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  1. TNAmarkFromIndia

    CSK Magnificent 11 !!!

    Always interesting looking back at comments like these.
  2. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Buttler and Sodhi parody Indian fans' poor English

    Indians make fun of other Indians who make mistakes while typing/speaking English even if their own English is not that good. If a foreigner tries to speak our native language though, we appreciate the effort. I don't know what it is about English. Maybe it's that everyone is expected to speak in it. But if we make fun of our own people's English, we should be able to deal with it if other people make fun of our English too. It's just harmless fun in this case.
  3. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Rayudu 2.0 should get a chance back in Indian team

    CSK jersey is capable of turning garbage to gold. I still don't want him in the Indian team unless he proves himself in 'A' games, lest he flatters to deceive yet again.
  4. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    They'll need Steve Smith to skipper the side if they want to win in Pune.
  5. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    Getting back to the cricket, the last time Dhoni captained an IPL side in Pune, they came 7th. So there's familiarity, but not success.
  6. The Cauvery water dispute has forced the BCCI to shift Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games to Pune as the state administration expressed inability to ensure adequate security arrangements for the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. "The matches had to be shifted out of Chennai as police had said that they were unable to provide security in the prevailing situation. CSK is not averse to shifting base to Pune," IPL Chairman Rajv Shukla said. There were already calls by various groups not to host cricket matches in Chennai when the state was facing such a grave situation.Massive protests were witnessed yesterday ahead of the match between CSK and Kolkata Knight Riders and an identified protestor flung a shoe at CSK's Ravindra Jadeja during the match.The BCCI had short-listed four cities to host matches but eventually Pune was finalised since CSK captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is familiar with the conditions having played two seasons with Rising Pune Supergiants.Shukla had also spoken to the Union Home Secretary on Tuesday, seeking government intervention in smooth conduct of IPL matches in Chennai.Committee of Administrator (CoA) chief Vinod Rai had earlier told PTI that the prevailing situation has forced them to explore options and they had kept four alternative venues ready. Apart from Pune, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, and Rajkot were selected as stand-by venues.Asked why Pune was selected, an IPL source said that captain Dhoni knows the conditions well and logistically it made sense to have Pune as the new venue instead of Visakhapatnam."There are only a few direct flights available from Vizag. If the team has to travel to Indore, then they had to reach Indore via Delhi. Pune has better connectivity, so it was decided that CSK shift base to Pune," the source said.Meanwhile, an official from the Maharashtra Cricket Association said they are ready to host matches."We were in touch with BCCI as well franchise officials. We are prepared for the challenge as the match is to be hosted in a just few days," said the official who did not wish to be quoted. The organisers have a few days to put arrangements in place as CSK play their next home game on April 20 against Rajasthan Royals.IPL's most popular franchise CSK has made a comeback to the league after serving two-year suspension for its role in the 2013-spot fixing scandal in 2013.
  7. TNAmarkFromIndia

    BCCI to host Asia Cup in UAE, Crown Prince writes to BCCI

    Not quite. Matches will only be played in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  8. TNAmarkFromIndia

    BCCI to host Asia Cup in UAE, Crown Prince writes to BCCI

    As someone who just moved to the UAE, I'm ecstatic.
  9. TNAmarkFromIndia

    BCCI to auction Digital Rights for Indian matches Tommorow

    As many days as it takes for the final bidder to be left standing.
  10. Hope he has a good IPL and replaces that hack Rishabh Pant in the national team.
  11. TNAmarkFromIndia

    in DK I still dont trust !

    Looks like you haven't been on this forum very long. Anyway, everyone expects Dhoni to retire next year.
  12. TNAmarkFromIndia

    in DK I still dont trust !

    To his credit, he's done really well in domestic cricket this season. He was in good form leading up to the Nidahas Trophy and in the few chances he got, he did nothing wrong. I'm not sure if he's a long-term solution to the middle order problem but I wouldn't be against him replacing Pandey or Jadhav in the ODI team as well.
  13. You'll have to piss Sri Lankans off real bad to get them to cheer for India. Incredible sights and sounds from the Premadasa. Almost seemed like India were playing at home.
  14. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    I was born in the UAE too lol. I wouldn't support them either. UAE cricket federation can make whatever rules they want to, just like South Africa can have their black quota. But they care more about the results of the national team than popularizing the game and support for their national team.
  15. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    I know. I stay in the UAE. Maybe they need to ban expatriates from representing the national team for the sake of popularizing the game in the country.

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