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  1. Not gonna work with that legside hacker Pant at 4, need someone reliable there .
  2. Now Poyz looking at us to beat Eng and BD and knock them out
  3. Southee would've been lethal here
  4. He was the only one actually who looked a little threatening against India, everyone else was treated with disdain.
  5. 60-40 in favor of NZ right now. Great recovery by Neesh and CDG
  6. The Hound

    World cup Tweets

  7. NZ aren't that good, had lucky wins against BD ( midget effd up ) , SA ( kane's review not taken , catches dropped ) & WI
  8. Munro will fall soon, Latham isn't in form. Again everything depends on Kane & Ross.
  9. The Hound

    World cup Tweets

  10. Considering how brilliant Starc has been in this WC, Dhoni's 6 off him is a strong contender for the 'Shot of the tournament'
  11. The Hound

    World cup Tweets

  12. Opening with Liton Das is the right way to go
  13. Grandpa has made this forum his retirement home, operates 3 different ids
  14. I like this guy, spoke like a total fanboy of Indian team and Virat in this PC.
  15. The Hound

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Another one who doesn't gets the difference in conditions.

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