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  1. Suhaan

    India A Tour of NZ

    But still could have debuted against weaker opposition,like the recent series vs wi
  2. Yes , remember it quite well,but it was more about Peiterson's epic century,he imposed his authority in that mine field,never seen any non sc batsman dominate Indian spinners in India He won it for them
  3. A bevda is only worth this kind of sh!t, No matter how much money you invest in Someday he will blatantly ask for item numbers before going to a match
  4. Suhaan

    Pre-IPL 2019 discussion thread !!!

    Iyer getting fired is shaping up good for dd,but don't need to go back to Dhawan either Not that they should burden Pant,Shaw with this my sixth sense says dd with their suicidal tactics may go for it but more to do with ,the harm it can do to both these young potentials
  5. Making money from the brand value is something else,yeah they want to earn as much as they can But does Dhoni really care about his persona,?had he cared a bit he would have given up on intl cricket long before,his legends could have been told,narrated to the youths who have desire to represent the country, but he completely messed it up , The following statement can sum it all for him this wc Bade Beaabru hoke unki mehfil se ham nikle Dhoni why to beaabru yourself? Enough is enough
  6. Suhaan

    India U19 Challenger Trophy 2018

    Karthik Tyagi selected in UP under 19 team
  7. When asked about this,shastri had no clue what was going on
  8. Suhaan

    India A Tour of NZ

    Are they showing it Live?
  9. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Bro,even Im not sold on Pandya as of now,but he attracts too much of wrath which is quite unnecessary I sincerely believe and hope if he doesn't performs in upcoming tours(not more than 1) I would want him to be dropped ,we cannot drag ourselves as a team with tried and tested failures but then i think that is quite wrong on part of some here who think he was the only reason we lost a golden opportunity to register a series win in Eng which I think was a collective failure
  10. Andrew Flintoff, Mcgrath Current-Bumrah
  11. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Bhai team is craving for a seamer allrounder,we cant have four bowlers toiling hard in an off day(when opposition bats are all over us)and get injured,Pandya is not the only problem Which genuine batsman would you play in place of him? Or which genuine bowler would you play for him? I think its matter of time we find his like for like replacement But by the time if he improves by leaps and bounds ,we will be the only ones who will be benefitted
  12. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    No its not the way you put it,all the teams playing at home are preparing pitches to their liking, specially the SENA teams they prepare bowling friendly surfaces Pandyas presence gives the team needed cushion where our top.bats become quite incompetent Lets remind you the only test which we won in England was mainly due to Pandyas bowling heroics The tests which we lost had much to do with the so called SENA experts
  13. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    His utility stays with him if stays as bowling allrounder,the moment he moulds himself into a batting allrounder,i dont think he will b that effective as now Teams are unaware of his weaknesses just makes him fly under the radar,but have to give credit where its due, marvellous
  14. Suhaan

    Pre-IPL 2019 discussion thread !!!

    They dont have a team game,when bats step up bowlers disappoint and when the bowlers have a good day batsmen loose it for them, Then you have many collective disappointments which make their campaign a forgettable experience for their fans,they refuse to show up for them....as a fan your patience has a certain saturation level
  15. Suhaan

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Agarkar ,sami were too wayward to earn respect Name one bowler who was respected at the same time being wayward..

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