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  1. Suhaan

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    I don't think Jadeja has gained over Pandya, In England the management wont compromise on Pandya's place, I still feel if somehow we add Khaleel as third seamer we will be having a dangerous attack but that wilk cost one batsman with Dhoni as a certainity that can bite us
  2. Yes, i realize that they are on weeds since the day bevda has started his supply of peculiar kind
  3. Suhaan

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Rayudu the name itself makes you puke,the less said about his batting(ugly),the better....has done nothing barring fake ipl performances so should have been discarded at first sight
  4. Suhaan

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Khaleel has to be groomed before wc as he can be the attacking third left seamer,Chahal is not needed at all in the sceheme of things
  5. Suhaan

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Yes,Experience of failing at any surface,imaginary SENA performer
  6. Suhaan

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Shaw should wait atleast for 12-15 years till he becomes a dadu and then he qualifies for selection
  7. Sabse pehle Rayudu ko bahar karo phir baaki behes baad me..wo akela hamare middle order ki mar lega
  8. Ahha re, you are tearing into Kohli,but truth he truly deserves this Yes More than evil Dhoni its moron Kohli who should be held for this ongoing corruption..
  9. Rahul, Khaleel missing out, They have turned the India team into jokers xi.What a shame Sharam bhi nahi aati great potential ko groom nahi kar rahe aur tandoori, biryani inko chance dete hai In @dandaroy 'words "phuck de India"
  10. Suhaan

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Yes he seems injured ,last ranji season he was not featuring in the later part and since then he is out of action I remember his spell against Bengal where he took 4 fer, bowled at lively pace
  11. Suhaan

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Msk waiting for dhongis approval to select rahane and ditch others
  12. Very soon upcoming players have to give statement like If not for his contribution i wouldn't have got my own child for iam,,@#$$#
  13. Csk factory is producing world class ipl products,bcci thought its better to have a easy way ,why not select from the already selected players from csk On a serious note this is now called shamelessness..they are selecting the most mediocre ones ignoring the deserving ones all in open and on purpose M@d@r©0..
  14. Suhaan

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Gaye din jab imandar log hote they ab toh commission khor baithe hain

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