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  1. The Hound

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Dream XI has also stopped fantasy games for PSL , good to see everyone uniting.
  2. What about those news channels who are calling Pakistani guests even now and paying them ?
  3. The Hound

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    Crowd in Durban bas always been low , it's like mohali of SA
  4. GOAT 4th innings knock by kusal parera , also that debutant spinner played a huge role with both bat & ball Point to note is they did it without any major contribution from 2 of their best Mendis and Thirimanne in both innings.
  5. At this point I'll say NO , if it effects our points in the tournament so be it.
  6. The Hound

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    One of my first memories of cricket
  7. The Hound

    Bowling Units in WC !!!

    India has the best all round bowling unit , even support bowlers pandu & Jadhav have done more than enough in recent past . AUS pace attack is good but they lack a quality LOI spinner , ENG can be lethal if Archer & Mark Wood of yesterday show up but even they lack wicket taking spinners. The only team who can compete with us in spin department is Afghanistan but they dont have an on field spin coach like Thala Dhoni
  8. The Hound

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocT7CvsUaOI First time waked up till 3.00 in the morning only to watch us lose by 2 runs and ending our 15-16 match runchase wins streak. PS:how do you embed videos
  9. On a serious note , he might retire after 2 T20s against OZ next month.
  10. The Hound

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    RCB can use green in their 7 away games.
  11. Fascinating to see the leftover pool after South, west & north zones is so scarce that even mediocre players like Saha can make it to the XI .
  12. The Hound

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    What exactly you liked from it ? SRK breaking stars with 0 or Anushka's hilariously bad acting ??

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