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  1. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25807790/baroda-ranji-winner-jacob-martin-life-support
  2. Yes of course ,but once Thala comes out to bat,the whole kayanaat seems after him,i mean against him,so one cannot 'absolutely 'cannot compare Thala with anyone,let the Mortals play their puny game
  3. Pak not in mood to screw this,its rather SA's turn
  4. Pakistan well placed here,101/1 in 20 th over Smooth
  5. Pakistan 41/0 after 7 Cruising at this stage,i must say
  6. Amla played for Pakistan today Saw they were 235/1 around 46th over Why did they play so slow? Were they trying to test their own bowlers by giving them a below par score to bowl at??
  7. And we thought ,the thinking has changed after years of mediocrity but sad to see these bowlers taking the easy and least rewarding way, Khaleel,siraj,aniket etc thats a big casualty What benchmark are these guys setting for the upcoming generation?? Something has to be done ,the coach,the fitness coach should talk to them and inspire other youngsters to work hard on their fitness as there are no freebies in intl cricket you have to work hard and buy your wickets, every wicket is hard earned ,they have to understand the value of intensity which one needs to put in,you just can't go through the motions Aniket should be strictly dealt with ,it looked as if he let Karnataka batsmen play the way they wanted to,no serious effort from him And,why haven't they played Nathu?
  8. Suhaan

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Saurashtra,Only a few runs away from the target Will be privileged to see Unadkat wrecking havoc in semis
  9. Suhaan

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Yes he is not as fast as it is being told Infact i rate Warrier way more than him,gets bounce and is always at you through out the day
  10. I won't blame Siraj for that matter, continuously been chosen for wrong format,if he has done well in 4 day matches only a fool(msk) will give him debut in lois Khaleel,i will quote Vishal bhai here,he is a cheat,he was selected to provide some variety to the attack and was a genuine pacer to begin with,did well in his debut series bowled at pace,and was infact the second fastest bowler in Asia cup by bowling in excess of 145k His regression started at a rapid pace since then,quite puzzling though Selectors didn't either groom pacers other than kaul,shardul etc who were never good
  11. Suhaan

    Line up for NZ series

    This(just concluded )series should be biryanis farewell series,assuming that,i think Gill should be given some opportunities,if he does well many of our problems will be solved Would have loved Pandya and Pant here..
  12. Point to ponder Thala Ko kyu kohli,bevda ne pala??
  13. Bhoot pisach(Dhoni) nikat nahi aave Mahavir jab naam sunave Atlast he saved us by blessing Jadhav otherwise the Demon king was in his mission to fail Ind yet again
  14. Dhongi again was the Saviour Rest are just numbers, Chahal too borrowed 3 wickets from Thala today
  15. Gavaskar and other Indian commies have got rs 501 each from Thala
  16. Lets take a moment and laugh at Dhongi fans
  17. Because he can't,his reflexes have ditched him long time back
  18. Dhonis ass will be and should be in fire after this debacle
  19. Shameless chewt dhongi fans celebrating each and every tuk tuk of dhoni,traitors
  20. Disgusting dhoni,he should sink himself in shame
  21. The torture of Dhoni,the untold story All seen story

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