a young homo sapien I think the Tag Mental Midget should be passed on to this dumb brat,apne din bhul gaya.
  4. That's actually good for Pant, Manju has been the lucky charm for rookies,in some other sense though
  5. Suhaan

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    There was a time when Bhuvi was our most bankable bowler in odis,he used to take wickets upfront with his swing,nver ever can let slip away memories of his lovely bowling in a test match against Kiwis in Eden gardens,he was a complete bowler back in those days Talking about oneday cricket,he used to bowl those yorkers with great precision in death overs ,always used to outdo batsmen,, but suddenly developed a special liking towards knuckle balls and other innovative stuffs which made him forget his main art of bowling with control,since then he started bowling too many cutters,knuckle balls in death overs,at that pace lining him up is quite easy Would be glad if he starts bowling with his original style which fetched him and his team rewards, certainly did intend to start a Bhuvi vs Bumrah debate,his last two years bowling avg suggest otherwise though Hope he does well for us in Eng,if bowling has to be our metier then Bhuvi has a huge role to play in few months time
  6. Suhaan

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    It seems you have been more used to those circle jerks to celebrate Knuckle man's every intl appearance,Hey , neither iam advocating shamis place nor will I want TM replace him with a so called (redundant)strike bowler He(Bhuvi) is definitely our go to man in tests when conditions are swing aiding(yes i feel he is a better exponent of swing bowling with red ball than the white ball in hand)but seriously is not a threat on tracks that dont offer much to his kind of bowling
  7. Consider capping mediocrity then! No capping on participation translates into injuries which then leads to selection of mediocre replacements,which eventually caps our chances this WC
  8. He does give impression of a poor man's S Kaul Lol,Cannon foddar for ipl batsmen
  9. Suhaan

    Pak Major's tweet for Khawaja

    Exactly,dont know about others but you guys honour your Osamas and masoods than those in army
  10. Suhaan

    Pak Major's tweet for Khawaja

    Maturity is nursing and feeding blood thirsty saints like saeed,massod on your lap, despite being given n number of proofs of their involvement in terrorist activities, isn't it??
  11. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiVnZGlnofhAhVXAXIKHXvtA0QQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.crictracker.com%2Fipl-2019-kkr-eyes-teenage-kashmir-pacer-as-shivam-mavis-replacement-calls-him-for-trials%2F&psig=AOvVaw0wUxAVYllYxtS9E4nLb6Sq&ust=1552845467538117
  12. Suhaan

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    So you believe he will deliver on flat featherbeds of England this wc,to further boost his 35+ bowling average?? Think before typing crap You continue to be absorbed in your fantasies about knuckle man,that is a norm,but don't let it make you fool around here Is 2019 over??or did you deliberately overlook his 2017,18 stats
  13. Suhaan

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    Thats what he's been hiding behind since 2016
  14. Suhaan

    KKR sign Warrier for injured Nagarkoti

    Hmm,they jinxed him so badly Ian Bishop you jinxed our boy
  15. Suhaan

    KKR sign Warrier for injured Nagarkoti

    With Nagarkoti and Mavi out, probably their is no x factor left in fast bowling this ipl

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