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  1. The Hound

    Worst IPL Celebrations!

    Virat abusing Russell yesterday when he got out and jumping like a goof after he almost won an impossible match
  2. Stoinis one over left, he's gonna concede at least 30
  3. All they had to do was to keep Uththu there till the end
  4. Klassen wasted down the order, should've came at 3.
  5. Will easily end up with 170-180 SR when he is in full flow like today.
  6. The Hound

    Worst IPL Celebrations!

    Khaleel's celebration today after getting Billings out
  7. Biryani to take out all his anger on poor sunsetters trundlers today
  8. We will be safe if Thala captains onfield.

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