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  1. WC Qualifiers

    That umpire wilson cost Scotland a spot in the WC ,this was clearly going down leg and if it wasnt given Scots would've been ahead as per D/L when the rain came .
  2. Who deserves the benefit of doubt of all the rookies

    Vijay & Thakur deserve more chance, Siraj needs to go back to domestics & work on his temperament , Unadkat needs to go back to domestics and stay there .
  3. Aakash @PUNchayati RR owners when asked about buying Jaydev Unadkat for 11.5 crores
  4. WC Qualifiers

    AFG batting is piss poor , probably on par or even worse than Bangladesh batting from their origin till 2003.
  5. Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    Not international material yet . MS is still the best keeper bat available in the country for LOIs
  6. Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

    Salman Khan- douche of the highest order who should be in a prison right now for commiting manslaughter , instead makes crores with his shitty movies.
  7. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    Still the best powerhitter of this team
  8. 52(28) today Time to eat a humble pie for all the idiots in this thread
  9. Bat - klaasen Bowl - Phehlukwayo Field - markram
  10. Bat - Dhawan Bowl - Rabada Field - ABDV
  11. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    Wrist spinners can go for plenty if they have an off day , no big deal.
  12. Bat : ABD Bowl : Bumrah Field : Pandya
  13. Zondo worst quota pick ever ?

    Worst is Phehlukwayo , zondo looked decent against spinners in second ODI

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