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  1. Suhaan

    Line up for NZ series

    This(just concluded )series should be biryanis farewell series,assuming that,i think Gill should be given some opportunities,if he does well many of our problems will be solved Would have loved Pandya and Pant here..
  2. Goti muh me aayega tab yaad ayega ki ms cool hai ya ye saala Bevda fool hai
  3. Point to ponder Thala Ko kyu kohli,bevda ne pala??
  4. Bhoot pisach(Dhoni) nikat nahi aave Mahavir jab naam sunave Atlast he saved us by blessing Jadhav otherwise the Demon king was in his mission to fail Ind yet again
  5. Dhongi again was the Saviour Rest are just numbers, Chahal too borrowed 3 wickets from Thala today
  6. Gavaskar and other Indian commies have got rs 501 each from Thala
  7. Lets take a moment and laugh at Dhongi fans
  8. Because he can't,his reflexes have ditched him long time back
  9. Dhonis ass will be and should be in fire after this debacle
  10. Shameless chewt dhongi fans celebrating each and every tuk tuk of dhoni,traitors
  11. Disgusting dhoni,he should sink himself in shame
  12. The torture of Dhoni,the untold story All seen story

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