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  1. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Bro,even Im not sold on Pandya as of now,but he attracts too much of wrath which is quite unnecessary I sincerely believe and hope if he doesn't performs in upcoming tours(not more than 1) I would want him to be dropped ,we cannot drag ourselves as a team with tried and tested failures but then i think that is quite wrong on part of some here who think he was the only reason we lost a golden opportunity to register a series win in Eng which I think was a collective failure
  2. Andrew Flintoff, Mcgrath Current-Bumrah
  3. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Bhai team is craving for a seamer allrounder,we cant have four bowlers toiling hard in an off day(when opposition bats are all over us)and get injured,Pandya is not the only problem Which genuine batsman would you play in place of him? Or which genuine bowler would you play for him? I think its matter of time we find his like for like replacement But by the time if he improves by leaps and bounds ,we will be the only ones who will be benefitted
  4. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    No its not the way you put it,all the teams playing at home are preparing pitches to their liking, specially the SENA teams they prepare bowling friendly surfaces Pandyas presence gives the team needed cushion where our top.bats become quite incompetent Lets remind you the only test which we won in England was mainly due to Pandyas bowling heroics The tests which we lost had much to do with the so called SENA experts
  5. Suhaan

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    His utility stays with him if stays as bowling allrounder,the moment he moulds himself into a batting allrounder,i dont think he will b that effective as now Teams are unaware of his weaknesses just makes him fly under the radar,but have to give credit where its due, marvellous
  6. Suhaan

    Pre-IPL 2019 discussion thread !!!

    They dont have a team game,when bats step up bowlers disappoint and when the bowlers have a good day batsmen loose it for them, Then you have many collective disappointments which make their campaign a forgettable experience for their fans,they refuse to show up for them....as a fan your patience has a certain saturation level
  7. Suhaan

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Agarkar ,sami were too wayward to earn respect Name one bowler who was respected at the same time being wayward..
  8. Dhongi is a mythological atg
  9. Suhaan

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Jadeja is true Sapoot of the soil, Greatest home track bully
  10. Dhongi was a FTB,nothing more than that,his only match winning innings was his double against Aussies in 2013 I think this is a fair comparison ,comparing him with bd wk who is better than dhongi but still plays mostly minnows, comparing dhongi with wks from top nations is an insult to them
  11. Suhaan

    India 's tour of Australia

    Bhuvneshwar on those hard bouncy roads is a joke Why no Siraj or Rajpoot? Dhakkan Kohli and co.
  12. Team 1 bowling looks nice but batting is dead with the corpse(middle) order Team2 batting is good but bowling will loose them matches Team 1 3-2 Team 2
  13. You mean harmful to us?
  14. Suhaan

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Why are Delhi not playing Saini?
  15. Even a team like Zimbabwe would have dumped this guy long before Playing him in lois is a farce,even an infant would know featherbed s are being served all across the world where chances of getting swing is nil,why would you carry a bowler who is just making the number for 2-3 years now He does zilch to the teams cause
  16. Suhaan

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    He needs to believe his hitting capability,rotate strike ,get along and then he can charge once he is sets, Just feel needs to play calmly for first 7-8 deliveries Doesnt need to play ugly innovative shots like the one which undid him He has the game to unsettle any attack
  17. Suhaan

    Pakistan vs Newzealand 3rd ODI

    Sarfraz got a klpd, Rained cats and dogs in desert
  18. The team's performance looks so refreshing without those two fake guys Kudos to the leadership Had those fake guys been there ,it would have resulted in 30-40 run loss Out of which, one is faking csk leadership
  19. Looks khaleel can step up the steam But bowling well within himself ,getting used to the stage Maybe a case of getting used to his new action
  20. Pandey sucks big time Even rayudu looks better than him
  21. Suhaan

    Pakistan vs Newzealand 3rd ODI

    Seems rigged, williamson not playing,maybe they are borrowing some artificial series win from nz
  22. Suhaan

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    Lungi will get phainta of lifetime in upcoming wc19
  23. Starc is by far the fastest in the world at the moment But him being fastest is another thing Point is Aussie way of reading speeds seems slightly different, I would also like to add , Cummins too struggled to reach 140s in his second spell precisely

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