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  1. Pandya is very capable of breaching those speed limits,in intl lois he has bowled many deliveries above 140 and has reached even 145 He is a genuine pacer ,in tests too he won't drop his pace ,though he is bowled in short spells in tests
  2. Suhaan

    Thala is back !!!

    What a blockbuster script that was,kohli gets away with a win Thala adorns the climax, everyone going gaga over him
  3. Compare it with our Team full of box office actors
  4. Trundler khaleel trying different types of slower deliveries Chinese slower American slower African slower Punjabi slower Hyderabadi slower Kanpuri slower
  5. Saini ripping short ball gets well deserved respect from Russell Feel Indian youngster should cut down on over use of slower ones in death overs when they have pace to rattle opponents ,a well directed bouncer has high chance of getting a wicket
  6. Saini too bitten by slower one bug
  7. What's this discrimination is all about?
  8. Saini speeds have been down for two matches now He is not getting the same zip as he got in earlier matches Has he been asked to not to go.all out or they have retuned the speed guns after D Morrison statement
  9. Arey baba , ipl is very grueling tournament,it takes its toll on every player Rest assured he will prove he is our trump card this wc
  10. They deliberately evaded catches from.rat just to let him score a 100 Sorry won't happen in wc
  11. Why the hell they are not catching Virat?
  12. Hope so ,but an idiot like kohli doesn't seem to bother too much about any players outside his franchise(atleast)
  13. Unlucky Couldn't get Virat,wish they had a slip there Just feel Prasidh gets wickets regularly,that will raise his confidence to whole new level,but still good though
  14. Manju on weed says just imagine krunal could hear his voice from the comm box through that stump mic Clown doesn't know diff between mic and speaker No.wonder this joker isn't taken seriously
  15. Avesh too is a good prospect ,a good red ball bowling prospect but unfortunately hasn't been given much opportunity in white ball cricket can't say he is rubbish in white ball cricket
  16. Yes,Saini,Pant and Biryani are stand bys If any injury happens.they are going to be in top priority
  17. Biriyani should have been completely flushed out Why not Mayank instead of him? Pant,Saini is great news though

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