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  1. Hardik Pandya...

    He thought he could become the so called best finisher by consuming deliveries....and take the game to the last but this cannot happen all the time..in t20s one should not take more than 3-4 balls to settle..its an ultra fast version ..a quiet over makes a miles of difference but certainly I m not sold on his batting since his debut..The overall package is not satisfactory..he needs to put serious effort to address this.He should shun the idea of enhancing his looks which he does with his hairdo s ..yuck
  2. Dibbly dobbly gets a wicket
  3. Sandeep trundling like always
  4. Manju saying , Commentary box invaded by Chopras ie Anjum Chopra,akash chopra nikhil chopra...f is this they are coming down to?kuch bhi ....
  5. Mayanti Langer looks like a heavyweight wrestler
  6. The true Delhi fan sad story.

    Still with DD no point giving up..Bahaare phir aayengi Dosto mat ummeed haaro
  7. Shreyas Aiyyar loosing it for DD....someone is always there to take DD down ..#self goal
  8. He was always quick last ipl he bowled manyy ones in the 142-143 k bracket..he is growing as his pace with bowling muscle getting stronger
  9. "No country for trundlers" hold the slogan and scream
  10. Where is Khalee?play them all..
  11. Avesh looks a beast here..swept others with pace..wow
  12. Hope Rcb superstar captain takes some cue from this and unleashes Saini next..
  13. By far the fastest bowling pool in the world
  14. Why the f Udaankat is playing when we have these?

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