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  1. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Shubman Gill: I am preparing myself to bat in the middle-order for India

    He was actually not the first choice to take the flight to New Zealand. Mayank Agarwal was going to be picked, but he had a finger injury so Shubman was picked instead.
  2. You can only imagine how few games Shubman is going to get in New Zealand considering he's the backup opener. Now instead of Rayudu or Karthik failing, we'll have to hope for Dhawan to fail for Shubman to get a decent run.
  3. New Delhi: Shubman Gill couldn't have asked for a better gift on the occasion of Lohri. He had almost fallen asleep on Saturday (January 12) night when a rush of messages woke him up as he was selected for ODI and T20 squad for New Zealand to replace suspended KL Rahul. "It was late in the night and I had almost fallen asleep. Then messages from friends and reporters started coming in that I had been selected for the Indian team. I rushed into my parents bedroom to inform them. They had fallen asleep but mom was immediately up and hugged me," Gill told CricketNext from Chandigarh. Gill has earned this call-up on the back of a phenomenal run in Ranji Trophy. He has scored 790 runs for Punjab in 10 innings at an average of 98.75 with a top-score of 268 this season. "It's always good to be selected when you are in form. I am timing the ball well and just feeling full of confidence in the middle at the moment," Gill, who scored 91 against Bengal last week at the Eden Gardens, said. The Punjab opener was part of India A squad to New Zealand last month and that experience should come in handy for the youngster. "I am preparing myself to bat in the middle-order for India. The pitches in New Zealand have assistance for the paceman, so defence needs to be tight early in the innings. Rahul sir's (Dravid) knowledge of batting on such wickets was very helpful when I toured there," the youngster said. Despite all the success in domestic games, the right-hander knows how hard it is to grab a spot in India's middle-order. When players like Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey and Mayank Agarwal are waiting in the wings, it becomes harder but just like his wristy swap shots, he was quick to brush aside the competition from others question. “I don’t think I’m fighting for a spot, If I do well, the spot will naturally be my own and I would get more chances to perform and prove myself,” Gill added. With 2019 World Cup berths still up for grabs, Gill hasn't given up on that dream as well. "Of course, I dream to be part of India's World Cup squad. If I can get an opportunity in New Zealand and grab that chance, I'll have a good shot at selection for the team to England," he said. India are scheduled to play five ODIs and three T20s in New Zealand starting January 23.
  4. TNAmarkFromIndia

    taken to the cleaners

    That is absolutely ridiculous.
  5. TNAmarkFromIndia

    India A team to face england in unoffical tests

    And for good reason. He leaks runs at an ODI rate in Test matches.
  6. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Team Australia to Sport 1986 Retro Jersey Kit for India ODIs

    My favorite was the 2009 one too. Loved the jersey they wore during the New Zealand tour that year.
  7. TNAmarkFromIndia

    India A team to face england in unoffical tests

    Except he's been complete trash at the international level.
  8. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Someone has to make way for Shubhman Gill

    क्या बिगाडा तेरा धवन ने?
  9. TNAmarkFromIndia

    India were ranked 7th in tests when Kohli took over

    His captaincy is the complete opposite of Dhoni. While Dhoni played it safe and would rather look to take the game to a point where there's no chance for them to lose, Kohli is aggressive such as his declarations in this series. Dhoni would've never declared as early as Kohli did. That's probably also because he didn't trust the bowlers, but on the other hand, he cultivated that sort of environment where bowlers would have to depend on him on where to bowl and not think for themselves. Kohli formed a pack of fast bowlers that performed everywhere. But it's the batsmen that aren't backing up the bowlers in countries like England and South Africa which is why we lost thoae series. His next goal should be to find the next crop of Test batsmen that can perform consistently in both home and away conditions and he would be able to perform a world-beating side.
  10. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Should Pant start batting at #6?

    He's fine at 7. We need our No. 5 and 6 to score runs consistently.
  11. TNAmarkFromIndia

    KL Rahul ... Let's hope for his return to Karnataka thread

    Yeah, your name is "Kannadiga" and I'm the one with the agenda here. Even you know you wouldn't be defending him if he wasn't from Karnataka. Your only argument is that he scored a century in Australia (which was 3 years ago) even though he has scored at an average of 25.90 in 29 ODIs since then.
  12. TNAmarkFromIndia

    KL Rahul ... Let's hope for his return to Karnataka thread

    That century was 3 years ago. His ODI average since that match is 25.90. His T20I strike rate is 122.83. He's trash and adds zero value to the LOI teams.
  13. TNAmarkFromIndia

    KL Rahul ... Let's hope for his return to Karnataka thread

    His domestic record meant he deserved a chance. It doesn't mean he was owed a career. You do that by performing at the international level, and he proved to be nothing more than mediocre. If he plays so well for Karnataka then just keep him there. The Indian team is much better off without him.
  14. TNAmarkFromIndia

    Are we missing Pandya already?

    I mean in SENA. Even 35+ would be acceptable as a No. 6 batsman. Should average 50+ in subcontinent.

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